Doctors of Cred Forums what the fuck is this on my balls? it doesn't itch much

doctors of Cred Forums what the fuck is this on my balls? it doesn't itch much.

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Not a dermatologist, I'm guessing fungal infection.

Put some lotramin ultra on that shit.

A fungus of some nature. Sweaty balls that don’t get worshed will look like that.

ive been putting some castor oil on my cock before fapping TBQH is it because of that shit?
also thank you bro I'll look into it

Looks scaly. You have dragon balls OP


i smirked ngl.

AIDS, you gonna die faggot

italianfag here
it look like gorgonzola cheese

aaat chou everybody

I'm virgin bro..

Happens to me when I scratch too much just keep them washed, lotion them, and dry them and it’ll stop

Corona AIDS

Does not count when your dad was fiddling your balls at night.

Definitely because of the fap oil. The skin down there is sensitive, stick to lotion and lube.

i haven't showered in two weeks unironically. i Wil shower soon

sure i will now. thanks bro (here's my fav draw for you)

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OP, you have a fungus infestion caused by your fucking lack of hygiene.

You need, first of all, wash all your fucking underwear withh boiling hot water and lots of bleach, failing that throw them all out instead.

Wash your fucking pants too.

Go get anti fungal cream, see a physician.

Wash yourself with actual soap, not the moisturizing bullshits.

MOST IMPORTANTLY DRY YOUR SELF PROPERLY. Wear loose pants so your sweat can evaporate.

Buy baby powder, put it on the area to keep it dry.

Fuckinng disgusting fungal dirty fuck you are. That is due to years of neglect.

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amazing post. thanks bro

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Do you have psoriasis?

yes holy fuck. on m back

>yes holy fuck. on m back
and you couldn't link the dots together?

is there any cure for it bro? im too poor to go to jew doctors here

Pretty sure that's psoriasis.

OP I had something very similar to this on my own ball bag, the doctor said it was eczema and gave me some cream and shit went away pretty fast now it doesn't bother me.

I had it for a long while though because I didn't want to go to the walk in clinic and have some dude look at my dick like a fag but I got lucky and there was some asian chick.

I get the same thing . I also have eczema but this can be treated with desitin baby rash cream and an anti fungal cream like lotrimin. Also hydrocortisone / cerave are great