Hey user, would you like a sandwich? I made it just for you!

Hey user, would you like a sandwich? I made it just for you!

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What is?

mmmmmm garbohaidrates

the girl who makes these is so cute

saw a youtube vid on how to make that a week or two ago, looks interesting. I'd eat it.

that's just a fucking sponge


Internet says "soap." Which is kind of disappointing because if it were like a fudge or gelatin it'd at least be edible.

"You white ass have no fucking culture"

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fuck yourself

Fuck you, you made me hunt down the person who actually made this shit peice of soap and she's not even cute.

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Why is it disappointing when it's a picture on the internet you can't eat anyway?

It's not like you need a recipe. If you want a gelatin one I feel like you could probably puzzle out the method of setting and pouring four layers and cutting them with a knife for yourself.


shut the fuck up nigger dont post smoothfood while the mods are awake

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they dont know about smoothfood or sinks, let em keep their innocence

It's essentially jelly in the shape of a sandwich

the op picture is definate not made by that chink. It's the woman I posted called soapylovedeb who made it. flickr.com/photos/soapylove/496306086

nah this is soap

Fuck I just noticed that post is 13 years old. Older than half the people reading this.

It's not even a fucking sandwich it's 100% jelly

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sounds like the food of the future to me