Do I make a good trap?

Do I make a good trap?

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Want any pics?

That would be delightful

Youre a bad example for the children around you. Freak.

can not know with out seeing the ass, bare, spread

Duh. Look like one of those women with a gypsy soul that fuck me up personally.

No Steve

yeah it's the butthole that will seal the deal. you look great so far!

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I'd fuck your ass raw, over and over again

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I'd like to see a cute dress pic! I think you'd look dazzling

Cute eyes

No you cross eyed cock sucker you look like a faggot in a dress


Kill your self faggot. In Minecraft of course. Disgusting faggot.

Stop pulling pics off of tranny FBs to shame them
Just go buy a tranny escort already and get over the obsession

damn that looks tight, I'm strait but I would tear that up

your chin is too strong. also your nose is too pointy. you look like the time ├×or went in drag to steal his hammer back.

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