Possible Coronavirus Info

Possible Coronavirus Info
Around 2 weeks ago, I was recording audio on a train in Melbourne AU where a virologist was having a phone conversation with a colleague (link below). The terminology seemed to refer to influenza but details pointed to it being more urgent. Could be a nothing burger but worth checking.

Most interesting part of the conversation happened before I started recording, all I remember was, to roughly paraphrase; there's a 50% chance it will turn into A, and a 40% chance it will turn into B. One of those sounded much more dire than the other. After this she became more guarded in her speech.

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it's just the flu

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influenza a and b. the flu shot this year was just for a. b didnt have one.

The coronavirus fear mongering has really been working

she didn't literally say A or B, these are placeholders for designations I don't remember and she was talking about mutation.

who's fear mongering? because the only fear mongering that's been shown is the empty shelves across the globe, which is a very real threat. that unless you act fast you aren't likely to be eating properly.

governments are hiding shit, businesses continue a work as normal mentality and it's being mocked despite it's numbers raising in the past 48 hours.

italian and hawaiian governments aren't releasing official numbers to keep tourism high, the french government is putting children back in schools that was closed because `its already here and containment is useless` which is a lie, nordic health officials aren't testing properly because of a panic and the american government being led by an idiot, their CDC not testing because the numbers won't be enough to get people to self quarantine, the CDC tests done are ineffective and that the medical scamming lobby want the tests to be more expensive than the WHO's $5 tests.

that's not even mentioning that a vaccine will take years, bioterrorism is likely as ISIS has praised the virus, it's likely to be seasonal with sufferers dying en mass during this time of year, slowing down and dying en mass again, that it remains dormant after you're infected and that there's multiple different strains with the european strain being considered deadliest.

>who's fear mongering?
you apparently

>Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2,[8] a virus closely related to the SARS virus.[9][10][11]

No it isn't

Are you from the full retarded Aussie land? The same country that wants to ban all anime and manga?

The fact that I seen a litany of articles at the beginning saying "US finds cure within hours"

and now since I can't find a single article any longer, says some shady bullshit is at large.

except that was just facts.

fearmongering - the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.

it's not fearmongering to present facts that may inflict fear, it's presenting facts. if the facts make you fearful, maybe there's a reason?

the us isn't even testing. their testing methods are so flawed that the new york state are making their own testing method.

despite all this, the WHO has a $5 and easily preformed test that has been used since the beginning.

if the us can't even test and haven't even tested more than 700 people since the outbreak, what makes you think they have a cure?

Maybe because it was wrong and redacted?

You don't even understand what a virus is if you think there will ever be a "cure". We will eventually have a vaccine but that takes time. On top of the time it takes to make a vaccine you then have to create billions of vaccines to get to the public. The production of such numbers will take 6 months to a year alone.

You do seem like another egg-headed conspiracy theorist and I suppose this is a waste of time.

Still no cure for OP faggottry

You're probably right. But, it never hurts to remain suspicious. Especially in a time of a propaganda war, and social crisis.

Good luck in any case, faggots.

“Governments are hiding shit”

Yeah user that’s facts!

they're right that containment would do more damage to the global economy than letting it run its course and kill a ton of people.
Cred Forums has this fantasy where the economy and government are destroyed, but the economy and government are configured for one thing: to be preserved no matter what happens to anyone.
the economy and government don't turn our White girls into sluts and turn the population brown because they're anti-White, they do it because it maintains their power.

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Apparently you think some stats mixed in with a shit ton of speculation is "Facts".

the truth is that if you're american you're fucked.
the government is standing idle, to maximize profits from tourism, spring break and health insurance. your medical system is flawed and your people has never really faced a threat which leads idiots to believe they can't be touched.

one thing for sure is that i can see this being a turning point in support for bernie and his medicare for all or whatever as the american health system fails america.

{now that i think of it, i remember hearing about trump claiming there was a cure almost made but that it was about ebola and then they retracted what he said. maybe that's what you heard since he didn't mention the ebola part?}

stay safe fag.

I am burger
I have an escape plan, and its safe there because there's barely any people and I have family there as well.

It wasn't about mister dump either
It was about some research facility in California.

the italian and hawaiian government has said they're only going to officially report cases where individuals are hospitalised, that's 10% of all cases.
italy is a major european holiday destination and with holiday season beginning soon it's no surprise.
hawaiis economy is 20% tourism, with spring break in america coming soon they risk billions if they release numbers of cases too.

so you're basically suggesting, let's throw ourselves at it because our economy? who cares if it's seasonal, remains dormant and we have no vaccine because business as usual is great?

all facts aside from the name calling. surprisingly people react emotionally when their and their families lives are being played with.