I'm bored. i make x-rays

I'm bored. i make x-rays,
- Image quality cannot be so low.
- Swimsuits with a lot of sponge, it doesn't help.
- When the clothes are black, the image must be of very good quality.
Optional: tell me something about the image, that's just for fun.
(sorry my English, it's not very good)

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not everyone's type but I've always had the hots for her

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Huh. That's pretty good. How much did you have to colorize it?

Do not use color, color levels are used. and the shadows of reliefs do the job, but when it is very difficult, we use something called digital body painting.

It's a lot better than I've managed to do.

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How do you prefer I share HQ? Because this has a 2mb limit afaik

Is something like this possible?

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It is possible on black swimsuits ?

These are basically the same image. If you could do one of them that would be amazing. Mostly interested in the same woman as before but the other one would be appreciated too

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crop it so it's smaller, if you can

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X-ray please

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sorry imposible
>How do you prefer I share HQ? Because this has a 2mb limit afaik

I'm not asking for HQ, just good quality.

Got a lot of pics to choose from (white tank-top, white bra underneath, standing straight)
Red bikini, laying down.
Red bikini, standing sideways. Orange dress, kinda tight around the boobs, standing straight.
White t-shirt, standing tilted.
Any preferences or tips on how to choose the best one?

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It is not impossible. But it has to be very detailed.

was that directed at me?

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No it was from the black swimsuit question

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figured, but wasn't sure. Are you willing/able to xray it? I'm not sure about the quality but you impressed me with the first one

Do her please if possible or a try at least

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Can it be done?

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I'm sorry. You can't in that picture.

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I'm sorry. heavy sponges

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Could this work?

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(Not OP)
Ok, I'm bored so I will do just *one* nudeshop for someone.
I need a good quality pic in swimwear to work with.
I'll pick one girl I like from the ones posted, and do it. It takes a while.
Pic related, one I did some time ago.

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I'm sorry. If I like some of them, I can apply body paint, maybe that will work

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Optional fact: she's a professional photo editor. Ironic? Maybe ;)

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an "if you prefer"

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Ok no problem, since u try it, thanks mate

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Try pink, she’s really innocent and never would send a nude

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I like her and wouldn't mind doing that one, but it's a bit too dark, and very low res (600x771). Do you have a bigger one?

Is this working?

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Some college girls Ive seen, what can you do?

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Its not me but do u like this one ?

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Por favor

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She's gorgeous! Do you have any in a two-piece bikini? The black one-piece covers too much and makes it very hard to figure her body shape, making things very hard. The pic quality and light are good enough, though...

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Her name start with an M?

Please OP

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I don't understand what you said, but of course.

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Sorry, what I meant was that I don't know how easy those are to do because I'm not sure how good the resolution is for you to work with. I love the first picture you did, though

Nope an H friend since high school

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esponjas sorry

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Sorry i couldn't find any 2 pieces pictures, she hasn't posted any...


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Please OP

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And this one ? Is it possible ?

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That is super good. I congratulate you. and if it takes a long time to do it.

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Anything on this yet?

I don't really like her, and the light angle is a bit hard, so I think I'll pick another, sorry.

Yup, good one. I'll try it. Will take a while, but will post a couple progress pics.

Thanks! Yeah, that one took a while, but the pic was very easy to work with.

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nice bra. I'm sorry

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Thank you!

any chance you could use those skills to shop the pubic hair out of this picture for me? i've been asking for days and nobody will help me out

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this picture is an old camera 640x480 of the famous chan goddess FreckleChan

4x enhance please

because needs

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I always start with the easy parts, and do a rough job. I can add detail later...

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OP if your still here. Thanks

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Is this pic good to make one from?

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Wow that look already good, thanks man

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You're welcome, user!

Now, this part is all about getting the colours and light approximately right.
We'll add the interesting bits later.

Btw, do you know if she's shaven, or the kind of hair she has?
Otherwise I'll make a guess, but if you know, it will be more real.

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This ginger bitch thinks too much of herself - would still love to see her tits though

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This might be more fun to play with

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Yeah she is shaved :)

Or this one

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You can see her piercing on the right titty

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>i make x-rays
No, you are a fucking loser. that is what you are. "I make xrays". what a dork.

Good! Thanks.

Still removing stuff and only worrying about colour...
We're almost halfway there...

Do you have more pics of her? One where I can better see the size of her boobs would be helpful as a reference, but I can continue without it too.

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sorry. bra

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That's an other picture

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This one too

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Good, these will be very useful. Thanks.

Now, this is enough for the first part. Now we have to add the interesting bits...

For some reason the file didn't upload.

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Please and thank you.

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quien es ella ? esta guapa

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Yeah my last one didnt upload too

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Can you try this one for me?

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If you could do either of these, I would appreciate it a ton.

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>Sorry, what I meant was that I don't know how easy those are to do because I'm not sure how good the resolution is for you to work with. I love the first picture you did, though

You upload the image. and I do it

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>any chance you could use those skills to shop the pubic hair out of this picture for me? i've been asking for days and nobody will help me out

What do you mean? I do not understand. what do you need?

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Wow it’s that big? Thanks

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en mi tierra estarías colgado de un puente, solo por lo meco que estas.

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fuck pls

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op here.
thanks to everyone. I have to go out for work. but later I open another thread. Sorry for the remaining photos.

lo lamenro mucho. pero despues abrire otro hilo. para continuar. tengo que salir por trabajo.

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please and thank you

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Looking for a miracle.. thanks user

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By chance?

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Please op

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Some girl I always wanted to fuck

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Girl I’ve been obsessed with

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Still in progress ?

Just remove the pubic hair from the picture

Op die?

He said he was off to work

Not OP but fellow x-ray fag

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Not OP

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please/ thanks op

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Could this work or no?

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Gotta see if it’s possible

Attached: C93865E8-D072-4BEA-98F6-58283784F313.jpg (1221x1638, 1.31M)

Another that may be easier

Attached: 84406014-D98C-4D71-A801-7ED70AE311AD.jpg (1215x2266, 1.19M)

Or this one?

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Someone’s gotta get this

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This please

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Not OP

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come on. somebody must be able to do this


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