You wake up

>You wake up
>have the scent of Azn grill puci gruel in your nostrils
>see her asshole mere inches away from your face

What do anons?

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dont like asians
find them all phony as fuck

get back to work and eat that asshole like its IHOP

call the cops, why the fuck is some random stranger in my house

Only correct answer, everyone else here is a fag.

You left the door unlocked silly now eat up

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Immediately shoulder and fire a controlled burst with my M-16. Looks like the fuckers haven't learned their lesson from Midway.

She would overpower your frail ass

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Turn 360 degrees and walk away

sweet jesus that body is fine
Does anyone have her onlyfans stuff from the leak?

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You finna walk your BWC into your azn pussi king? BASED


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Lol. Every single one? Fuck outta here. More for us, dude.

I've yet to see an asian that can overpower a tight grouping of 5.56 Nato rounds.

She will absorb them into her asshole

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No idea who she is nor do I care about the stupid larp you have going on but you have good tastes. Post more of her

Say please

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I'd worry about my lack of memory.
Early onsent dementia? I don't know that girl.
How did we meet? I didn't go out yesterday...
This is worrying, and this isn't my bed, I don't own that kind of linen.
Fucksake! Am I awake at all?
Is this a dream?
Oh god, best talk to my doctor as soon as possible.

Why bother

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I'd like to pretend that I would do some cool shit, but I'm a man, I'd probably just start going for it

Make my Embouchure
Connect with her anus
Stab 6 holes in her back making sure to pierce the intestines at the correct intervals
Perform a stunning rendition of in the hall of the mountain king


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Physically they can be fantastic, in culture and the way they behave they are fucking horrible putting up fake smiles, being "nice" and incredibly awkward. I've been with 5 jap chicks now, lived there for 1.5 years by now and they were all the fuckint same: cake pictures on Instagram, hobbies being: "going out with friends, singing karaoke, messaging friends, sleeping, shopping". They are excruciatingly boring people.

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turn 360 degrees and walk away

wait for hair to grow

oh well start tossing the salad

More and name please?

I value my mental health, that's why.
I apologise for not playing along with your wank fantasy thread.

Mengkitten on Twitter

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Wonder why the whore stayed all night when I only paid her for 2 hours. Wake the rice whore up & tell her to get the fuck out before my wife gets off work.

too bad that these sluts only flash pussy but never make a video where they get fucked

she didnt have my consent so charge her for sexual assault

This, tbh.

Kick her ass out, roll over and apologize to my Madoka daki for cheating

Kick her out. Asians are ugly.

There’s videos of her fucking but the dick is like 4inch. Really tiny Chinese penis stuff unfortunately

Asians seem to have some fine ass bodies. Shame their faces are so weird. I would fuck an asian in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't be caught dead in a relationship with one