Some germans moved into our neighborhood. We want them to move away...

Some germans moved into our neighborhood. We want them to move away. You think they will gtfo whn someone gives their kids candies with rat poison?

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Nope. I think they'll instead beat you up for being a fat loser.

Here is a way to get them to move away

>Adopt a boy
>Invite your german neighbours to his bar mitzvah

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Shame on you for even suggesting that.

Whats wrong about getting rid of some germs?

What's wrong with having Germans as neighbors?

There you are sleeping, next thing you know they have a tank right in your living room....

Was habt Ihr gegen Deutsche?

Wer auf 4ch nach Inspiration sucht um seine "Angelegenheiten" zu klären dem gehört eins mim schlabbe verpasst Ihr Freizeitsoldaten.

Shame them for not being diverse enough and convince them to move to saudi arabia as penance for the lolocaust.

I thought 4channers loves Germans.
Just give em some nazi memoralia remind them of their roots. Encourage them to retake Germany from Europe.
Do that and they'll move back

Silly jew, I bet you listen to colored people and show signs of schitzofrenoa

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Racism in 2020 is weird.

By German do you mean refugee claiming to be German?

I can't tell anymore

Just throw some beacon at them.

All the more reason to hate them

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ITT: Ameritards pretending to know what life is like outside of whitebread shithole USA

Germans are delightful people, stop being a piece of retarded garbage. Befriend them and you'll have some interesting drinking buddies that make some seriously delicious treats.

Don’t feed the krauts.


The average kike

>inb4 OP is an Arab in Germany

Most of those who are worshipping the devious kraut butt, have never met a german in their life.

They only hear about the ahem... glorious ... germs from the media. Which we know is fake.

Kekked louder than I should have. Realistic scenario in Duisburg Marxloh.

Ridiculous. I lived in Giessen, Stadt Essen, for nearly 4 years.
Learned German language and customs while I was there.
I might even have stayed, were it not for the Turks. Muslims are like niggers - they ruin everything they touch.

Have you tried to befriend ... tame a german? Germans are psychological wrecks, psychopaths to the bone. Outside they are blond, smiling hypocrites. But you should know the real germ in it‘s full 'glory'. A savage and devious pig that will play the smartass even though he/she has no clue.

Even the turks complain that the germs are anti-social fuckheads. THE TURKS ....

If you know any german, bully him/her at work, push him against the wall, step on his shoes, spit on her face, scare his children, damage her car.

And you will notice how this bitch of a human being will whine like a little dog.

Silly jew, you sound like some snitch that sits there talking in code and is probably a satanic retard that has some morals that make you think people should talk to you so you can gossip about it. They knew how retarded you were and that's why they killed a bunch of your funny looking and gangly looking friends back when, head start right.

Silly jew, why would you tame a human, you sound obnoxious, I bet you love colored people

You americans are scumbags for selling your heritage to some devious germs.

Silly jew, all that will never bring back your funny looking dead jew loser friends, that's why they killed them, because you sound retarded, Hitler wasn't even German, they wanted something, so they did something, unlike you satanic retards.

Jobless, usless 4channer scum, germans are no humans, so you tame them. Stupid

this is literally the jewest thing i've ever read

Silly 4channer, would you like the jew to open a new job opportunity for your lazy ass?

Silly jew, let's all be Jews, never bathe properly, live covered in bed bugs, and germs, fuck our cousins, nigger everything, and worship colored people devil's in a basement

I'm a former business owner and famous. Kill yourself

germans are a dying breed anyway, theyll rid themselves sooner than anyone does

khazars actually adore the german people, reall jews are rarely in contact with them

the easiest way to remove germans is to deny the holocaust in front of them and plague them with politics, they will go crazy and eventually leave, psychological terror.

you are welcome, I am a german myself I know pretty damn well how to remove other germans from my personal zone

No bc rat poison has zero effect on human and the same formula is used for medicine

ITT: Newfags trying to act edgy and cool so they can pretend they fit in

ze programming is strong

Silly 4channer, you complain about the leftist media, liberals and stuff, but you're playing the sjw for the germans here in the forum.

Thats wrong. North korea was under soviet occupation

Sure, and you sit around on Cred Forums on weekends because you have to spread you businesmann wisdom to the plebs?

4channers pretending to have a job, but they fail miserably at it.

This. Non-retarded krauts make great americans.
>pic related

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Silly jew, I'm part German, I've made whites and colored people, and Jews, millions. I sitting in a couch watching and interracial movie with an indian and Jew looking person. ITT LOL passive queers.. let's all be Jews and steal everything and not bathe properly, funny you say germs because Jews didn't choose to bathe probably, in result, germs.


I'm watching a movie, bathed properly, not worshipping the devil, about to go out for the day in my diverse metropolis, my boss weekdays in a social ability oriented job, is Asian, you all sound so salty for no reason, go take a tiny jew hit of weed and jerk off with your fleshlights.


Silly jew, I have no idea what liberal or leftist is, go practice profiling with some criminal minds, maybe play some computer games, or study some more

Silly jew, I'm one of the top producers most of the time at my job

>Silly jew

if your art is as repetitive and boring as your replies, clear the way for the real talents, freeloadser bitch

>top producers most of the time at my job
Peepshow booth jizz mopper

Yeah 4channer, productivity on Cred Forums boards writing shit, like you do all day and blame others for your misery.

You 4channers are like my brother, he's lazy as fuck, he has no job, he blames the 'illuminati' banks for his own stupidity, he believes all the shit you guys write on this braindead image board. Instead of making something out of his life he prefers to hang on Cred Forums all the time.

You 4channers are waste of atoms on earth, can't wait till you can't afford your food and just die in your own shit.

You're an ugly, lying, virgin sack of shit cunt.

There isn't any inherent 'removal tool'.

Bullshit you're German, you fat cunt. Stop lying on the Internet.

Just wake up really early one morning and put towels on all their chairs. They'll move on.

You 4channers are so dumb. I've easily baited you into this thread. Because I knew you would act like sjw's when someone attacks your sacred german bottholes that you love to lick delightfully.

I've been working since I was like 11, my mom was mutilated by a pitchfork and worked till almost 50, I get what I earned and learned from the wealthy because I worked for it, I bet some of you jews love your welfare hog girlfriends.

Another ugly cunt virgin. Play the 'haha baited this is what i want' bullshit all you want.

Sad sack of shit. kys please. You're doing nothing IRL.

"huh baited". Go have a shower, ugly fuck.

This is the first thread I've read and not looked at pictures really in years, I just look at rekt thread and scroll for potentially current events, less than an hour a week on 4 chan, I find most of this site worthless, so queer how they bank photos and ip addresses

me: you are trying to talk into a Uniden Bearcat RECEIVER!

Stupidity needs to be exploited, even for enterteinment. And Cred Forums is the best place for it.

You guys are dumber than apes in a laboratories.

>implying Germany's meme empire is on par with France and Britain

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Imagine wanting to be Joker this hard.

Obviously isn't the best place for it for anyone who knows what's going on.

Stop breathing, 2/10 piece of shit.

>apes in a laboratories.
>relying on research done by torturing sentient beings

i'd go for the rope if i were you

The jewish bait threads are being posted with an increased frequency for the past year, did Israel go into overdrive or did the jew finally found out all they are good for is ash and shitposting on the internet?

Its because the elections are approaching. It's the busy season for shills.

no one is gonna take the time to click on and read that picture. maybe just enough to type some shit out calling you a fat neckbeard retard, but that's about it

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lure them out with a fresh batch of jews

I guess that's true, it has been ramping up in pace with the election shitposting indeed

the amount of reddit spacing in this thread makes me want to barf. how the fuck does this shit even happen? does it just get autocorrected to that on phones or are people consciously trying to waste space?

Just the usual influx of jews and leddit niggers who know nothing of board culture.
Makes it easy to weed out the shitposters though.
I still hold firm that phoneposters should instantly get 10BUX when they press post.
Browsing on a phone is fine, posting on it is fucking retarded.

and you will learn that not everything you read on Cred Forums is true

based britbong

suck it, baitnigger.

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Anglo motherfucker. I'm not german. But stop being a faggot.

Basierter Schlabbeseppel

Harming a child because you have a small penis is definitely a Republican move. Grow up.