Who wants any deepnudes done?

Who wants any deepnudes done?

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Me. What kind of sause do I need to provide?

Not a great photo to try it with

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What about this one man

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Then her

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Plz god

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will post real nude to show how close.

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Can you work with that? Been driving me nuts for months.

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Sweet bro thanks a lot

This would make my day

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OP, what are you using for deeps?


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Thanks man! Here’s more of her

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Please OP do this one and take your time, would mean a lot

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I'd die to see these two

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Or these 2

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please make my day

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Is there a criteria on the pics you are reposting?
Are a group of pictures more likely to use?

You are a godsend

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If possible please

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This one please

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This cunt

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I'm not doing ones that won't work and not posting ones that turn out shit

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trying again.
Love to see fake vs real.
See how close they come.

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Great job man

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Could you let us know whether or not our images are possible?

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If i skip it, then it isn't gonna work or turned out shit

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Amazing to me that retard anons keep posting these fully clothed pictures with terrible angles and lightning.

You fucking morons still don't get how this works, do you?

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Thank you very much. What happened to the original size of the image?

You're a fucking retard

not sure if this one is even possible. Thanks if you give it a shot though.

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what an ugly cow

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No we actually don't. That's why we need you to do it.

Possible at all>

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I am not him but no its not

Bro... Try again please

It will get the same result each time

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Plz dear god op plz

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Just ignore the bottom half lol

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Can you do my cousins gf, I want to see her naked

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I know its terrible photo but if you could try

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This one?

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amazing that someone finally posted a decent photo to work with

the rest of you morons need to step it up and hunt for better pictures

you know all of these bitches have sunny day beach bikini pics on fb/insta so just grab those you fuckin' imbeciles

Last one folks

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god damn it I wasted digits

Op plz do

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If you can

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You dumbasses. OP is gone, but it's not a magic photoshop nude machine, it's an AI that creates a nude body to fit the picture based on the images it was fed to learn from.

Pls this one

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You fucking asked you m8?

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Is it possible to do for this pic?

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Left if you can

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would love this

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you might like this server if youre a trap and wanna die /VJSRaf/
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