Girls you want to see Blacked

Girls you want to see Blacked

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Posting Aly again for those interested

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Posting in a dying alone thread

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I am... so what's her full name? i'd love to see her being black bred...

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Anyone ever had a gf or ex that was blacked. How did you ask

love to see bbc pulling her pigtails forcing himself deeper into her throat

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Any good slutty cosplay?

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best ive got

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surrounding her with many bbc, smacking her in the face with cock and lining up to give her bukkake

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Girl I went to high school with. Is a model now for a lot of black photographers. Bet she’s gives it to them

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Doing tribs @StealthAlpacka , hmu

can you stop making these threads plz

trying to grab his white slut to fill her with black seed over and over again before sharing her with his gang

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By a 10" thugged out nig that bullies her white bf

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Cute. I kind of want to just read her a bedtime story.

If a black guy climbs in her window, well, what happens happens.

Big tits. How do you know her

Ready to open her school girl legs for any bbc to serve

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She would be perfect for bbc, what do u think guys?

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wouldnt call them big. college

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Wwyd? / Ww[bbc]d?

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i'd love to see her in an interracial gangbang

>See blacked
I take ur black
Serious question
Why does every black person goal is to settle down with a white girl? Is cus muh slavery paybacks?

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yeah me too, would be so good to see her bred by multiples bbc

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how many can karina handle?

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needs to be spitroasted

who dis

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made for sucking black dick

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Think she would like getting blacked?

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no, but she'll learn to

I've always wanted to watch my girlfriend get railed by a huge black cock in front of me.

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She’d probably enjoy getting pounded by black dick pretty early on

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my guess is a girl who looks similar in your homeroom won't even give you the time of day, and you are jealous she dates the quarterback. Or I'm wrong and you are a 12 year old faggot that can't come up with an OC and want attention

nerdy white girls especially need to be blacked
it'd be amazing to see her dropped off in the ghetto and used as a fuckdoll by a bunch of horny, homeless BBC

How do you think she'd handle her first bc?

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Only BBC can feed those asses

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Nice, The Blacked sign make every white girls perfect

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Girl in pic cheated on her bf with a black guy

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She is hot

Please turn her into a Blacked cover

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God damn yes

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Yup she is. Many have been with her

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Would not mind if you kept going

She needs a bbc right now

Does anyone knows her? it's formerly Alina balletstar now known as Karisha Terebun... jesus i always dreamed to see getting blacked by a bunch of BBCs... what do you think about her?

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2 slut sister who would take turns gagging on a bbc, competing to be bred

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yes over and over again

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Does she have different sized pupils?

dont think so

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Can you turn her into a Blacked cover star?

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open wide bitch

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could you do her too please

oh god thanks, i'm gonna keep this one


make this one a blacked girl too plz

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more braces

cmon bro is that ur sisters? What would they think if they saw u linking them here? whats wrong with u

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needs to be pounded deeply

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both need 13" black meat in all their holes

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i'd love to see a bbc titfuck her

shes been there and says she probably wont fuck white guys anymore

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I don't get it.
What's the attraction to seeing a girl blacked?
Is it a legal form of bestiality?

nice little slut

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probably think that their pussys are getting wet

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Deserves an edit

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need to be taken to a glory hole and service dozens of BBC

Fucking disgusting pedos

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Which of these is most likely to be blacked at a club?

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First one

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Super sexy. Ages?

as long as their husbands are forced to watch

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Never a good thing. Had my gf blacked, was a nightmare

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Last you posted her you said you loved it

Pretty much, yes. It's the ultimate degradation. I like innocent girls being humiliated, forced to fuck someone or something they'd find repulsive.

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These two

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mostly my sister

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moar of left

That left one looks freshly ripe

God dam she is hot

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She is, indeed

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Keep going. Left is winning

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