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pretty sure this post is gonna make it worse

holy shit that's grotesque

Huh, looked it up and came up with two underage models. 0 nudity

its true, found an image which was a collage of one girl ~14-15 years old.
truly fucked up, but the main website is worse.

It’s all in Russian and I’m on mobile so I can’t do much but I would delve deeper

It's links to downloads for rar files

I dont get this?!
Can someone explain why this is the case?

go fuck yourself and stop with these posts already


Careful OP, keep searching like that and you might get a knock on your door

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ITT: Glownigger baits retard Anons into searching funny culture

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tfw you posted it everywhere and everyone is freaking out now

Main website has links to forums and full sets. Plus a VIP membership and account registration. >Appears to track whoever visits and what they viewed.
>Nonmembers listed as guests, members with pseudonyms.
>Screams honeypot, but the fact is these guys are networking here and probably left a huge trail.
>Also, the island in pic related has to be singapore. Clue?
>In any case, yes, lots of the site is in Russian.
>home page appears to use legal (older) pics to hide the CP-you have to go looking for it to find it
>download links are present
>a lot of the content is shit like NN modeling and nudism, but there are also tons of cryptic advertisements for worse
>obvious and provocative nude poses
>Links embedded at bottom of page appear to redirect to a Russian site requiring a password
>forums are .me pages and explicitly use terms like "lolita"
>forums appear to track site traffic as well
I'm definitely on a list just for checking this shit out, but it's every bit as bad as you'd think.

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Bull fucking shit. These motherfuckers are probably some random models who look younger than they really are.

Whoops. Meant to use this image.
Not sure who to report this to. Tipline? The media? Not sure where the "modeling" and nudism stuff fall legally, but there are definitely pics that qualify as straight-up porn and it seems like somebody with know-how could access worse.
Honestly the whole thing seems like a trap. Every step of the way you have to be more and more deliberate in what you click on, and the site is clearly tracking all kinds of data about visitors.

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it's worse if you type in jpg4

Dude what the FUCK

god user why

I haven't found anything? Where the fuck are you guys going?


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Oh god oh god oh god

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Bruh this isn't just some nude pics that happen to pop up on image search with the right terms. There's clearly networking and trading going on here, and what appears to be some kind of advertising for human-trafficking.
Half the shit is in Russian and tit looks like the membership page requires you to guess Singapore. What the fuck happens in Singapore?
Honestly don't wanna touch that place again with a ten-foot pole, but there's clearly more to the website than meets the eye.
I should have looked for hidden links, but seriously, fuck that noise. Party van is already coming for sure.

The first bing image result for the term OP mentioned, followed by navigating the website it takes you to.
It's not subtle. It's the first result on bing, which is just crazy.

holy shit

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legal nn models that have been on the clear net for 15+ years and noodism pics which can be searched on google.

Very weak OP very weak.

It's Californication motherfuckers. The west is fucked

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And that star. Why is there a * after the colon in the answer space? Why is there a star on the domain name in the upper left, almost disguised? This shit is meant to be cryptically meaningful to the pervs.

nigga don't even joke, I've seen enough shit today already and gotten this hard drive filthy and been nothing but candid with you fuckers
tell me what it is and save me the eye bleach or stop yanking my chain.

Clearly there's more going on here than just pics, user. I guaran-fuckin-tee it.

its legit cp. something called nature nudism but its definitely focused on clearly underaged girls.
for the love of god stay away unless u wanna get v&


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Oh. Whatever. I mean, I'm amazed they haven't taken that shit down yet given what it's clearly intended for, but it is old news.

if you go to the website, on the right it will have all the IPs of the guests that browsed to it, what they looked at, and their browser

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This. The site tracks whoever visits it. But why SHOW you that it's tracking you?

Define cp as distinguishable from legal nude photos (i.e. baby in the bathtub) with no vague terminology at all.

they aren't going after any of them. too much traffic and can't prove intent. they go after distributors more than anything. but yeah don't go there.
NCMEC wouldn't have a URL space in the cybertip form if people didn't accidentally stumble upon such shit in the first place.

>The site tracks whoever visits it
all sites do. it just publicly displays it for whatever reason. probably an edgelord

You can report shit here
It’s also anonymous

Guess we know what the elites use now

The southeast city state answer isnt singapore, Singapore or SINGAPORE, I think OP is just a neckbeard mad at some guys pornsite. Go fuck yourself.

A little girl being advertised in the same format and with the same terminology as adult erotic models. A 10-year-old girl with her legs spread wide open to show off her crotch and a little heart stamped onto the image in the preview to censor her cooch. A little girl, in lingerie, bent over like she's presenting herself for doggystyle, with her ass and cunt in the foreground and her face facing away from the camera, which is going straight up her cunt from behind. A little girl wearing a lacy pink shirt with cutouts ONLY over her nipples.
It's porn, dude.

I unironically don't think this is a joke.



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...what if it's the star?
And buddy, are you seriously just trying to register yourself and find out what they're hiding for the "VIP" class? Going in raw to that level is probably dumb.

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Literally none of that is enforcible as law. I also notice how you specify females you goddamn closet homo pedo

It can take 77 users apparently.
Ya know, if EVERYONE gave it traffic, there's a chance their servers couldn't keep up.
Just saying.

>you goddamn closet homo pedo
bro you're projecting at this point. you're so adamant of it not being cp...
get the fuck out and neck yourself. please

I know it's not enforcible or this shit wouldn't be clearnet. I'm saying that it's material intended to be fapped to.

Not sure if any of this is cp tho.

K cool
Screencap what you see and post it here. Or on facebook.
Oh. no? you won't? Yeah didn't think so.


gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

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Ok so its cp. we all going to jail for going on the site? No stfu

Wat when did I ever claim it's not cp? Never go full sperg m8

How do you know the baby in the bathtub picture wasn't taken to be secretly fapped to? How do you discern between them so people don't go to jail over family photos?

No one's checkin this shit? y'all niggas gay

no. they aren't going after everybody that visits a site. they go after distributors and producers. it's impossible for them to build a case on every single individual IP that stumbles upon the site and then prosecute them.

I don't believe you but I also don't want my dog to get shot by cops so I refuse to look it up. Just report the tips to the FBI.

I reported the site, thanks for the link to it

I know because the baby in the bathtub is dolled up in whore makeup and given a fucking g-string that barely covers her slit and like 90% of her asshole while she bends over and spreads her cheeks in an outfit containing holes the only purpose of which is easier access of erogenous zones. I know because the baby in the bath isn't presenting herself to be mounted or wearing clothes that expose only her nipples and genitals. I know because Russian pedophiles aren't hiding it behind Japanese modeling and a password-protected registration system.

dude he's just baiting. don't give him any more yous

Unironically, is there anything we can do about this? I feel very uncomfortable even knowing it exists.

it's super duper iffy, and really easy to tack onto a lesser charge, sometimes glownigs just call themselves out, stay frosty

other than mass reporting it to NCMEC, no.
there's so much of this shit on the surface web it's ungodly. now that 3rd world shitholes have internet access, it's increased tenfold since 2008.
>well why don't i see it more often
many of the major search engines filter out the 'known' hardcore shit automatically. but there's millions of sites just like that. online. right now. with A LOT worse content.

Unironically, we could get it publicity. As long as nobody cares nothing will happen and it's easier to blackmail the investigators.

Fuken disgusting

same sperg as before. Not baiting anything, just pointing out why it's hard to make proper legislation. Literally don't know why you have this autistic idea I'm talking about somethi else, but it might help to see the post I replied to first
>I'm amazed they haven't taken that shit down yet given what it's clearly intended for
I was answering this you cunt. Take your (you) fuck you.

just die or something. go away dude

Post it everywhere seriously.

Bump, this shit is bad

Okay, fbi.

Omg omg omg omg I saw I... I... Saw....
Can I go to jail for this?

Unitonically THIS. Get it attention in the normiesphere and something might actually happen.

Nice try, FBI.