Baturday Thread

Baturday Thread.

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ok you mean Corona?

wait, so under that logic, bats are humans too?

No stupid, bats are the offspring of humans with birds.

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Bats and humans shared a common ancestor. We likely both evolved out of the mouse-like arboreal first mammals.

We are very distant cousins

Close. Bats actually burst out of humans OR birds after they die. Herbivore bats come from birds, and omnivore/carnivore bats come from humans.

My favorite bat.

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Tell your dumbass bat to put his wings back where they belong.

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That's pretty epic sauce. Bats are cute and interesting animals. Shame that some Asian dumbasses put the poor things in soup and gave us a potential plague to deal with

I suck her.

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He's the next step in evolution towards the apex predator on earth. You tell him yourself.

But can he match apex cuteness?

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Just imagine the Darkstalkers outro, because I just...
Also, it's like the Africans would have said...

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Put these things back where they came from or so help me