Can someone talk me into or out of killing myself?

Can someone talk me into or out of killing myself?

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You have a computer so you probably have access to Monster Hunter and Pokemon emulation. It could honestly be worse.

It could be worse, but that doesn’t make it any better?

The fact that your posting about it, shows you don't want to. Go get some meds

Okay look, life may be a shitty experience, bit its up to you to make it better, the only person who will truellyvcare about yourself is YOU. whatever may be bothering you, just completely ignore it, learn not to give a fuck. And do your thing my boy and you’ll see that things will get better. Theres more to life than you expect. Find your thing, hobby

Look user. Some people will say do it. Some people will say don’t. Don’t kill yourself. There’s a future for everyone. There’s The opportunity for success. It seems hard now but it will get better. I promise. Start with making minor changes to your life. Make your bed in the mornings. Go to bed early. Go to the gym. Eat healthy tendies. Then you can make the big changes and conquer these bad feelings. Good luck user.

Don't kys fren, we love you. Keep living and find some good woman to bear children or if you are a woman, vice versa and live with them somewhere in rural (southern) Europe.

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I was in a suicidal state 3 years earlier. My suffering seemed limitless and pointless.
It is a lot better now. I think Jordan Peterson can be of a lot of help to a person who feels stranded, and he is far more verbally fluent and precise than a Cred Forums user.
You take responsibility, there is so much meaning to be found there and it truly pays off. It only gets better.

I'm not OP but I'm also suicidal. Seeing the answers that often come up on a post like this really gives me hope. Everyone is anonymous, everyone could just be an asshole but most people react in a warm and caring way. Really, thanks a lot anons. It does help me get through life

Take it from an oldfag graybeard; life goes bye in the blink of an eye. Find a person or hobby or books you enjoy (vidya only in moderation), get into exercise or at least go outside for daily walks. Get a pet you enjoy, doggo or kat is fine if you can take care of your furbaby. If friends are scarce or nonexistent you can find a counselor that you trust a synch with.

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The more you think about killing yourself the harder it gets to commit suicide. Those that never even consider suicide have the highest success rate in killing themselves.

all comments above are good, but I'd like to add that dying is boring and see yourself trying to overcome shit is at least interesting

Don't maybe not do it user, you may or may not have so much to live/die for

Op here,

All of your replies are sweet. I’m on medication. That’s my plan to go out, though, too. Take 300mg of Benadryl and then 30 minutes later down all of my pills and hope the Benadryl knocks me out and the meds finish the job. I’d have to do it at night, my parents would find me otherwise.

With the mention of my parents, I should mention that my immediate family is the only reason I haven’t yet. I can’t bear the grief of what they’d feel/think in the moments leading up to downing my handful of pill bottles.

Socially, I’m a completely submissive person. I care about others more than myself in any situation. When you live in a world where the only person worth caring about is number one, yourself, this isn’t a good personality trait to have.

I don’t enjoy anything anymore. There are things I want to do. I want to read, meditate, code, work out, use my heavy bag, sing, play an instrument, write poetry, play video games (for a purpose other than to distract myself, but more on that later), and play with and train my dogs. When it comes down to it, I wake up, stress eat, play video games until I have to work and then at work I do an “amazing” job. This is just me distracting myself with work so I can go home and go to bed. In fact, my days consist of distracting myself so that the next day can come because I don’t have the motivation, mental state, or money to do what I want to do.

Most of all, I want a companion. I want someone I can have a conversation with without worrying about them laughing at me behind my back to my face. You ever notice someone say something that is a complete facade of seriousness, but is actually complete sarcasm? It sounds like they’re with you, but in reality they’re feigning kindness as to not let you on? That’s been my entire life. Every year, I’ve been alone. Friends are husks of friends. The more I think about it, the less I care about what happens after I die.

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The more I think about it the closer I get. The more I talk about it, the more I convince myself. I can’t talk about it anywhere else because I’ll get put back into a “stabilization” center. I’ve been done with life, coasting along for a handful of years. I’m done. I thought maybe I’d die by chance but that feels like winning the lottery. I’m on the middle of a seesaw right now. I have to commit one way or the other. I have to live a life worth living or end it. I’m done living in the gray area in the middle.

Going back to my submissive side, someone tell me what to do. Convince me one way or the other, please. Please.

Start studying something and focus on that completely. Explore this world for the purpose of exploration not what will other people think of you because you got a PhD on Nuclear Physics. World per se is, when you think about it deeply, the greatest miracle that there is. Why would you leave a miracle before exploring it? It's magic that we even exist fren.
So keep going and good luck.

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I’m an asshole - and I’ve been suicidal/clinically depressed several times in my life. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It is literal hell. So no, it’s not something you fuck around with. It is a legit medical condition that requires help to get out of. You wouldn’t just “deal with it” if you had a broken leg. The rest of the world is largely fucking ignorant about it.

Your medication isn’t working. Go back to your doctor and try something else.

Definitely don't buy a semi automatic rifle and kill Bernie Sanders. That would be very very bad and you'd probably go to prison for a very long time.

How did you get out of it?

Nothing can hold my attention for long enough to study it. I change interests like days of the week.

If life is a miracle, then why are humans squandering it? Why can’t I give up?

I waited it out. It sucked the life out of me but, the suicidal thoughts are overpowering & unnatural.

Stop being a faggot and find a purpose.
Doesnt have to be complex or grand, just pick anything.
>Gonna help that old lady cross the street
>Gonna feed that homeless dude
blah blah stop being a narcissist the world isnt about you.

Goat song to help op overcome depression:

read Tao (Te Ching), really read it, from the very start to the very end. Experience. Understand.

For me, single chapters made me whole again. Start reading. If even the entire Tao won't help you, I guess no-one can.

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life is not a miracle. Life is a continuation of life, life is a conclusion.

Motivation for op not to kill himself

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> miracle
Miracle, because it's incredible that it even exist since there is no rational or empirical answer to the existence of the world ( i am not talking about purpose).
>changes interest fast
Then keep changing your interests,i downloaded thousands of scientific books from libgen just to read 4-5 pages and then leave.
> squandering it
You seem to care about what people do and say. Well, i have to inform you fren, this is not Sparta or Rome. There is no clear defined moral standards or a way of life as such. We don't live in some society of 10.000 people who can easily know each other and who can, thankfully to their size - easily find common life, and purpose through which clear standards arise. We live in grandiose countries with tens or even hundreds of millions of people who are complete strangers to each other while being pilled like sardines in a cane. You can't apply any serious standards onto actions of modern people, since this society is becoming more global, and peoples purpose is only to work and work - nothing more. Stop hitting your head with thinking about other people just accept them as bunch of losers and strangers in Plato's cave and thats it - which they are.
Keep living as an individual if you cannot be a part of Spartiate community in this century.

Death is lifes ultimate gift, just think all of the shit people want and expect of you is none of your concern, all troubles are behind and all of your mistakes are not your problem anymore.
Dont fear the reaper.

But one question do you have/have you ridden a bike, did anal, did mdma and ketamine ? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then do it before.

Atm the only thing that keeps me going is the seething hatered for anyone who doubted/betrayed me and the hope that in a couple of years ill get a bike.

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Only kill yourself if you have a good way of doing. A gunshot to the head is a great way.
I would also recommend opioids if you have enough to stop your breathing.
Nitrogen bag is also reportedly an okay way to die. The government looked into it as a way to kill criminals.

I’m about halfway through the video and i don’t think I’ll finish it because it pisses me off.

First, I’m destined to live in misery because if I kill myself other people will be devastated?

Second, myself is not my own property. I have a moral obligation to be alive? To be a part of society?

All I get from this video is that suicide is a final answer to the problems I have, but I shouldn’t. I should instead continue to live in misery so that others don’t. I should instead be a slave to a reality I don’t want to live in.

That's like someone briefly trying to talk someone out of being stupid. You can't. You have to gradually improve yourself some how.

But most suicide (not the serious chemical imbalance ones) are usually because you're being a big baby because you can't get something (Usually a girl).

Hard to fix yourself when you stay locked up in your room all day though.

OP, read and try /SIG/ to improve your mood and overall health.

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Whether you intended for me to laugh at the bike bit or not, thank you. I got a chuckle out of it.

What is /SIG/

Yeah i threw it in juxtaposition to all the illegal and outrageous shit there. Hope it made your day better, chill out theres plenty of road ahead and even more pussy to smash.

Why don't you try to pick up a card game like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon or magic the gathering? It helped me go through a similar situation. The act of going to a game store, learning something that is purely meant for enjoyment, and being able to devote your extra time to a topic can help you with dealing with your issue. The people there don't know you. You can be whatever person you want to be. You immediately have something in common with them, and most likely they want to help you with starting up (free cards, learning the rules and practicing) the people there only care about playing the game. They don't care what you did in highschool or what bad stuff you think you did. The only drawback is that you'd need to find a store like this first, but the same principles also apply to joining other clubs