Why is losing weight so hard, Cred Forums

Why is losing weight so hard, Cred Forums

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Because you are a 70 year old woman with a low metabolic rate?

Its not hard. Stop eating shit.

Only drink water and only eat 3 carefully considered meals a day and you will be healthy in 6 months.

It just takes not buying unhealthy things so you don't have it to eat, cutting out drinking and soda, and forcing yourself to work out consistently for two weeks after which it's enjoyable and more of a habit. Don't smoke pot rather. Also, eat smaller meals, don't eat while you're distracted by something else, and don't ever eat to the point of being stuffed.

Find healthier alternatives to the snacks you like as rewards. Your chest day should be calorically reasonable. Eat more foods with healthy fats to feel feel. Do bananas, milk, oatmeal, and nuts for breakfast every day. Don't eat until you actually feel hungry.

Because you don't have control over what you eat. Fuck exercise - most of it do very little for weight loss, but if you keep putting shit in your mouth, you will never loose weight.

First of all, cut all sugar out (which is harder than it sound, because that shot is in everything). It helps looking over the nutrient facts on the stuff you buy.

Secondly, cut out carbs. You will never get rid of it entirely, but the less you eat the better.

Finally, find out what your recommended daily intake of calories is and then cut from that - if your RDI is say 2500 cals per day (which only maintain your current weight), start with eating about 10% less. Then when you loose weight, recalculate the RDI and cut another 10%.

Goddamn autocorrect

Pot either*
Feel full*
Cheat day*

Stop eating too much and no soda. Move your ass from the chair jog or go for a walk in the evening. Good season is here no excuses faggot

Just gotta learn that being hungry doesnt mean you're gonna die. Just stick to like 1300 calories a day and you'll lose weight in no time. I eat no breakfast, one hot pocket for lunch (3-400 cal), and then whatever I want for dinner assuming it's no more than 1000 calories. And no snacking at all. Have gone from 155 to 140 since the holidays

Because most people have poor discipline. Apart from medical issues and medication, the only reason people get fat is because their caloric intake exceeds requirements.
There are very few shortcuts here. Either create a caloric deficit by dieting/training or have it surgically removed.

it's not hard if you eat healthy, stop drinking soda and stop eating fast food,

I smoke pot and I’m in great shape although I’ve never had an issue with the “munchies”. Personally it just helps me sleep

This too. Fuck refined sugars. A cheat day makes it easier when you first stop, but should only be one meal, and you shouldnt to overboard. If you cheat throughout the week sneaking shit like candy and soda, it'll add up over time and slow your progress. Even if it's 'only 25 calories.' after eating well consistent and feeling better, you'll stop craving bullshit garbage food. It takes about a week or two to hit this point

I've never really tried that hard, but it's probably not very hard to do. I'd say just don't be a retard. Diet and exercise.

Consistency is really the only hard part.

If you’ve tried everything have you tried not giving up?

list what you ate drank or put down the piehole for the past 3 days
then wait for it

Sugar is on par with heroin. I lost 12 kilo's by just by not eating shit food and not drinking soda/alcohol. Now i've gained around 3kg of muscle mass and I'm getting fitter evey week. It all comes down to discipline. If you don't really want it then you'll never get it.

Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism so you end up losing less weight.

You’re essentially living like a snake, having one big meal, which is moronic, you may end up losing weight by keeping calories low, but you’re doing it extremely inefficiently.

If you drank a ton of water, ate a decent breakfast, small lunch, good sized dinner, threw some snacks of celery or carrots in between because you don’t have to feel hungry, that’s retarded.

Don’t give people advice on weight loss, you have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about.

Most people I know that smoke eat way worsw, and way more, then they usually do when high. Esp my friend's old roommate. Guy was high all the time and gained 10 pounds of fat every week. I'm just saying cutting pot helps if you're overweight. Pot disables some enzyme required for satiation, so If someone doesn't have the discipline already, it's likely not helping.

why is gaining wait so hard?

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because youre undisciplined and mentally weak. just stop eating shit.and next time you pick up a sugary snack or can of pop, remind yourself what a pathetic piece of shit you are because you know its bad and yet you still do it because you're carbohydrates bitch

Its not at all. I used to be in great shape, abs and 17" arms, but over the years my desk job and eating shit killed me. I got to 220lbs, which is heavy considering at my most jacked I was a lean 180. I also gained it while my wife was pregnant and we were getting ready for my son. The past 4 weeks I've watched what I eat and I'm down 16lbs. Not too hard, no more milk and cookies before bed at night, no more soda, actually no sugar at all. 30-50g carbs a day, and the few that I do eat will usually come from a veggie instead of something like white bread. Just have a goal and stick with it, have will power and it falls off easily.

There is some research on fasting and having one meal a day. Our bodies will eventually adapt and work more efficiently with the low amount of energy. Downside is that it requires a fuckton of discipline (again) to maintain that lifestyle. I've heard some guy saying that one meal before bed would be the most efficient because the body is less active during sleep and metabolism will spend less energy on getting all the nutrients.

Also, it's gonna take time to make a good habit. You have to be committed for a few weeks, then it gets easy. Once you start eating well, you'll realize you actually feel really well and that you have way more energy to do shit. Make sure you get a full night's rest and if you can't completely cut out sugar, make sure you eat less than 75g a day. That's not your goal, but a hard max. You should get your sugars from non-refined sources like fruit, and try to eat a diet high in fiber unless you want colon cancer.

Trader Joe's has some pretty good salads if you're a lazy fuck. Try eating stuff like fish more, too. Try to avoid eating out. Always check stats in food for your own personal awareness

Same here. I'm a desk warrior who used to smoke and drink as well. It's only hard to lose weight and stop bad habits if you don't really want to change.

That's shit advice. First of all, a fucking hot pocket? You're a retard, your body needs real food for the times you eat. Fasting is great and all, but during eating hours, you need more food intake, and stuff that's an actual meal with nutrients.
Also, why the fuck do you want to go from already skinny to being blown away by wind?

Diet and exercise. It's old and almost cliche, but it works.

Pills are temporary. You'll blimp out when you stop taking them.
Fad diets are temporary. Ever see an Adkins or keto dieter after they've rolled off the diet because they'd lost what they wanted to lose? The body has trouble processing sugars and they gain all the weight back much more quickly.

High intensity cardio, 30-40 minutes a day, 5 days a week. After the first two months, introduce weight training. You can split your 40 minute session into cardio/weights at first. Gradually easing into 30 minutes each or you can alternate days. Portion control is the key and lay off empty calories like soda and candy. Meat, nuts, vegetables, a little bit of whole grains.

Yeah. As long as you're determined it's easy to make happen. I haven't even gone back to the gym, but I will soon. I originally got fit because i grew up skinny. When i starting slowly gaining weight and losing muscle after all the years, my body was still in ok shape. Like, my fat wasn't a typical fat rolls all over. I think because I was on shape, it filled out where I didn't mind, like my chest still looked full, shoulders round, arms were just solid looking. I was solid and filling out the sleeves of my shirts, just had more fat. Now that I'm losing it im looking skinnier, and I haven't been skinny since I was 16, I'm 31 now. That weight hid the muscle loss well, but no way can I just be a twig.
I think someone that has done something like bodybuilding in the past has it easier when committing of course. I wanted to be a pro natural, and a real natural not like all the fakes. So year after year after year I did the same shit. Meals and work outside came before anything. I'd blow people off, I didnt want to go do something, like plan a movie if it would be in my next meal/protein time. Just use the same grind to stay strict on your food intake.


Jesus that's a lot of sugar. So 74g is fine? Hell no. Sugar is still sugar. Apple or candy bar, still sugar. Obviously the apple is healthier and more nutritious, but your body doesn't treat sugars differently. If that were true diabetics could just eat apples and shit a ton. Doesn't work that way. And salads are usually not great because people only eat them with a ton of dressing. What's in that dressing? Usually sugar, along with other bs. Having something nice but we love to pour shit on it.

Did you even read the fucking sticky on /fit/?

>Why is losing weight so hard, Cred Forums
Just output more than you input. That's it.

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Lower carb intake with adequate protein is more satiating and lastly, look for hidden calories. I like a few scotch and sodas at night. Zero carbs, but the calories creep up on you. 3 and you've added 300+ just there

calories in vs calories out is not entirely accurate.

gaining is harder trust me..

It's basic fucking science don't be a retard for once in your life user

gaining lean mass is harder. Go to walmart, gaining fat is real easy

I said not entirely, whichyou ignored. If two individuals with equal metabolism and equal body composition where to have the same amaouint of calories, in a 10% deficit, with one eating large amouints of refined sugars and bad fats and the other eating health fats, lower sugar and lein proteins, they would not lose the same amount, This has to do with how individual macros in the body are metabolized and the production or over production of insulin. That's science skippy

It's not.

You are talking like 30-50 calories difference in the thermic effect of food which means fucking nothing unless you are eating very high protein

It's not just the thermic effect at has to do with the rate of breakdown/absorption of the individual macros,where in the body it takes place ( liver, etc ).

also, yes, in a Calorimeter you would be 100% correct, but metabolism doesn't play by general thermodynamics

Not true. It seems like calories aren't accurate because people assume tdee is a static number, when it's not. Tdee varies wildly day by day.

I have no idea. Describe your situation.

If a retard like me at 11 years old can do it so can you by cutting out all soda and drinking ONLY water and eating 1 meal a day.

Self-control/discipline is key. Stop stuffing your fat face with junk food, learn some portion control and excercise daily. It's not rocket science.

two meals a day 8 hours apart, eat filling proteins/meats/fats, cut out sodas and sweets. it will literally fall off you with zero effort

Excercise is not about short-term weight loss. Combined with proper nutrition, regular exercise will help regulate your metabolism while burning excess fat. It's a smart long-term move.

It was easy for me, but my case was kind of unique.

I was an alcoholic, drinking 8 to 10 beers every day and then 2 or 3 coke and whiskeys at night. Loads and loads of calories.

Then I had a kid and discovered kratom. Both of them turned my life around. Kratom got rid of alcohol cravings almost immediately, which means I was cutting a couple thousand calories per day out of my diet. Kratom also worked as an appetite suppressant.

I ended going from 210 lbs to 150 lbs in less than 3 months.

working out/physical discomfort does not magically get easier after two weeks