Mothers & Daughters

Mothers & Daughters

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Love it that she’s jealous of her daughter’s tits

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daughter is gorgeous. I'd let mom watch me impregnate her.

These three are hot stuff - got moar?

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Would mom get a turn or just have to watch?

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pretty face on daughter. Would love to cum on it as mommy watched

damn. got kik?

she'd have to watch. all my semen is getting pumped into her daughter.

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Omg i thought the green goblin died!?

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no kik or disc

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More of daughter on the right?

daughter cute af

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mom will be sad to not get a turn... She can be your fluffer getting you back up after each load

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Nice - swimsuit pics?

I know the mom better but I’d fuck them both

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Mom's not bad either... in my opinion

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So sexy, more bikini!

Thoughts? wwyd

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that is epic!

Right is sexy

Daughter is so hot

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would make them piss on each other while i watch

please keep going

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It's weird to realize I'm at an age where I'd happily fuck either of them

>would ask the daughter which one gets raped

More of that daughter?

Fuck yeah, more bikini!

They chubby. If you dated the girl I could forsee cheating on the girl with her mom on the regular. Then one drunken night you could get them to do some incest.


Always wanted to get a mother and daughter in a dark room together not realising who the other was and fuck the mom then have the daughter eat my cum out of her pussy before turning the lights on to reveal to them what they had done

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Me too

Used to fuck a milf years back. Ended up hooking up with her daughter a few times too. Both knew. Mom was down for a threeway. Could never convince daughter to do it tho.

you can only fuck one who do u choose

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4 because she looks so innocent

far right for sure

Had you pulled off a 3 way with a mom and daughter you would have been elevated to god status. People would have spoke of you for eternity

can I have 1 jerk me off onto her sister 2's big tits?

I'm going left


Wait which one is the mom

Like I said, mom was down. Daughter wouldn't entertain it. Was funny though when daughter popped my dick out of her mouth to call her mom a whore after I said I fucked her mom in the ass.

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The bride

bonus granny too

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is she innocent i think shes a good slut like her whole fam

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My wife and daughter

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forgot pic

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fuck I want a foursome

nice body

she do have big juicy tits don't she

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I think mom was a bigger slut when she was young than her daughter is

Good genes!

>dat nose
Somebody impregnated that and somehow produced a thing of beauty

yeah certified slut

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If you are good looking enough and ask politely, they might take you up on it

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Would fuck them both while you watch.

You got kik or disc?

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Ok more daughter

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The mom is cool. She dates a lot

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looks like she has a decent body

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Fuck yes. Bikinis?

She likes the gym almost as much as she likes gin

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I dated this mother when she was in college. Her name is Jan. Only dated her once. She was a prude and I was a nerd. She was out of my league.

Rate 1-10. Which one would you choose?

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More of the daughter pls

I've got the daughter in bikini - not the mom

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The mom. Make her gag.

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What do you think?

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Take Mom cowgirl style while daughter sits on my face.

Bang all three repeatedly.


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My god. Fuckfest, marry mom asap.

Fuck daughter, marry mommy.

Smash them both!

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daughter dressed up on the right

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Nobody needs raped. Both would drop to their knees willingly.

More feet?

this work for you?

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Absolutely both beautiful, and worthy of being dicked down thoroughly.

bodacious booty daughter


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Oh hell yes! Double down on my prior statement!

mommy and 2 daughters

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Moves so smooth.. Tight bod!

she needs the fuck railed out of her

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She needs impregnating. Keep going

god damn

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Damn, that a friend or family with her?

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About to spank the monkey for your sweet girl


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I would never take my dick out of her

Done, I am going out to hunt a willing milf mommy.

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Well, both are sweet as sugar!

Does she play? Diamonds

if you're referencing the basketball behind her, yes, plus volleyball and track

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Thanks for sharing!


That mom gets the D and the girl? I cover for her to go suck of her high school guy or whatever.

you're welcome, last one

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I would pull out just long enough to switch holes...

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No bigger turn-off than an adult woman so desperate to cling to her youth that she dresses like her tween/teen daughter. Accept you're age and embrace it - it's so much sexier...

My mom and sister - what should I do?

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Rape your mom

You think Mom would get wet at the thought of that?

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I would love to have them in a 3some

Left all day

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Mom does crackcocaine

Mom Kelly, daughter Olivia

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I've thought about it a couple times when we've been home alone and she has had a whole bottle of wine

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Are her and her mom jewesses?

I would make Kelly eat out Olivia while I fuck Kelly doggystyle

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Ok more dau

More of Olivia

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Im the same age as all these moms

More Kelly

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Fuck daughter is hot. More!


Right needs a dicking

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Ok I can fap to this bitch. Keep going

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No idea but they would get my pork

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Daughter is so fine. Discord?

Non on left and daughters on the right

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don't have it

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You can have the roastie, I'll glady take what's left.

More body

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So fucking hot

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I'm glad I'm wearing this robe in the pic because I had a boner for my mom & sis

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I saved all these last time. I’d ruin both.

which one and how?

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unfortunately no

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Love to hear more of your dirty little thoughts about them

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eeek, stop getting roastie all over me.

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Both are very fuckable

That mom is fucking hot

I really want to fuck my sister

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She goes to my school

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hot little slut

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Kill it

I just want to fill the mom with cum and make her daughter eat it out of her. Then they can snowball it,

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love her. name? age? insta?

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More of her

i just want to see a mom teaching her daughter how to become a good little slut

They would make beautiful incest

they seem almost excessively close already the number of pics of dau kissing mother

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thank you!

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Wouldn’t call it excessive. Their intimacy is beautiful

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Whos pussy smells best?

I’m sure everyone that knows them know they fuck. I wonder who made the first move the very first time?

Maybe dau? Home from uni and mother finds her slipping under the sheets in the middle of the night?...

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She probably missed her a lot at uni. Or maybe her mother had instructed her in lesbian love before she left even...

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daughter should do porn

Yea the night before she left, the pair of them just locked together getting hot and sweaty

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Didn't know Keith Richards was a mom.

Fuck porn Cred Forums is for shitposting

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I want to cum on moms tits and watch her daughter lick it off

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I wish she would

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Mmm can't even imagine how plump daughter will get by the time she is her mom's age. Moar


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do Ellie and her mom make a good team?

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I wonder which one wears the strapon?

Any slutty pics of the mom?

More of these fine ass prissy bitches

Love when moms try to be slutty as their daughters. Moar

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Jesus Christ, any more?

keep going

mother started I'm guessing but now has to take it from dau most times

Moar of this drunk fitness MILF!

All four of them, working oldest to youngest and back again

Both knocked up at the same time

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Evidence that makeup is meant to obfuscate bad genetics.

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Hard for the mom. More of her flashing leg

Indeed. Moar

Mom and daughter

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Look at her outfit, she still is a slut.

More of the mom?

both are hot

Jennie and Vicki

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If you look at their pics it’s almost like the daughter is dominant


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gets herself off knowing she can make mother a trembling mess...

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Oh God more! Backstory?

More bimbo momma

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Is mom's ass plump as her daughter?

Her mum is a fine piece of ass. It would be great to have her for a fucktoy



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Don't stop

was sharing pics of the daughter on the right, thats her with a friend who's only a year older though here's a pic of her for you

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yeah wouldn't mind rocking her world myself

How do you know them?

Daughter now if you're still around