Hey guys its me, videogamedonkey

Hey guys its me, videogamedonkey

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Your Knack review was shit.

pasta and rissoles

Eat shit and die, faggot

Prove it, faggot.

Spaghetti and suck my balls faggot

Buy my new game, elephant stranding available in 50 different colours on the playstore and subscribe to my channel at youtube.com/videogamedolan

Upload league of legends fag.

Ill have you know I have the world record on bowsers big bean burrito PLUS I trained with samurai joseph joestar so you lose bye bye turn the internet off I win


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You "had" the world record. Sky finally found something he can beat you in cause he's salty about smash.

"Keep saying it"

bwaaahahaha, buuurrrrnnnn!!!

it must be him

Anyone have the video of the nigger fucking his wife?

Nope you are nitpicking and biased, I win bye bye

Eyo, it's me, vidyagaime bunny, FUCK YOUUUUUUUU

Hey guys its jontron

More Dundrley for everybody

Yep its me videogamedunkey official
(Thats how you know its me)

howtobasic videos

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Witness my medical technique AAHA FUCK YOU IDIOT the game is too ez

Can i fuck your wife?

Whats your favourite strand type game?

keep saying it.

Hey guys its me, videogamedonkey

Was it really her?

How can you like dmc5 if it is the blandest and most repetitive hack n slash ever made?

Hey guys its me, videogamedonkey

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Spaghetti and meatballs

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if you ask nicely...

Uh oh dunkey busted

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Hey guys it's me videojamesdunkey

you have the most annoying fucking voice / lisp on the planet and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would listen to that fucking shit

This guy is ripping me off so you're going to jail and hell

Hi dunkey. I don't watch your videos often despite watching gaming yt a lot and I'm not subscribed to you because I find you to be annoying more often than funny. Recent smash roster video was relevant and pretty well made tho

You are nitpicking and biased I win, bye bye

You do know dunkeys white right?

Huh, no, I didn't know that

Hey Cred Forums this is richard douglas and im at the movie set for the new movie departed AMA

you arent as good as you used to be and you know it.

My little brother has the controller also im wearing a blindfold and using a usb steering wheel also im not even trying

H3 babyyyyy