Name a better rock opera than The Wall

Name a better rock opera than The Wall

>protip: you cant

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>>protip: you cant

I dont care

Husker Du-Zen Arcade
>And this really belongs in Cred Forums

Yes, I'm going there. At the very least, it's an equal, but not a lesser by any means.

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Jesus Christ Superstar

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A worthy challenger. Although I thought phantom was stronger thematically. Webber was a brilliant composer.

Still didn't have the confronting drama of the wall though

I love Floyd, but musically Genesis lambs lie down is a bit better. Personal opinion.

Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak

Avantasia - The metal opera

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Good call user.

The Who. Tommy.

Hes right. The Wall is a masterpiece.

Ohh! Tommy can hear me?
Can you feel me near you?

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Vovin,Secret of the Runes - Therion

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your protips suck.

Battle of the gods, but Jesus of Suburbia kicks shit

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Trump 2020! Build that wall.

i second Tommy

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Another vote for the original, Tommy.


Combine that with this image and we have a complete picture. I always wonder if he knows this guy coined the original MAGA.

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I love The Wall. Thought for sure Cred Forums's pick would be Hedwig....

This one, thank you.

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>rock opera
Opera doesn't seem right for The Wall, 2112 or even Tommy. They used to call these concept albums.
Also this. Animals, hands down, no doubt no question.

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>Thinking Pink Floyd would ever support him

Actually you are correct. They referred to them as concept albums. The first to use the rock Opera term was Freddy Mercury and Queen.

>Ohh! Tommy can hear me?
>Can you feel me near you?
Said Pete Townsend...

In keeping secret of silent earth 3

Jesus christ cant believe i forgot 2112. I second this

Depends on the mood... The Wall is great, but I'd put Beethoven's Last Night (by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra) up there too. Imaginaerum by Nightwish is really good too, even if Anette Olzon is my least favorite of their singers.

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it was the best until 1988 when Queensryche put out their magnum opus.

Yes it was better than Empire. fite me

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Wrong. We called Tommy a rock opera from day one. Everyone was raving over the first rock opera. Yes, it was also a concept album, but the concept was a rock opera.
FYI, Jesus Christ Superstar was the 2nd rock opera.
Source, grew up in the 60s.