Any of you fags have imaginary sex? I've been really getting into it as of late, and it took me a while to get it right...

Any of you fags have imaginary sex? I've been really getting into it as of late, and it took me a while to get it right, but this shit feels great. It feels a lot better than real sex, and I'm wondering if I'm alone in this. I guess people have sex in dreams, but that's not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about awake, imagined sex

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's simple, you meditate, you "materialize" a woman in your "mindscape", and then you fuck them, simple. There's no touching your dick in reality, just fucking in imagination land (tm) if you actually touch yourself, you aren't doing what I'm talking about

Any of you schizos do this shit as well? Any girls you particularly enjoy using for "inspiration"? Pic related has been my goto for a couple weeks now

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Done this since early 2017
Beats masturbating, doesn't beat real sex

jesus christ, man

Maybe it's because my dick's all mangled from all the fapping I did as a teen, but fuck, that shit feels like a million times better than real sex for me. Guess that's a disclamer, your mileage may vary. Might have something to do with practice, tho, I have been actually putting hours into getting this shit to feel better.

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>I'm wondering if I'm alone in this
yes you are and you always will be

idk, I think incels would benefit greatly from this forbidden knowledge

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I don't know, been practicing since 2017.
Are you sitting or laying when doing it? I usually lay in bed naked and "wait"

I usually sit. I tried lying down, but I ended up getting sleepy, and sitting is usually how I meditate anyways, so that's cool with me. Never naked tho. used to be a bit painful to do it like that because of the erection, but as of right now, I can reach a level of detachment so great that I don't even get an IRL erection. it's all good tho, just glad to hear i'm not the only one.

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Every time I do it I get an erection. I guess I should start trying to sit with my clothes on, I already have the basics covered.

Also people don't know this supperior way of cumming. It's this way and running/lifting :)))

+ if you like sex but don't care much about women themselves, this is the way to go. just take care of yourself and do this crazy shit and you're set

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Thats a but long so i shortened it
>do men think about sex
the answer is yes.


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unless you are reaching orgasm from this "imaginary sex" then you are just thinking about it, we all do it, so your question is basically just "do you think about sex" and the answer is yes, everyone does.
maybe not as much as you tho.

no, because this is specifically about reaching orgasms and actually feeling thesex instead of just thinking about it or lightly remembering the feeling or whatever.

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Thanks for wasting my time faggot

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how did I waste your time lmao

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Why didnt you mention the orgasm part? it seems sort of important.

thought it was obvious. to be fair, you can do it without orgasm, even then it goes a little bit further than just "thinking about sex"

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Poster is pic related.

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