Hi, guys!

Hi, guys!

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how you doin'

Heya! All good?

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sup, hows life?

that's is no long a rule here since most posts are BBC lovers, traps, Texans and other faggots

Hi Tay!

uhhmm hi?


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ur mum gay

Why do you live in a boat?

Hehe hi!

your mom went to college

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you're making that face, that's the face that leads to the nose bleeds, the nose bleeds that end in pain for user and user being stuck in upsidedown again

like gay colleges aren't a thing

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What are you talking about? that's all colleges now

I didn't know that,
haven't been on a campus since the late 90's.

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been living under a rock i see, they're SJW mills now, nothing more

you're post went to college


>they're SJW mills now
this much I know, and a collection of safe spaces, however, I thought we were just hearing from the most vocal of the group, not all students.

fuck, and that's one of my pet peeves, I'm not a grammar Nazi but I hate when people do that, so I go and do it

Did someone say Mills?

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A good portion of colleges are infected and gender studies bullshit is infecting all subjects not just being by itself, a good portion of them are injecting it into classes that have nothing to do with that crap like math and science.

Colleges have been garbage for a while but now they're pretty much useless unless you can play the stupid sjw play for a little while.

would be so good if it was real this time lol

I guess I am glad to have long since graduated from undergrad and grad school.

>cat ears and yarn ;).

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>going into meme studies
If you go to take a degree in gender studies or social crap I have no sympathy for you.
If you go to study math, physics and engineering, sure you'll have your fair share of "sjw" but you can easily ignore them.

Damn, she ages like milk, she's 20 and looks likes she's 35

Just some random girl that’s sings words nicely user. I think she’s just new on the scene, I think she might make it.

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I look forward to picking up her single at the record store

I'm saying the teachers of math, physics and engineering are sjw's and they're injecting that into their subjects now. They've taken over normal classes now.

but she is 30

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how does a Physics professor inject sjw propaganda into a lesson, I'm genuinely curious. Science is science, there isn't room for opinion

Get on the treadmill, fatty.

>I'm saying the teachers of math, physics and engineering are sjw's and they're injecting that into their subjects now. They've taken over normal classes now
I just graduated 2 years ago.
Professors are mostly centrist and only a small percentage are left wing and they are relatively reasonable (math, physics and engineering).
Unless things are so bad in USA lol

How do you like the site so far?

Good for you user I’m sure you will enjoy it ;).

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it's awesome now that faggots like you have joined

I'm not saying all colleges, but there's a good portion of them now that are doing this bullshit.

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>but she is 30

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Please don't lewd Millie or her lips.

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I'm sorry, I don't really operate with a filter.

Things have gotten that bad in U.S. universities. The "woke" far left have infested pretty much every corner and crevice of academia. Hence why U.S. universities now often trail even 3rd world institutions as far as research and discoveries, technological achievements and development are concerned.

>making suggestive cock sucking moves
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I sure hope so

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Assuming what you're saying is true (which I doubt but I'm not an American) why Trump hasn't done anything to fix it?

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> Hence why U.S. universities now often trail even 3rd world institutions

lmao no. maybe the janky community college you got into. sorry you got so many rejection letters from decent schools, user

not posting my age but quite north of 30, hate to see what I look like

I'm not sure he's aware of the problem or wants to poke that bear right now. Also, some colleges are self-correcting the problem because they realize that those faggots don't make them any money and only draw negative press and turn their colleges into nigger playgrounds.

Top colleges in the world
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Country: United States.
2 Stanford University. Country: United States.
3 Harvard University. Country: United States.
4 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) ...
5 University of Oxford. ...
6 University of Cambridge. ...
7 ETH Zurich—Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. ...
8 Imperial College London

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1-4 memes
5-8 best

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I wish I was that thin

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Why is Taylor so fucking ugly and fat?

If only it was really tay.

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