Ask a recent survivor of a suicide attempt anything

ask a recent survivor of a suicide attempt anything

obviously I have nothing better to do

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How did you try to commit suicide ?

Why do the football man no stand up?

did you succeed?

Why didn't you succeed? Try again.

Do you play Doom? Im talking about the original ones with Doom Guy

How can you fail suicide?
If it wasnt just for attention ofc

You could try to improve your life and self so that you don't want to kill yourself

Hanging. I actually used pic related, found in a Cred Forums infothread years ago, to tie the noose. Was suspended from a metal bar in my room, gave way and broke from the wall while I was hanging though already unconscious, woke up in hospital.

I have a hazy recollection of any of this, it's what's been pieced together over the last month.

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So... do you feel, that you survived that you appreciate living more ?

Yes. Original DOOM is my favourite FPS, or second to only original Quake. Either/or, depending on which I've most recently played.

The metal pipe that the noose was suspended from gave way while I was unconscious, and a family member found me on the floor. I woke up in hospital maybe 14hrs later.

Forgot to attach pic. Isn't the same exact file that I saved, but the image took seconds to find again on Google.

And no, not particularly. I feel no different. I'm going to try again eventually, I just clearly need a more assured method.

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Are you aware that I have just checked your dubs?

Any reason for killing yourself tho ?

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Diagnosed MDD at age 11, now 27. Suicidal ideation since early high school.
I've had a particularly bad case of dysthymia over the last three years, and have more or less reached the tipping point. I legitimately have found no joy in any given activity since maybe November.

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Why would you try to kill yourself when you can just play video games and work part time forever as long as you're single and live in the midwest/south? Life can still be fun if you live cheap. You might even make a few friends while working at whatever retard job.( I'm assuming you've given up and didn't learn a trade skill or receive a non meme degree)

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I was institutionalized for four months in my last year of high school, during that time, I guess you could say that they removed me from the school. I wasn't given an option to finish while inside, nor finish that final year afterwards. I was legally recognized as disabled upon being released from the mental institution, and due to the way that involuntary institutionalization works in my state (Australian, btw), I essentially have a criminal record.

tl;dr - Finding work is difficult. And the majority of my friends have cut ties with me as they've gotten older, perceiving me as somebody that doesn't want to work as opposed to being depressed as fuck that he struggles to find work.

>Friends cutting ties with you because you don't work

Is there more of an actual reason is that really it?

how about you try again, im sure it'll work this time!

Who did you try the suicide on?

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I have some memory loss of the days surrounding the event, beyond that no brain damage, thankfully.
As for physical damage, I have somewhat of a V-shape around my collar and severe internal bruising or some shit that I barely comprehend. My airways are sore and hurt, not specifically damaged or irreparable. It'll heal. That's all that I can really understand, so my description is going to suck, sorry.
Falling to the floor, I fratured my left wrist and a finger on that hand.

I was actually really lucky, to be honest.

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That's not my reason. Are you fucking retarded?
user asked about education, work, and social life. I was answering that.

..that's.... exactly what he said he's going to do though kek

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I was just asking if your friends really cut ties with you because you don't work. You said it right there. No need to be hostile, buddy.

Sorry, user. Wasn't clear, or maybe I'm retarded.

"Because I don't work" is a generalization. My friends are buying houses, getting married, having kids, so forth. I play video games and lurk image boards, collecting welfare cheques.
Not sure where you live, but in Australia, the perception of anybody on welfare without a very obvious physical disabilty is basically that they're scum or what most call bogans. A lot of my old friends are of that mindset.

You know there are cures, but it's your life i guess tho you are responding really honestly and open i like that; i think you should find some cures if you want, but that's up to you.

Almost all disorders are just some made up bullshit, not saying your is; but i think MDD and dysthyma as you say can be cured in the right opportunity.

I know it's easy to have lack of energy and see points in life anywhere, but there are steps you can do to at least make it better for yourself.

Think of all those things you can experience...

Idk exploring, gaming, you know ...

Assuming that you are already seeking professional help, what has your therapist said about your failed attempt?
Additionally, what kind of therapist?

If not though, why not? And if so, why continue if you're still willing to take your life?

Both are related, so I'll answer them at once.

I currently see a psychologist, and have been prescribed by a psychiatrist working at the same practice 300mg of seroquel daily. I realize that seroquel is used to treat schizophrenia, though I'm honestly not schizophrenic; it's used a mood stabilizer in the relatively low dosage I'm prescribed. I wouldn't either a "cure" however. This was my first attempt at suicide, without medication or therapy, I'd probably have tried sooner.

As for the reason why I continue to see a psychologist, I'm not even sure. I have no intention of stopping either. I can't answer why, I guess I'm just used to it and would feel too uncomfortable without it. For as much don't want to live, while I have to live I'd rather some kind of comfort, who wouldn't?
My psych said nothing to me about the incident. They asked a lot of prying questions and listened to my answers. I have a good psychologist, at the very least.

On my being honest, all that I can say is that there's a time to shitpost on Cred Forums and others for honesty.
It's something that I've noticed more oldfags understand than anybody else. I discovered Cred Forums at 13, I'm 27 now. During those years, on-and-off, I've used Cred Forums as somewhat of a therapist in this same vain.