If you're curious just how much of a hack Bernie is... go to his website.. he claims a wall street tax will raise 2...

If you're curious just how much of a hack Bernie is... go to his website.. he claims a wall street tax will raise 2.4 trillion and he provides a link- to a site with a $44.00 paywall to review the “research”

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Bernie, like every single other politician, is a capitalist. Bernie caters to the laziest members of society by pushing his free shit campaign to those who refuse to better themselves.

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okay Cred Forums

name one of his policies without googling

protip: if you take more than 5 minutes I will assume you googled

Free....(insert anything here)

That's not a policy, that's a meme try again.

>That's not a policy, that's a meme try again.
Increasing taxes to redistribute wealth in the wealthiest country on the planet.
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Why are you surprised about this? He is a Dirty Jew, of course he is going to try to Jew you out of every possible shekel. It is his nature to do so.

You won't see Biden, Warren, or Bloomberg pulling something like this, where they tell you Hey, want to send the proof of my absurd claim, send them a full days take home pay for someone in minimum wage, and they will give you some made up information to justify a claim that they make.

Even a faggot homosexual like Buttigieg wouldn't try to fuck you up the ass like that!!!

Free tuition to University, and forgiving all student loans.

Why is this bad?

Amnesty to illegals and opening up our borders completely to mass economic migration (they aren't actually refugees in over 90% of the cases.)

>Amnesty to illegals and opening up our borders completely to mass economic migration
[citation needed]

It cheats everyone that actually paid for their college education.
It discourages people from working (which gives them real world experience) their way through school.

It lessens the value of getting an education. If you are having to spend you or your parents money, you are much more likely to study hard. This also removed the parent's incentive to lean on the student to actually study hard.

It encourages more people to take trash majors in which they would never be able to get a job, instead of taking serious majors. Ex. Philosophy, History, and Art majors.

Umm you do realize he is running as a Democrat right?

You have to pay for most research and study papers. That's how shit like that gets funded. However typically if you email the author of the paper they aren't too worried about just giving you the paper. However why let facts distort your retarded talking point.

Not from someone running for any political office in the planet.

> Found the filthy jew.

lefties esp teachercucks, see US.gov abstract,a couple years ago,maybe 5, US DGP was 7 trillion bucks,lefties see it exceeds that of 15 'developed' western nations, they want it for themselves, in govt,non profits charities, contractors,90 percent of it,toss free stuff to their electoral base lefties and pols install insurance against the racket ending by way of liberal judges no matter who gets elected who loses,repub or democrat

[citation still needed]



His voting record proves it if course.

Now provide your citations for your claim that Bernie does not support it.

Nowhere does any of this say opening the borders up completely and giving amnesty to all illegal immigrants. Nice strawman though. Got anything legitimate?


Bernies actually says so........


Also the language in the OP-Ed was absoluteluy hilarious, thanks for the giggle.

You have 4 separate sources given. Provide some for your claim that it is not true.

>actually citing breitbart
oh no it's retarded

From your ridiculous "source":

>BERNIE SANDERS: No, no, no. First thought, what I believe in, absolutely, I don’t believe in open borders if open borders mean anybody can come from any place in the world. There’s no country in the history of the world, I think, that has ever had that view.

Try providing a source that actually states what you claim instead of citing sources that he's against harsh immigration laws which is all you've done.

One of the sources even contradicted your assertion with a direct quote, so you're batting 0 right now.

I think I just lost a point of IQ trying to read that