I confess...

I confess, I'm a white supremacist and I hate niggers IRL but watching those stupid animals fucking those pristine white girls make me cum buckets.

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Racism and interracial fetishes are positively correlated with one another so you're not alone.


My white wife fucked her first BBC. Said it was “meh”.

feel you buddy, since i became a white nationalist my interracial fetish has just becames 10x worst... i don't know if there's any cure for that.

its bestiality, those dumb girls deserve it

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Let me guess... you’re also a disappointment living in your mums basement eh?

I can’t wait for someone to bust up your scrawny little white ass.

White supremacy is probably the shittiest way to feel insecure about how your parents never loved you

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You sound stupid

White boys should continue fighting for Isreal while white girls pleasure African men and getting African seed

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name of actress here?

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Fuck off, kike.

It’s either Armana Miller or Gwen Stark

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Nice bait you fucking no life jewfag cucks
Go back to eating nigger seed we already know how big of a faggots you are

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maybe one day but i don't really care tbh

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so you're into bestiality and a racist
that's bad, but some of the human monkeys need to be bad so the rest of us can be good

they're totally not fucking with light and camera settings to make the girls appear paper white
if a person looks like this in real life a maniac like you drained all blood out of her and she's dead

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I’m that paper white irl

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There's no cure. That's why the media rubs it in our face that it's not ok to be white, making us racist. Then following it up with propaganda that black men are bigger, stronger and taking our hottest women

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Stop noticing things goyim and coom to innocent white girls being taken advantage of because they can’t afford to live on minimum wage alone

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Gwen Stark

Yea i know unfortunately, i even tried to quit porn but with all the propaganda and the western world becoming more and more "diverse" , it's really hard to escape this fetish... i'm not even sure if i really want to escape it anymore tbh...

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love it when they kiss too

Same! Been trying to quit for years but only makes it worse. Pretty much no escape from the narrative in any form of media it's :
1) black guys are bigger and 2) they're taking hot white chicks. Even shutting off media doesn't work. I just see it when I go out
That gif is amazing also

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same here, even if i'm in a small town i live next to a suburb with almost blacks only... from my window, i can see many white girls with black guys hanging out together so even if i stay away from all form of media or porn, my fetish is getting worse just by looking at my window... That's why i wonder if i should still fight it or if i should accept it....
Also, yea i love those white slut submit to bbc gifs, i think it's a good allegory of or western societies...

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it's absolutely ridiculous how effective this psyop has been on us. I'm still trying to break it. I'm not the man I wanted to be when I was a little kid, and I'm not the man my grandparents or parents want me to be either

>Since I became
Kek, you can't even think for yourself and let this place change you. You're a beta, and not because you watch BBC porn.

The worst part is black dudes are aware of this and becoming more dominant around us, posturing and what not. They sense weakness so it's like they go in for the kill. I like white chicks with big ass or tits but I can't imagine having one as a gf and taking her out in some of these areas where blacks are
Not sure if it's worth fighting

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Kek found the insecure virgin. Let me guess, you're going to call me schlomo next? Or rabbi? Your predictability should say something about how dumb your ideology is.

Found the guy who secretly loves blacks and their cocks.

this is all such a nightmare. we're the only people who know what the NWO is doing and we're the people who should be fighting it but instead we're cooming to it. and knowing how brainwashed we are just makes us coom more. it's an endless vicious cycle

Fuck you I don't love blacks and their delicious, sultry, delectable, succulent, juicy, fat, smooth hard cocks. You're the gay one here. Faggot.

Kek, this nigga thinks there's a NWO and that they care about his trailer dwelling ass.

project harder, faggot

That's what they want, for us to be helpless and weak

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Kike faggot, fuck off with your fuck nigger faggot cuck shit.

Get a job Tenda, your drawings just don't sell

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Exactly, they're taking over everything with the help of our governments and even if we tried anything to fight it we would just lose it no matter what since they outnumbered us now, they're more aggressive and they're protected so... yea i'm not sure if it's worth fighting either...

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Their agenda runs perfectly now,.. I think it's too late unfortunately, we can't break it anymore... all we can do now is accept it and maybe something will change, one day...hopefully

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it's arousing to talk about surrender and powerlessness, but there's a part of our souls that's screaming in pain because of shame. we can't "accept" this betraying the deepest parts of ourselves. we need to find a way to de-cumbrain

guess you better start taking hormones and become a sissy to serve the bbc you love so much

My wife and I live by the 14 words. We have a very trad 1950s lifestyle. In the bedroom she loves to be sexually degraded. Nothing is more degrading to her than when I whore her out to niggers a couple of times a year.

Lmao this dude is really out here thinking pale people are a myth

Propose to him already you schizophrenic faggot.

Seething beta males who only think about black cock.

it's because you hate sluts more than you hate niggers

If you have an idea of how to stop i'd be interested to hear, but I've been trying for years to no avail. Doesn't help that now I have a black friend that isn't quite a bull but sorta is lol.. he knows i'm into this and has a bigger dick, and has got me to pay for his stuff a few times before. I see him several times a week so every time it's a reminder, and we have a few female mutual friends that are likely up on it

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That's sounds very nice, i'd love to have the same lifestyle


Not uncommon that the most racist states search for interracial

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and it's not just men

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I love getting fucked by black guys. Knowing i'm a race traitor as they fire their seed deep in to me ...

You mean, the states with the most niggers

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no IR in your graph pal

daily reminder that this fetish is an unhealthy means of distracting yourself from deep personal shame and humiliation at the hands of mass society. forgive yourself, show yourself love and allow yourself to heal.

That's normal, women ar brainwashed as well... Also, women tend to go with more dominant males and since we are becoming kinda weak, they start to be more attracted by black guys... it's a problem but it's also natural at this point.

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tell me more about how you crave black cock, you dirty dirty little slut

Hey this is my pic

u dumb....

post more of that slut then

Fucking disgusting. You can't hate niggers THAT much if you love seeing them fucking.


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nigger lovers

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fuck... other girl is hotter imo though but there's just something about a black girl submitting herself to white cock. got any pics of the other girl?

I'm not white... i'm latino. I'm Mexican. And women love BBC + Latinos

I have had my gf fuck a couple black guys before. Wasn’t sure of it at first but it’s amazing

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have they bullied you yet?

imagine doing a fake to tilt whitebois being a whiteboi yourself lmao

I’ve just heard the stories

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easy explination, you look down onn women and you hate black people. you must really suck at life.

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Whyyyyyy the FUCK...does white/asian girls gettin interracially blackbred make my white dick cum so hard...

its like im addicted interracial Sex...

Nice! do you have the sauce by any chance?

Yea you're just a litlle cuck addicted to Ir porn like many of us

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every time i see a hot bitch i imagine her in this scene

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Same, when i see a white beauty i can only imagine her with a bbc

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I legit do the same thing.

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hell yeah

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It is not too late. Many of you have been tricked in to loving IR. Do not let this define you. Many of you bbc loving faggots hate niggers just as much as me, but you have been spending too much time in Jerusalem.

It is not too late. You don’t have to go through with it. Most of you haven’t told your gf about your faggot fetish, keep it that way. She will forever think less of you and eventually leave you unless you change your ways. It is not sustainable to be CUCKED in your relationship. You will regret it. You will not be happy. Your family will hate you.

Stop drinking soylent. Go to the gym 4x a week or more. You don’t have to be a beta cuck faggot. At first it seems like the easy way, you cum to it all the time.

There is just as many big white dicks as there are black ones. Stop watching IR porn and just watch BIG DICK porn. You will still see that pussy stretched, and unless you are TRULY a faggot, you will like BWC stretching that pussy just the same.

Stop letting the media influence your pathetic mind, cuck. REPENT.

Do not continue down this path. Fuck your white bitch tonight WITHOUT watching IR porn, no nigger night tonight, just get up off your fat ass, get fit, and fuck her good.


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