New kik thread cuz others are dead

New kik thread cuz others are dead

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Big white cock here.
Send me your women.
Kik: nicholascatz

Exposing your sluts.
Kik dnick1223

Hentai trade, open to futa


Wwyd/rp/dirty talk?

I've got loads of bitches who I've cheated on my girlfriend with. Dumb naive little slut will never find out I've had my cock in 5+ of her closest friends before.
Cheating tonight again I might film some of it ;)

Drop ur Kik if ur interested

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hung and laid back guy here, open to pretty much everything. We can chat, flirt, share pics, tributes or even loyalty tests, whatever gets you going. Just be able to hold a conversation please. Females to the front of course, but cucks and couple can have their fun too!

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Kik fimei send me all that good shit


I’m looking to be kidnapped and feminizes into a no limit bimbo slut. I’m willing to get any kind of injection, implant, surgery, anything at all. I just wanna be bound, gagged, and abused for the rest of my life. Prefer female, but honestly I don’t care as long as I can become a cum whore

Give me your kik and I’ll message you, if you’re interested

not at all

plenty of cousins feet to show: lydiathegreatcam

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>I’m cool
That’s a no from me dog

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cuck sharing sister non nude, humiliate and expose me

kik: throwaway7425

Burton449 send me your sluts for a rate and if they spark my imagination I'll do a wwyd

kik Jenny101695

little asian girl


Mixed cuck/sub looking for raceplay from white bull. Can show gf, ex, worship or feed.

Looking to trade big boobed amatuer pics/vids 18+

Kik itsmechris101

Add thimby123 to group

Really need someone to tell me how they would rape my bitch of an ex. Small asian slut with big tits


Degrade her

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Kik fimei

kik: Eduardo_sgdl looking for cuck want to expose gf wife sister mom and ex big tits better

Look up Megs384 and tell me she's not a desperate little cumslut Asian?

Wanting to expose some sluts kik ruinmygf

Danknots357 bbw teen trades

deleting snapchat soon but wanna see if i can get any nudes first. any anons with a good success rate wanna help out?

Need some guys to test girls I know on IG and/or Snapchat to see if they’re sluts. Kik me a pic of your cock if you’re interested: chris926492

Kik j102991 to talk wwyd to my gf or if she worthy of bbc

Degeneracy is my kink, no limits.

Looking for like minded people to share pics of women we actually know, doesn't have to be nude. From family to friends, coworkers etc.. But it all has to be real, no limits chat about them.

Can trade family pics, live pics of dirty family panties, vids, megas, all no limits.

Kik : lovesick6669

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kik: rating_bot

i'll rate your girls

Hornynerd1754 trade teens



Send anything
Can chat too
Also A LOT of hentai and dirty talk


Anyone have more of her. Her bf used to share a lot on kik but he fell off.

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Cuck here, looking to be bullied and stroke a real man's ego! The meaner the better.

kik: St1ckzthrowaway

Add spookyboy22 to a no limits chat pls

First off. I don't care about your perception of what a dom is or should be. The only thing that matters in that regard is that you must first come to terms that whatever you thought about dom sub play is completely wrong. A dom doesn't play with you, a dom doesn't keep pets, a dom doesn't own your body. Because a real dom will possess everything you hold dear. There is no own will and mind once you're a complete sub. You must be broken before you can be rebuild and that means tearing down everything and starting from scratch. Every wire in your brain, every thought is to be controlled by someone else. If you have one percent of sentience left you are not a sub and will never experience the pleasure of a real dom. That's why first your perception of a dom must be shattered. It's the first step. Fuck what experience you have. Fuck what you think you want to experience. You are not capable to take these steps on your own. The only thing that matters is when you give away control all desires, known and unknown will be fulfilled in exchange for obedience. There's a reason people in old times chose to be slaves to a master. When you realise that you've been burdened by your possessions, responsibilities and unorganised mind. Message me. You'll notice right away I'm not like any other dom here. I won't tell you how to pose on pictures, call you a slut and then jerk off to making you do the same thing you've always done for other doms. I'm strict, somewhat sadistic and controlling. However not devoid of empathy.

F, M, Trap. All may apply. Will tell you in advance that I'm picky and will test you thoroughly which is an experience in itself.

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Hacking snaps for FREE. Doing it for practice and I will share proof I am inside and any wins are yours. Phone number and username needed only. Not a scam and I get good results message me @



Need to nut

anyone willing to expose nudes to their groupchats?

Kik odinxxx

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Trade your gfs’/wifes’ solo or sex photos and videos for my oc..
Gf is 24 pic related.
Kik: firstlastnameeee

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F 22, answering monster cocks only, start with a pic.kik janecamp98

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Yean 745. Trying to jerk to your girls

Send me pictures of your girlfriends, wives, daughters, sisters, whatever! I take stories too!

Kik: Teataker

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anyone exposing hoes?

new roomzs?

Would like to treat the morning wood to the hot ladies in your life


M 18 bi 4chananon301

Forgot pic

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Looking to trade blackmail, hacked or leaked sets.

saggy tits gf. johnnygothisgun1337

Trying to jerk to your sister/mom/gf/wife/etc. the dirtier we get the better. NL.


looking for a big cock who tribute my gf kik: anamiya.99

Curious about hearing more

Looking for someone in particular.

Hey Jhons, dunno if you lost your acc or what, but if you see this, msg me to sirnagant (Kik/Wickr). Don't wanna lose your contact dude!!

Cuck here. Looking for bulls to degrade me and my Asian wife.
Kik flimzam



Dude, you've been looking for this guy in every kik thread for weeks. I hope you find him. What did he have that has you so committed?

Couldn’t find username, but super interested. I’m interested in becoming a no limit, feminized cum slut. I’m a guy, but willing to do literally anything to become a perfect whore

Would like to see and provide detailed inspections of your girl.


Degrade me and make me show my girl

Couldn’t find your username

Sissy boy needs to be humilated and forced to watch my mom being abused. dickrigid on kik

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22 m, gay, USA kik: iluvbearbutts

Chubby guy, really into bears! Especally ones with massive balls or butts! Having a sweaty bear sit on my face and call me names would be heaven!

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Cuck here. Tell me how you’d rape my gf. Humiliate her. Expose her. Send her nudes to her friends. My kik: jessiecali619

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add me on snap - lilspug

looking for Asian couples who want to talk with a horny, hung white bull

kik fastnbulbous7

Anyone else into puffies, big or weird areolas ?


Kik me your gf ex daughter or wtv and ill rate and review. Ill do wwyd if you want as well. Young is preferred.

Bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh

Send me porn u think a girl would like to see

interested in busty white trash girls

fluser00 to swap wins of girls we know

She's 15 the only thing she do is chat or she block's you immediately

kik me at sharkmilf17 if you know any of these hoes

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Can’t scan codes right now, got a username?

Send any amateurs, wife, gf, ex, sister. Want to stroke to your women. Make me cum.

Send me girls you know for me to edge, show off and talk dirty about, kik is rpta111

M bi, looking for dirty chat, cute chat, or whatever


Sharing pics of her. Kik at anonrandom2020 if you can help expose her more.

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daughter, sister, gf etc. kinky.

also if you’re down to do some xrays lmk

Still ongoing, mates


Any preferred ethnicity? Are my dick pics necessary?

Add yuyu251 into no rules group, or kik yuyu251 for an invite to mine

Can you add dirty_jerz91 pls

Black Dom bull with huge BBC looking for cucks with unsatisfied gf, wife or daughter for me to own.

Also interested in slave feminine traps and trans.

Kik me: Kink_BlackBull

Yeah what gives

Kik: Ladiousisbad
Trading zoo

Showing off my unaware chubby gf. NO gay/bi. US only. kik: riksan13

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alakan39485 Come jerk with me to some girls I know. 18+ be as rough as you want


6'4" Arab with a big brown cock.
femanons or cucks hmu.

kik: indeedont

Let me hear ur fantasies about those slags.

Kik: toys4boyz

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Join this

Post here

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Humiliate and Force me to expose my gf kik: wedgieslave8888

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Kik jhansss21. Send me teens you know that i can jerk to. Not tributing. No limits

No limit @alwaysbcheesin s2r


Black history month all-star. Sucks and fucks for cash in Nashville after her music career tanked

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Chat porn share etc


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Still up


For trade or rp

Hi I'm looking for a Dom trap or trans to pleason own me and make my little white cock cum pls

Kik: inneedofbbc9

23m like when younger guys have bigger dicks. My age or younger preferred.
Kik: usernameisshitty

Looking to cum trib your girl


Lets chat about milfs


Zoo and share your girl. If you wanna get your girl into zoo as well.

Looking for hotmilf_ash wins

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Join it

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Teile meine Ehehure


I can't join any of these codes. Currently banned from random chat too. Anyone know if a random chat ban also bans you from private rooms?

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need to nut,share anything and jerk off.



Lets rate chicks we know

21 m very slender. Into traps, mommies, pretty much any females, twinks, or any feminine or slender guys. Never had a gay experience and I want someone to convince me! Otherwise send me whatever!

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So question for the team: in new to hacking snaps and getting the code is easy enough, but what do you do when you get the suspicious login page? I think it has to do with the IP of my VPN. Thoughts?

Bi BWC, send anything for rates, wwyd, showing off etc

19 m Sweden
Kik noggeregott
Will legit trade anything
Bonus if beast or incest

Monster cock show off
Also feel free to drop requests


Looking for someone to repost my girl or make her your lockscreen. Also interested in captions.

Kik - anon12244


Rating chicks you know 18+

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21/m/US of A
kik alongislandbaggel
lowkey dropping stuff depending on your appetite

Wanting to cum yean 745.

My gf, alligalaxy

Add Tinypeepee01

All dirty trade no limits

Bi BWC, send anything for rates, wwyd, showing off etc

why does my kik "have trouble reading the kik code" with almost any of the codes???


Lets chat about chicks we know and rate

Kik bigdickfatty904

Jerking come share and trade with me into everything

Need someone to share sluts with others.

Down for no rulez trading, writing obscene pizza wwyds for your little daughters, sisters, nieces, friends daughters, etc, and looking for someone to degrade my fiancé and my best female friend together

Kik jillykill12

Wickr: Knockerlicker

Surprise me

Send me videos of girls fingering themselves and pics @jamiequickk on kik also girls roleplay

Kik: ehwalnkp
Send me girls to jerk off to

Trib my gf. Bigger the better. Cmddder

Kik fluser00

M 18 bi want to cum with someone anon32500

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Kik me your girl and help me cum. Naugh7yboy95

self bump

huge fat cock


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looking to trade. kik:jadams1001

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Bi BWC, send anything for rates, wwyd, showing off etc

Kik: TabouretPliant
Send me anything, add me anywhere

Sissy looking to show off new underwear
Kik: electric4ng

20 bi Male, would love to talk to girls, guys or trans about how you would use me. Connor300699

Kik me jay_wallace00000

Send me your girl on kik and let's have some fun. I'm horny and I would love to tell you how I would fuck your girl in detail if I like her.
Kik is anon6601



Send anything, no rules.

I just messaged her

sharing dressed girls and also receiving, exes, gfs. I can wwyd and rate, come.


Give me something to cum too will show how hard it gets me



Me and some others want to harass melissa benoist and ruin her career

Lol being this desperate

Kik me ajordan1357

Add me mellissabbaby

Kik me bluefridge12


Massive size queen

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Pathetic whore.

Attached: f2b6041b-f36b-4030-b4d0-a0db0c47688c__01.jpg (900x1537, 174K)

And her skinny younger sister. I bet a fat cock would break her in a half

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I texted the number but no reply

You spelled "obvious catfish" really badly.

send me ur girl, cuck


that's a man

Kik: Heckheckin

Send me stuff, maybe trade

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If you can tribute my girlfriends tits in anyway be it with a cum trib, cock trib or captions it’d be very much appreciated


Have a lot of pics/vids, oc and megas to trade, no limits. Looking for pregnant teens and matures, family, goths/emo, slutty whores, hentai, rule 34, futa, traps and big cocks.

Kik : lovesick6669

if somone jerk and do cocktrib or cum k i k juju.mte

Friends little sister (18) if someone can convince me they’ll be able to get her nudes I will send them her Snapchat.. my kik is jay_wallace00000

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I want to fuck my cousin
her tits are so big and sends lewds pretty easily, I also know her onlyfans but I'm too poor to afford it right now.

kik: BigGuyCalledTy

Who's hotter

kik: citron666
ill tribute, talk, i dunno, im just bored

Want to help hung guys cum.




Loads of webms and videos to send.

Kik paaaulz

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Kik: pugsanddrugs93
Preferably uk Trade
But no limits too will post

UK based/anything

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Kik: WesternBlaze
Send me asian girls, legs and feet. I'm also looking for cucks and couples who want some online fun and real life action

i want to feed this skinny bitch with some cum

small uncut cock really need to cum send anything you want to help kik is makemecumbabymmm


Looking for more teen friends :)


Nigga wtf is your deal

Add me Perexa or send whatever no limit


Discuss voyeur, breastfeeding mom's on socials, any fantasies. No limits


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I did check

Enchante__ Send me anything, cause fuck it

send me girls to cum to, no limits


I have nudes of this chick for trade Kik Joeysocko

kik: younj4242
send me anything

Which chick lol

kik: youngj4242

Looking for someone to get into a girls Instagram for me. Kik rustyventure007


Let's wank to women n shit

My bad

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will trib girls and send it to them

Kik jodel2923

Send your hottest stuff

Add jondoe10111 for teen sluts, also will send dick pics to girls of your choosing

kik: user_throw
thick hung cock, primarily looking for females or guys who want to share their wives/gfs

Will send a live pic of my girlfriend topless if anyone wants to share the username of a female they know and may be willing to chat with a younger couple. Kik is clown_college.

Bi BWC, send anything for rates, wwyd, showing off etc

Kinda drunk, big dick, looking to do some faggot shit

Kik: nepice

Attached: 2754ACE0-EC67-466A-A9E3-6BDD969A6BE7.jpg (1080x1920, 546K)

Kik alongislandbaggel trying to drop some dubs

No rulez trading! Kik jillykill12.

Jpost12345 I'll send your some pics of girls if you show off your cock

enchante__ drunk with my friemnds anythiung goes




User don't work

Looking for an user who wants to share or show off his girl. You can be s fuck or not id love to chat about how we'd fuck.her!
Kik: cenryhavil

not her

Anyone into cute feet ?


Looking for someone who’s willing to share/expose/post nudes from the slut on my profile picture everywhere


Force me to share girls ik and their details



Me and op user just got nudes from her... you have no idea so fucking hot

Post em.

39/M/UK looking for F
Average looking, average body type, average sized penis, maybe a little above average intelligence (a little).
If average is your thing then I'm your guy.
Always up for a chat and if you're local enough I can and am willing to give you not quite the worst night of sex you ever had.
I'm a catch so come and get me before the rush.
kik skraftie

20M hung and white, Lookin for some women, twinks and traps to share my stuff with send me anything
Kik: ReefDriven

Kik me I’m bored guys or girls! Ajordan1357


Discuss voyeur, breastfeeding mom's on socials, any fantasies. No lim

Anyone wanna share his gf or wife with me?

Kik checki888


22 f

want to hear wwyd, feet

Forgot your kik m8


Let’s jerk to some hentai.
Kik: googleyeyes55



Send pics of your gf/wife/ex for wwyd and chat

24m from Europe
I'm straight, looking for F to keep me company as I smoke this joint. Otherwise, cucks, traders and similars are always welcome

Attached: 1571537095045.jpg (2187x3264, 737K)

Bi BWC, send anything for rates, wwyd, showing off etc

heard two different people say she's obsessed with butt stuff, if that's up your alley


Sharing girls ik, make me send u their details

kik: Eduardo_sgdl send me your gf ex wife mom sis better if she have big tits

trading teens any age

bull here cucks add me

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