Hey fags

Hey fags.

Does anybody else get followed around by numbers? Mine is 333 but it comes in various forms such as 3.33, 3:33, or just 333 as in the picture.

I see it everywhere and I am never actively looking for it. It just seems to show up. Clocks, video games, score boards, signs around town, etc.

I am not religious in any way. Also I have been noticing this number since I was 15 and I am 32 now.

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You are not special.


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You are doomed

Mines 1313 I don't know if it's good or really bad....

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You are just imagining things. Don't worry about it

11:34 which upside down is hell

219 for a decade or so. My grandmother died February 19 of this year.

you trained yourself subconsciously to always look for those numbers, you arnt special, just autistic

yea same shit is happening to me but I wont say my number because I know they are watching me, fucking weird

It's 1313 we are watching you

619 did for a long time. I haven't seen it in a while.

MIne was 808 I would see it everywhere, even wake up at that moment countless times for close to 2 decades.

yeah you just smoke to much weed, cut it out its fucking with your brain.

nope also its a 2 digit number

Holy fuck that made me just realize, The number that follows me is 23, Either coming as 2:30 but usually just 23.

This sort of thinking is typical of schizophrenia. Go see a counselor

Read this thread, posted on another thread. Got trips 3. Wat do


Based schizophrenic poster

Roll and see what you get...

This is the definition of schizophrenia, see a doctor faggot


nope just stop guessing

333 is the number of choronzon, guardian of the threshold. that's the rabbit hole you should go down.

See also: confirmation bias

Top kek, fucking awesome.

My birthday is on a 13th, so 13 comes up a lot with me. It used to freak me out but I realized the more I freak out, the more I notice the number 13 and ignore all the other numbers that come up in my life. It's all in your head OP.

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1's or 11's. friend growing up was born 11/11, had a gf that was born on 11/11, another GF born on 1/1, had a coworker that would always yell out "11:11 make a wish" etc, I'd blow a load on an 11... wait, nevermind


This may help user

It's a magic number. You might be blessed


I don't think this is a glitch in the matrix and we obviously cant all be crazy I think we all are seeing certain numbers because ive noticed its revolved around negativity/death so its either demonic shit or a dead relative trying to communicate but that's just my opinion I wanna see what your guys opinion on this is.

no, stop trying

27 we are watching you now. Ooooh

wassup nigger. satan here

this isn't a game also im not replying to you anymore

This is a pretty common phenomenon and if you literally take 2 seconds to think about it and aren't retarded. You have associated some greater meaning to this number because you saw it in a few places once and are now hyperaware of it, inevitably causing you to recognise it more often and assign even greater meaning...you see where I am going with this. There is a very good chance you are seeing many other numbers more often than the number 333, but are not looking out for them specifically so don't assign a value whenever you see them. TD;DR it is all in your head.

Yes. Zero follows me literally everywhere. Because I'm a fucking zilch.

333 has been following me around as well
i wake up at 333 almost every night im talking 5 nights out of 7
last night was 222

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OK 55 I'm out a here the illuminati won't follow you anymore.your safe.

>I am never actively looking for it
no shit...you are subconsciously looking for it.
There ya go - question answered.
There is nothing weird about it...you are just trying to make importance out of something that doesn't matter...
as the human brain tends to like to do.

>your safe
learn how words word, retard

yes god and satan check on me daily

They have both granted me gifts and would like to see my succeed

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Teacher alert whoop whoop

Ever had that thing where you learn a new word and then suddenly everyone is using it? It's just games your brain plays with you. If you look at the clock everyday at 3:33 you've probably just subconsciously trained yourself to be looking out for it always

7:37 here

That's very true and my number is