Is it normal for a 22 year old male to be attracted to teenage girls?

Is it normal for a 22 year old male to be attracted to teenage girls?

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Girls don't magically become more attractive on their 18th birthday.

Psychologically speaking yes it is normal, because Mentally your entire view of what's attractive is based on teenage girls therefore that's what you like. As we grow older that can change but it varies person to person. Go get you some user

If anything they become less attractive.

Just dont act on any illegal shit OP.
Not kewl.

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Nigga I'm 35 n I fantasize abt getting a young thicc hardbody

I'm 40 and I'm attracted to them just as much as I was back when I was 15. The only ones who think it's wrong are feminists and cucks. what is wrong is taking advantage of their naivete.

Nigger shit, skinny chicks are high value.

Don't mind me, just lurking for the inevitable.

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Pretty normal.

Even 50yrs old are attracted to fresh pussies. This is one of the cornerstones on why women have it better than men.

I mean 19 and 18 are teens but if you mean younger then I guess

50% of the time I have sex with my wife I'm fantasizing about fucking a girl that age ... totally normal.

The best thing about high school girls is that even as you get older, they stay the same age.

Im 22 and my gf just turned 18 2 months ago, no big deal tbqhfamalan

Everyone is attracted to teenage girls, whoever says otherwise is lying or gay

That's one of the worst things.

Witnessing your own decay while the surroundings keep young and beautiful.


Most men are.

yes, but from all the pictures of hot teenage girls out there you had to choose this shit, really??




Just keep it above 16 you mong.

Yes, biologicly it would be super weird if you *weren't* attracted to teenage girls.
However because of current social norms we are all supposed to pretend girls cant possibly be attractive until 18 for retarded reasons.

Depends on who you ask.

A feminist will say it's wrong for a teenage boy to be attracted to teenage girls.

Females have maximum fertility age 15-24 or so. So ofc we’re wired to be attracted to females of that age.

That said, I’m not gonna to chase hs girls because I’m not guided by purely base primal urges.

idk like how old are they?

>being attracted to women
grow up