You people will burn in hell for this

You people will burn in hell for this.

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Imagine how many children he'd have... Minimally 8

Can’t flim flam the zim zam

Why? I didn't make Trayvon double back and attack the faggot that shot him.

Happy bday

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Living his best life

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Bad bait

Hey, this is what happens when the nigs nog

He caused more chaos in death than he ever could have in life.

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same threads every day fucking kill yourself, Ivan

That's not age works, dumbo

>being attacked by a feral black
>not pulling out the glock and pumping him full of lead

need to forgive those who trespassed and trust in gods plan

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"you people" the racist says

Nice racism bro

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Can't simmer the Zimmer

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>act like a gangsta
>get shot
Lying biased racebaiting media

For what?
Looking at your faggoty post?

Showing his hs pic but not mentioning he dropped out of hs to be a drug dealing thug.

Curse the gaymergate false flag that ruined Cred Forums forever

There is no hell and he was a criminal that needed to die. He was caught with stolen jewelery and home break-in tools. I'm glad he's dead.

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Why? Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to execute him.
>mfw no chance to film flam like the zim zam

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Hell yeah, that's the life I want

Is that the sentence you get in the USA for shooting a nigger?

What, like he is right now?

Show pics of the thug, ghetto nigger he was when he died, not when he was 14.

Now that the dust has settled what were the media and obama trying to do with the handling of this situation?
Cause a race/civil war to activate the FEMA concentration camps and confiscate the Free guns?

Say what you want about Trayvon/blacks/niggers, Zimmerman went out looking for a fight. He instigated something with someone until he was "forced" to use his gun out of "self defense"


Shall we talk about the hundreds and hundreds of young black people killed by other young black people?

Why are THEY marginalized?

acknowledging black on black crime is racist

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Only person burning in hell is Trayvon Martin, who should have been shot a whole lot sooner.

Someone post the sheeeet comic that blacks shooting blacks is systemic racism and blablabla and white mans fault and blablabla and we want moar money for dem programs and he a good boy ;_;


white kills black = white racism
black kills black = white racism

sounds legit


Because they got into shoot-outs with other black youffs...
And lost. That's what Darwin Awards are for - those who improve the gene pool by dying, leaving no offspring.

Lol not white people, we have privilege


Yeah, come on down and try sometime!

Theres a very good solution to the problem
It's not the final solution
just a good idea
The solution is this

>You people

Who? Spics?

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>Who? Spics?
It appears that OP intends "you people" to be synonymous with murricans.
But generally, when a nig says "you people" he's indicating that he considers you to be "The Man".


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Jungle bunnies

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is the only way to endure niggers... until we can send em all back to the dark continent.

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but one of the babies is a nigger

Need a bullet too.

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Probably looked something like this.

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