Do I pass as male?

Do I pass as male?
I'm FtM trans btw.

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Hair and glasses look feminine, but other than those, yeah, pretty much

Take a picture of your dick , if you have a vag your a girl.. dick = male

not really, youre pretty ugly as shit too tbh, if and when this tranny phase blows over id recommend killing yourself :)

Yeah, but not as a male you want to look like.

listen to me user, you are valid, you are a handsome man, you are who you are and whoever that is is okay, i support you, many people support you

look at those words. none of them are true, you a have a disability,youre delusional, youre retarded, go back to being a woman, lose some fucking pounds, and be fucking normal

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Dude, uploading this stuff on Cred Forums is a very bad choice, especially in Cred Forums

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Yea you look like the typical reddit fag.


You're a light colored eyed, white woman and you want to be a man? Just lose some pounds and bang a woman if you want to. White women are the most privileged beings on the planet.

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Congrats on becoming a neckbeard

red pilled as shit
youre fucking stupid choosing to be a man, put some fucking effort in and the returns are insane. you look like a lazy piece of shit though so i doubt you have the will power

post pics of you before the transition

Shes a woman using faceapp.

OP here.

Wow some of you are really angry and ought to work on that. There's absolutely no need to be so mean to a perfect stranger. That being said, thanks to those who answered genuinely, I appreciate it. Anyway stay safe y'all!

why did everyone get baited so hard
you could literally see the faceapp logo in bottom right and the file name is "SJW me"
you guys are a joke honestly

No one cares cunt, you aint going to get no sympathy points here.

You look faggoty enough to make me think you were planning to go the other way

Still acting like a woman.

Hahaha only one fucking person was clever enough to work out that I was trolling all of you. Cred Forums is the dumbest fucking board on Cred Forums=confirmed...and that's really saying something!!


This thread is the epitome of autism.

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Post nudes

Every thread on this cancer site is a bait thread you stupid faggot or did you not realize this. not as woke as you thought you were as you were sucking your own dick eh? how ironic

Unlike most of the faggot trannies on the internet, yes, you pass very well

All the best to you OP

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those are some pretty fucking fem glasses; get some new ones


If I saw you on the street I would think your a guy. As another user says, you could use a better haircut and different glasses.

That being said, I think if you lost a little weight it would help with the general "softness" of your face that does make you look somewhat more feminine.

But as I said before, I'd never know if I saw you in public. I'd just assume you were a dude.

Show us your boy cunt

> gets fat to hide tits as manboobs
> puts on dumpy clothes and a dumpy haircut
> g-guys, i'm actually a man so this is ok
> d-do you think i'm pretty?

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Yeah you look like a fat retarded male who has never seen a pussy in his life, besides himself. Little does everyone know, he sees one every day