The animation studio I work at announced to us in a meeting last week we are contracted for Sonic 2

The animation studio I work at announced to us in a meeting last week we are contracted for Sonic 2.

I posted right after our boss talked to us last week on here. Was not met with much belief.

Regardless we got a brief summary, list of characters we need to animate, a folder of pictures from the games for accuracy of design and everyone's computer monitors all show the giant '2' from the American cover of Sonic 2 on Genesis.

AMA, except details of studio or me. Signed NDA.

Inb4 : fake, op making shit up.

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I do want to add that our boss ended the meeting with what I think is the movie tagline, and it is cringe:

"Run Faster, Fly Higher, Knuckle Up!"

And also, since there is no footage of live actors to work with at this time, it seems this film will feature more CGI locations and focus on those characters too for more of the film, but the summary does mention Tom and Robotnik.

So I think the focus is more on Sonic.

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why didnt they go with the same studio...

It's dead.

as proof you have to somehow put Cred Forums in the finished movie

I honestly cannot say I have much pull on things. I am a part of a team designing effects, like lightning and shit. I mean, I can try to make light from a 'b' at some point and sneak that in. However you won't remember this post two years from now before you see any sign of the film.

OP here, yeah, they went bankrupt. We here are honestly all pretty concerned about the situation. We are gonna make bank here because of the contract. (At least the studio)

I shouldn't have said that.

Will Tom and Preztel Lady(forgot her name) have any presence in 2? I'm gonna assume tails and knuckles make their first appearance, but is knuckles gonna be a bad guy? Considering the Echinda tribe made sonic leave in the first place. One more thing, Longclaw. Is she dead or no?

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ru worried the same would happen to ur studio

Tom is defending Green Hills with the citizens from knuckles invading forces while Sonic and Tails are off traveling zones looking for artifacts or something while Knuckles is chasing them. Robotnik is behind leading him to Sonic as an "alliance " then betrays them by making his people into Badniks and Knuckles teams up with Sonic and Tails to beat him again.

Did they make Sonic gay?

They had a lot against them with that shitty Cats movie. I think we should be fine. We are worried fans might be up in arms again, so we are sticking strong to game design

when you work on sequels i would assume there's heavy reuse of existing assets though?

people seem to really like the final sonic 3d model so it would be really stupid to mess with it again

Idk. I have no script to read, just a brief description.

Yeah, we have some assets and models to work with already, but we have to create a few from scratch. Knuckles is going to look different than the echidna dudes in the first. He has to stand out. Plus we have to design MechaSonic.

Dude, we aren’t supposed to talk about this...

sonic model gonna be upgraded?

Are you an independent contractor with your own NDA? do you hire lawyer/accountant for forms and books? How much money do you make? And tips for someone to get a job - how wide is your skillset? Specialist or Jack of all trades?

There are tons of sketches being done for characters. But we have a whole folder of game screenshots to work off of but with a functional look next to humans. Also the majorityof work is being put into zones as we call them here. Basically a lot of the levels from the first and second Sonic games

what does the NDA say

Will it be as memetic as the first movie?

Not touching him design wise.
Company wide NDA, studio with a lot of employees. I make less than you think you would make doing this work, but I bought a house and a decent car off it. The only advice I can ever give you is when you go for a job, be willing to move wherever the work is and have a huge portfolio of work. You will get turned down a lot but if you keep trying, you will get on. Don't ever be discouraged to do smaller animation work. sure you really want this type of work. It is slow, tedious and fucking miserable at times.

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I hope.

Ehh, I guess I can tolerate it.
As long as we see a more Eggman style from Dr. Robotnik.

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How much you make a year?

Honestly I have no idea about what the human actors will look like. But yeah I hope the same.

I guess we will know more in the coming year as they set a filming date for the live action portions.

Really holding our breath here that the China film market makes sonic a lot of money after this Corona virus shit gets the fuck outta here. The project could be pulled if they pirated that shit enough.

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Have to make the arms yellow

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I do not want to say. Enough for a single fat digital effects nerd.

Yeah, thinking about it, it also depends on whether Jim Carey can handle such a coarse voice. He started going that way with the end scene, but we'll see.

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We aren't changing it. Sorry.

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Do it for Chris

Yeah he was fantastic. I hope I get to work on scenes with him. Team is pretty large.

What a legend.

I guess the guy getting paid to work on this and people who liked the movie.

Will Tails be in it?

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Yes, tails was in post credits scene of first film

You may not have much pull but I will give +points if you do what you can to stop sonics disgusting flossing

Is Tails gay now?

Will tails or knuckles be in it?

Is there gonna be tails