Post your 'type'

Post your 'type'

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I really don't have a type. Bad bitches is the only thing that I truly consider.

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Must also be below 5'3

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i have unironically thought about this exact question for years, and i have generally come to this conclussion:

This is what years of collecting porn, saving pics and self reflection has boiled down to. I started to notice a pattern My ideal type of female.

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5'1-5'3 Is the sweet spot

Above or below is abhorrent

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I'm attracted like a magnet to those kinda shapes

√ wide hips
√ slightly overweight for soft cuddles
√ isn't looking like a giant blob of fat really the typical venus body type

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Those kinda shapes makes my dick drool

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This girl tho, she takes the cake. She is 350% what I want my ideal woman to be

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Damn look at those digits

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Mother nature can not make a hotter female than her, prove me wrong

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give source bro

She's called Donenaya

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Too bad she has lost weight and got a breast reduction, she has lost all of her past gloriousness

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She's still cute but when you look at her past her, it's more of a meh

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I see you are a man of culture as well.

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Man of taste as well.

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Fucking heinous

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Just being realist, she used to be a godesse hands down to me, but she has become your regular e-thot with a big ass that don't even put out so great content

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& pink innie pussy

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My gf is my type. Short, dark hair, cute. Wish she had a little more boobs, but she is already way hotter than I deserve, so I will take what I can get.

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That's a rare type

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Perform a stop it

I used to have a physical type, no I just want a girl that's pleasant, can pay her own bills and isn't a land-whale.


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was she attacked by Freddie? disgusting scars. great body though

is that your gf? post more

I don’t mind the weight as long as we’re both achieving our optimum aesthetics for the weight. We can grow together, etc but if it’s a body type it takes a lot to turn me off. Sexual appetite and a desire to balance achieving our goals with satisfying our excessive needs is something that we should be able to accomplish in the same breadth.

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My type

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this is peak female performance

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A little surprised I'm not the baby daddy of 10 anchors yet desu

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