How flatearthers explain Foucault's pendulum experiment ?

How flatearthers explain Foucault's pendulum experiment ?

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If you did even a bit of research, you'd know that these pendulums don't move by themselves but are 'started' by a manual swing.


Initially they were impossible to get right. There is a technique used to get them to spin correctly. All the modern ones including the one in the Boston's museum of science are computer controlled.

Focults hoax aka Coriolis hoax

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you can do it yourself + they are launched without any spin, with a burnt rope

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they are lauched with a device like this one

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like pic related.

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This experiment only suggests the earth is spinning no?

Foucault Pendulum on its own is only a proof of a rotating Earth. Only the sine(theta) dependency of the latitude of it is proof for a spherical Earth

Imagine being such a boring sperg that you'd take time out of your life to go and watch this

If the earth were ever spinning or moving under any object once it was "in flight" helicopters would only need to hover in order to move. Planes would be impossible to land and artillery shells would never hit their targets.

>Imagine learning things

I can't even begin to even hint at a sliver of how utterly ignorant your statement was.

It only proves that a round socket will cause a rotation of a released plumb. You can make it move in any direction and with varying degrees of speed and velocity.

If focults pendulum wasn't a hoax wrecking balls would be entirely uncontrollable and spin on there own when left stationary.

Imagine being lied to and swallowing the blue pill whole.

this. Flat earthers are the most retarded group of people i've come across

I know, the whole world lies, only a few thousand individuals (you amongst them) know the TRUTH.
The rest of humanity is either A) conspirators or B) sheep.

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So you're saying they are perpetual motion machines? Isn't this physically impossible without picking up other energy from natural movement?

Like you can't watch a video or read a book. Guess we found the boring sperg.

>oh no he's got a point, best play dumb and try to cause offence

this is the dumbest post ever

Get away from the grandfather clock, Harold.

Let me get this right, so a wrecking ball which is stationary would become uncontrollable and spin on its own?

So an object at rest won't stay at rest?

My friends, he's disproved the theory of gravity and at the same time, upended all of scientific knowledge by proving that F != ma


that old ss is me btw. flat erfers are trolls user. i'm playing both sides of the argument in this thread right now because i'm still fascinated that people respond to this shit rationally

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Can you help me to understand why planes would be impossible to land?

Because somehow the moron believes that if he were to drop a penny while on a train, that penny would magically slam behind him at 40 miles per hour because, somehow, in his la-la-land, you don't have momentum transference.

Never underestimate the stupidity of people.
Some are trolls, sure, but there are a few who genuinely believe.

Laws of thermodynamics don't exist to flat earthers

I've been to a lot of museums and parks all across the country, and I don't regret a single one.


Never underestimate how butthurt anons get when someone disagrees with them

surely that is because a pendulum inevitably succumbs to chaotic motion.

And that's exactly the point of the trolling user. To corrupt those who are stupid enough to believe it - because if they'll believe this they'll believe anything. And if they'll believe anything well... as they say: Ff they truth can destroy you then the truth should destroy you. Have you ever considered joining the winning team user? getting creative?

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How do flatearthers explain anything?
>Moon phases
>Visual observation of moons orbiting planets
>Rotation of the starfield

Nobody can help you understand why planes are impossible to land.

Nah dude - I think I'll just avoid actual discussions or making sense on Cred Forums and begin shitposting instead.
Less frustration, of course also less genuine conversation.

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Everybody knows the penny would fall through the floor, asshole.

just dont try. honestly. dont try.

>How do flatearthers explain anything?
Like this.

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