I just got kicked out of my place. I have a sleeping bag, some books, and a little bit of food...

I just got kicked out of my place. I have a sleeping bag, some books, and a little bit of food. Does this seem like a decent place to camp out? Obviously I'll move away from the main trail.

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If you only have a sleeping bag you should probably sleep under a bridge so you don't get wet

literal troll poster

Yeah that's the obvious solution and that's why bridges always get busted up by cops. Out here is the most isolated and least patrolled by law enforcement. I can't just pull the bag over my head and dry it off at a local cleaner in the morning.

You can make a quick, waterproof shelter out of just sticks and leaves. I've got a video I can link to you. Do you have a source of water? How close to civilization are you? Any way to charge electronics?

No, you need to be next to water. I learned from this mistake

I have enough money to resupply with clean, bottled water. If I run out of funds, I can take my chances by the freshwater lake where people fish but I'd rather stay isolated.

What you do is this:
walk around the nearest town or city
find a DIY place. If you have any money it is worth investing in some tarpaulin.
you need one that is about 5 metres by 4 metres
in UK this would cost about £10 or in US maybe $14
You also need a knife and some strong twine or rope
from this you can make a tent with a roof, wall and floors
just by draping it over a low branch, or a frame that you make from fallen branches
or by bending a sapling and tying it down

After this to disguise the tarpaulin cover it in leaves and branches
You need, in this order
Those are your basic goals for the first day
Food will enable you the strength to build a shelter and gather firewood
Your sleeping bag will provide wamth if you are cold
Fire will provide a way to boil water to make it safe to drink and to stay warm inside your sleeping bag

Second day, your priorities change
now you need in this order
Drinking water
scout the area for anything that will help you
a source of food perhaps, or a place to get clean water, maybe a nearby farm can help

Third day, make a better shelter

Oh and I can make my way to coffee shops where I can recharge and access wifi. That's where I am right now lol.

Trust me man, you don't want to be washing dishes with bottled water. Surely there's a suitably secluded lake somewhere near.

The bodies of water are destination points so I'll just go there at night if need be. Why is washing dishes with bottled water bad? Just curious.

Just make sure to boil that water if you decide to collect it. Infections are a bad way to go. Do you have any camping supplies? Any source of food? Is hunting out of the question? It'd be useful to teach yourself how to fish, too. Get some books or something for entertainment and to keep your mind sharp cause you will find yourself bored lol. Some other user mentioned making shelter by water. I'd strongly consider that

It just gets so gross. Everything is gross and sticky. Hands, dishes, rubbing grubby hands on your tent or whatever. It's just not comfortable. Even a small stream would be adequate

He probably said that because there's obviously limited water in a bottle and it'd just be a pain in the ass to be constantly opening new ones. I'm inclined to agree with him. Save those for drinking water

Bugs and other animals camp near water I would say walking distance is fine unless you want some shit from ticks or mosquitos. Also I would trade work for water or food at local businesses the manager or owner might not take the risk but meat a dishwasher and till him he cane go have a cigarette for an hour if he gets you launch good to go. Definitely would want to try and sorce and boil water dudes right about getting tarp and a knife and fake paracord all those things are required

Still me cord is great for snares and traps you’ll be “grinding” for food even wheb you are sleeping along as you check them regularly a straw of life is pretty cheap compared to bottle water and will get you WAY more at a lower quality a sling shot or pellet gun and you. Can get birds you’ll need a lot of whatever you can start fires with

looks great, just walk down there a little further and you'll probably find a hotel

Is that the Lickey Hills near Birmingham UK

just take the fucking tap water from the bathroom. free samples at super markets. food thrown out. or you can get a place to give you food for free when they're closing. or you could GET A FUCKING JOB

I still have some cash for lighter fluid and quality firewood before I get skilled at using the natural resources. And I am in walking distance to a natural water source, and like I said earlier, I'll go there at night to avoid attention from people.

I had a FUCKING JOB, but I'm choosing to live off the grid because I hate answering to people that I hate.

This is in the u.s

Good call. Hey man, you've gotta learn somehow. And unless you have a job, you'll really need to hone your skills in nature, or else that cash will run out faster than you think. I assume you're in the US. If there's an army surplus store nearby they have relatively inexpensive camping equipment. Just something to cook in/boil water would be ideal. Cast iron is a great material as it's able to take an ass kicking and still work fine. Good luck, dude. Keep making posts on Cred Forums for advice. Check this video out I learned quite a lot and the dude who made it goes right to the point youtu.be/2cPdoqjgwfk definitely worth the 30 mins.

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Wtf are you talking about

Why don't you go to a shelter? You're going to get ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos in the woods. Maybe even snakes or worse. Stay in the city and sleep behind a dumpster or something

Because people who would be looking for me would check there. And I like the wilderness.

Why the fuck are people looking for you?
Make amends and stop hiding in the woods. Even the most skilled woodsman can't survive completely alone in the woods forever. Winter will fuck you and food will run out eventually

I did some pretty bad things and everyone caught on at about the same time. So I decided to ditch. This area is short term by the way. I'm gonna make my way to California before next winter. Much easier to be homeless there.

buy a small solar panel to recharge. Also get a job.

They're looking for me because I've done something I can be put away for, for a long time!
I'm too good-looking for prison.

What did you do? Hell I won't judge, you're just an user here like the rest of us.

Alright, well good luck then. Any chance of you telling us what you did?

I don't want to get AIDS.

I had sex with someone I shouldn't have, a LOT of times.

But if your young and good looking I might have a place you can hide user


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go to the industrial area or some stores and ask for old palates, grab 4, one for the bottom and 3 for walls,use 1-2" round pieces of wood as posts to hold them in the ground, and get a dollorstore tarp to keep the makeshift hut dry. I used to be homeless.,camoflauge your hut in evergreen branches to avoid ppl seeing it because ppl will fucking grief your "home" for fun

Shots fired shots fired suspect in need of EM

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LOLI is secure and in good shape, still wet 10-4

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I embezzled and did acts of vandalism on government properties, among other places. The people involved were fucking over my friends and myself, so I don't feel guilty.

How do you expect him to carry 4 palates?


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Get a job at grocery store. This will get you access to free food. Must get shelter. Priority. Make one or figure it out quick

What state are you in? I can come by and pick u up in my van

What state are you in?

Get sum wet wipes

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I wish I wasn't married; then I could live innawoods and work a steady job; with no expenses after a year I'd be able to buy a big piece of land, after another year I'd have enough to start building a house.

OP make sure you insulate yourself from the ground. A trash bag stuffed with dry leaves or crumpled newspapers works.

Camping is nice until a tick gets on you

i'm gonna come find you.

Im still in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Heading to FL for spring break on Monday.

I'm assuming this is bait but I actually ran away as a kid so here's some advice because why not. track down a library or anywhere you can access a computer. Relentlessly search for local organizations that apply to your circumstances, not sure how old you are or what your deal is but you never know what under the table "support programs" are nearby and worthwhile. Takes forever to find something solid but if youre homeless anyways you probably have time to spare. I got into a program that gave me a place to sleep at night and a meal a day, when I grew too old I was moved into a subsidized living program that paid for half my rent in an apartment while I figured my life out. Eventually I grew up, figured shit out, and didn't need the helping hand I had as a teen, but don't be afraid to look for such help, being homeless ain't easy. God speed, OP

I put bunk beds in my van so I have a spot for hitch hikers

Definitely this.

Parents probably are gonna kick me out, so I slowly built up a survival bag, including solar panel and powerbank, camping stove and USB-rechargeable lighter, Nalgene bottles, water purifier, toilet paper, a few snacks and 200 bucks. I only need tarp and sleeping bag.

No need for books - everything is in my cellphone, and a kindle would be better.

>free samples at super markets
If you don't live in Japan, don't expect free sampes to cover at least a quarter of your daily necessities. Also, there is a limited number of supermarkets out there. If they see you every day going almost only for free samples, someone is gonna call the cops. Happened here.

Living off grid requires substantial preparation, great self-discipline, and a lot of money. And as soon as someone spots you, you're doomed (especially if it's not some old geezer who just calls the police).

I hope you live enough to start some epic threads here or on

Maybe go to Alaska and homestead some land.

Come join me for spring break. Chicks and beer

And if your good lookin we get more girls and cougars, rite?

Ok I'm down

What's the temperature?

someone who bugs out alone to sleep in the shitty woods isnt someone who feels innocent

thats the behavior of someone carrying some guilt

what really happened user?

Its 69 here/ 21c

Eat the leaves. Don't swallow seeds.
Eat grass and everything green. Drink whatever water you find. Don't forget to wash yourself in rain or a lake