Accidental/Reflection Nudity Thread

Accidental/Reflection Nudity Thread

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Didn’t know this was something I really liked until now


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It's called Reflectoporn.

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Of course a kitty would be scared of that landwhale

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Bumping extensively

Bump for interest


good thread

“I don’t know what reflection means.”

>i don't know how to greentext

You are a retarded person

>accidentally taking a bath

This toxic ass community. You could have had an interesting conversation on the semantics of reflection and accidents in regards to nudity. But no, what do you do? Insult each other's intelligence and self worth.

Yep, definitely a retard


Now, you've both insulted each other so much there's no room for a genuine conversation. You'll just keep going until one of you doesn't want to have the conversation anymore so you can both feel like you "won" the argument.

shut up retard

leave then, faggot

first of all, welcome to Cred Forums.
secondly, no insults where made
fourth, shitposting is mandatory.
maybe lurk more and decrease your values.

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There is a mirror in front of the toilet at the CCS I'm at.

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And pointing it out isn't snarky or bitchy like a girl at all!

We also question your sexuality and theological stance. Faggot jew

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