Why white people are obsessed with dogs?

Why white people are obsessed with dogs?

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Because black people only had monkeys and rhinos to hang out with

Because white people are the most empathic race. Other races see animals as nothing more than food and free labor.

when I saw this post the other day I knew something was up from the title “Sunday funday dinner”

She’s fucking the dog

because white people are based

>lol, we are open
gee lady, how come your mom lets you have the knot AND the bull

Because white people actually care for animals


>we are open
Kill this guy

Good question. No clue, cats are better anyway.



>saw this post
You have to go back

This. Bye bye.

Because they are better than black people

nah I had to download the app which they force you to in order to look at one videogames subreddit because I’m a faggot. when u download it it signs you up to all these bullshit sites. I read that title while taking a dump, got angry and closed the app. Now I’m seeing it on Cred Forums

Dogs dont rob liquor stores and do drive by shootings.

it's a good dog bro

Cred Forums is a porn subreddit

>the chimpanzee protein looks for 48 chromosomes
>we have 1 too few
>pic related

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Nowadays, yeah, you're not wrong. Sometimes there's a mildly entertaining post, but for the most part this place is shit, just barely enough for me to come back when I'm really bored


My dog hates niggers. I didn't even have to teach it to be that way. WIN!!

Because they're trying to make the world better.

Notice whenever you kill all of them the nation goes to shit?

Our evolutionary path has been influenced by the presence of dogs/wolves. Humans have lived with dogs longer than we have been human and they are a part of our survival success. Maybe if you had cared for dogs, you too could have domesticated animals and not lived in mud huts depending entirely on what food you could forage.

Because focus on familial ties has wanned thanks to the popularity of various forms of toxic feminism. In olden times people were concerned about survival and family. Love was gotten thru surviving hard times with and for the ones you love. Now less people are married. Less people have kids. Less people actully have to survive because getting your basic needs met in a modern society is relatively easy. Soooo ya dog love and obsession with shit that doesnt matter like gormet cuisine and reality tv, fashion for fashion sake and who can forget the trannies which always have a surge of appearance near the collapse of a dominant society

Bc we can't own niggers anymore

We used to Nogs as pets, but unfortunately its now illegal.

Watching your wife/gf take the knot is a beautiful thing...

Even white people don't like white people.

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cause whites like fucking animals

including niggers

why is this made by an indian? and why does he end with saying
>so stop trying

is this a problem in india?