You have 10 SECONDS to explain why you are NOT voting for Bernie Sanders

You have 10 SECONDS to explain why you are NOT voting for Bernie Sanders.

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I have a job

He's a communist trying to disguise himself as a "socialist".

I live in Europe, I would vote for him tho.

his views on Castro being misunderstood, waiting for him to talk about the good Hitler did.

He's not even socialist, idiot. He wants to try the European system of socialdemocracy, because it works.

I'm not american

Cred Forums does that already.

Why didn’t it work in South America
Why didn’t it work in the U.K.?

Because I’m voting for Pete or Mike

Because they are failed capitalist states. Pretty obvious

I’m not done farming keks from trump

Because the only thing I agree with him on is M4A

Capitalism is an economic system
Not a government

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Because it’s her turn sweetie

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Socialism has failed everywhere it's been tried. Even light social programs slow down the economy and result in a bigger, badder government with more control and, therefore, more tyranny.

Bernie likes that.

He can fuck right off.

And that economic system hurts them.

It works in the UK though. South American countries took it too far towards true socialism.

This guy, on Cred Forums, yeah, big expert on socialism, definitely not a pedo.

"dUrRR DeMOcratic sOClizm isn't sOcLiZm"

Is the internet really a good idea for schizos like yourself?

In China when communism was installed China was launched into great famine. It was only when capitalist ideas and private ownership was installed the economy started booming.

China is economically capitalist and socially communist. Still think socialism works?

Cringe, your stupidity is cringe.

>implying every user on this site is a pedo
>is on the site himself
>Okay Groomer

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If Venezuela ran less social programs and more free markets they would be doing fine today.
If the U.K. didn’t give a handout to every leech that came in, they would be fine. The NHS is strained beyond what it can handle. Every cunt goes to A&E over every trivial thing

you're a cuck for bezos and israel

the us pays more for healthcare per capita than any other country on earth right now

capitalist ..... we are all built this way . Its the betterment of oneself .

socialist or communist bollocks is to place everyone else over yourself and familys sake

how fuckin retarded to you have to be to not get you cant save the world and blood it thicker than water ?

that is simply why any and every commuist attempt has failed

I am

Then why did the U.K. leave the EU?
Maybe it was over bearing ?

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>it's 2020
>using the word cringe in 2020
You're such a fucking faggot for using using a term cringe in 2020

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I claimed that annon was a pedo, not all. Dumbass

Im far left

Those other countries don’t have the developments the us does. The us is working the Corona virus vaccine now.

Why is that?

what is with these faggot boomer memes on Cred Forums these days? the right cant meme for shit anymore

Well, for starters I think that the most important thing we must all keep in mind is th

awh shit 10 seconds up

I didn't ask bitch. Now continue deep throating your father's massive cock

Because he voted to ban flavored tobacco and e cigs.

They left becaus they don't like Brussels meddling in their affairs. Doesn't say a thing about their own social policies though.

They're from Reddit. Obv these socialistic retards are attempting another circle jerk on a different environment.

But the private sector runs most of the economy in Venezuela. It's a capitalist country.

yeah switzerland and singapore are undeveloped shitholes compared to your fentanyl-addled town in ohio

man people on this site are fucking retarded

Depends on his VP. We all know Bernie won't last a full term and I dont want some pence stepping in.

So, what you're saying is...that socialism inevitably leads towards a failed authoritarian state? Like we have seen in every single case in the past? Like all of our grandparents and great grandparents fought and died in wars to prevent?

You're dumb, you probably didn't have free education, huh? It's not your fault, it's the capitalist's fault that you are ignorant


This is lovely. Says a lot about you

I don't want to

Reddit fag

Human development indexes state that the US is not even in the top 10 of the world.
Also, a lot of laboratories worldwide are working on a vaccine.

He's a commie and a life-long fucking bum.

Being forced to take x amount of immigration a year
Being forced to feed house and insure

I’m in a shit cover street in San Francisco actually


Everybody on Cred Forums is a racist neet who jerk off to BLACKED while hating niggers. Just the fact Bernie wants to treat everybody equal sets them off. 99% of you would benefit from his policies.

I'm registered banana rapepublican in my state so I can vote for the raccoon-eating lunatics in the primary


>muh whataboutism

So the government fucked it up that hard huh? Didn’t see that coming

Communism doesn't work. 100 million dead people can't be wrong.

They why do so many people they to come to America if it’s that bad ?

Socialism will not work as long as people are basically greedy.
Pure socialism therefore will not work.

But what European countries have implemented is free market economies with strong social policies to make sure everybody has a fair chance in education, healthcare and housing.
They're still for the most part capitalist economies where people can get ridiculously rich.

Well, governments that practice capitalism tend to do that.

What are you talking about? A lot of people go to Europe, for a better life. People from the USA come here for the three healthcare


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Because most of these people are from 2nd and 3rd world countries and are blinded by what they see in media and movies.
Trust me when I say that very few Europeans would want to be American citizens.

I'm sure that's what your professor told your buddy right? Having a free education isn't "education" because it devalues the actual value of education. Think about it, if teachers no longer had to compete against another and all got paid equally the same and worst. What's in it for them to actually teach you a thing or two? Dr. Kuffroc who got his masters in Law is getting paid the same as Karen from some Liberal arts degree.


The government is hard left socialism there dude. They took over private oil industry

People die more because of capitalism

Yeah because Europeans have socialism you dunce. Why the fuck would they move to America to LOSE HEALTHCARE.

He's a jew that doesn't support Israel

Cool. I don’t wanna be a eurofag

Right, they didn't like that, so they left... Doesn't have a thing to do with the discussion here though.

I am mentally slow and like losing money to republicans that told me they are on my side.

but I am voting for Bernie

Socialism isn't the same as social democratic...

I am paying enough taxes already .... Socialism do not work

You're being quite stupid, teaching pays good no matter what you teach, in Europe the teachers have it good. All you said just proves you don't like arts

eurofag here

I live in California, he’s not communist enough for us.

Yes, it's high in the ranking, but not top 10.

Then why is 70% of the country private? That's not very socialist.

oh my, you sure stirred up those berners, i'm off to go vote for trump again

The point is there wonderful social programs got to be over extended and a burden. That’s what would happen here.

Better dead than red.

you implied and then acted like you're smarter then him, protip: you're not.

It's pretty clear that you are the exemplary dumb American us Europeans like to make fun of. There's just no debating you lot.

Im English so you are taking out that fuckin fat arse of yours . Im from what is considered the worst council housing estate in europe .

I have clarity of mindset and you have no idea on the reality of life .

My father stood as an MP and i stood and watched in the flesh as red robbo told me how communism was the way to be before the cunt jumped into his chauffeur driven jag .

When you have half a clue and 1% of my experience or intelligence then i will hear you ... until then grow up child.

Watching you Americans actively try to kill yourselves is so funny. Vote for the guy who says Coronavirus is a hoax

You're not

That's cool. We don't want Ameritards dumbing down our population anyway.


Did you look this up? Because several sources but them in the top ten. Not number one but close enough

At the end of the day user, shit was better before “socialism” took over

Why is an English man even in this thread?

Can't vote because I'm in Slovakia, and not eighteen.

If I was in US, and eighteen. I would donate 10x times more, and would vote for him. I donated $2.70 because I'm still 13 but I know the future I want to have will be Bernie. Any fags commenting here they will not vote are:
a) nazis,
b) fags,
c) genuine reason like mine,
d) idiots,
e) Trump supporters (idiots ++),
f) another Democrat candidate (although Bernie is probably the best)

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What? You're ignoring the obvious, it's not socialism, there is no private property if there is socialism. Twat.

Well cheers then fuccboi
I’ll stay here in sunny Las Vegas and you get acid throw on your daughters face and drink room temp beer

You need to be 18 to be on this site user


Lol Wikipedia. The chart I posted says other wise

You clearly have no idea. European beers (especially Belgian, German and Czech) are the best in the world.
Also, life is much safer here.

Ok boomer

Good chance he might die in office. Pretty much my only concern

"Live free or die." Faggot

"Ha ha ha, Wikipedia, the site with multiple sources and fact checkers must be wrong, unlike my website, that "totally" isn't biased"

Damn man what happened. I went to Kings cross on a tour and I didn’t see any English speaking people. Just fucking allah this and that. A few poles too

What? What's wrong with you man? Did you sniff some glue?

Yeah, cuz we've got the best medical technology and procedures, but government involvement all up in that shit.

Belgian ales are goat. But even the yanks are putting out better beer these days
I think lagunitas won best beer world wide

No, you retard. The map you posted (it was no chart) only indicates that the US scores high, because dark green. But that also counts for almost all of Europe and several other countries.
You just keep illustrating your lack of a proper education and outlook on the world.

Too busy raping babies

Because he’s really old, doing lots of big public rallies, and if anyone is going to get taken down by corona (if it really spikes in the US) he fits the risk zone. So, a vote for him would be a wasted vote

I’m not taking that bait. Go to any other site

Found the ancap


Fuck you, dirty nazi.

>still in the top ten you literal shit eating donkey raper

I like toilet paper

Lol is that all you got?
>j ..just call him a Nazi!!!!

I’ll call this a win and head out
Have a nice day user

Because I don't vote for Russian puppets.

Because I only make 15 an hour because my areas cost of living is low and the 15 thousand I would have spent on a degree for this entry level job would become worthless if McDonalds people got paid the same as me.

Not only that he's even said he can't erase all the student loans, especially not without passing the bill to all the taxpayers and how is that fair at all? The only thing he can possibly make free is community/state funded college. And that's not what billions of debt is wrapped up in.

If anyone other than Buttigeig goes against trump in voting for trump. Otherwise I'm voting Gary Johnson or whoever is green party in protest against the bloated two party system.

I'd rather have a narscicist president than have another Venezuela.

How about you share a source where it says so...?

Post time stamp pic of your electronic outlet or you are a larping niggerfag
Also we already told you to fuck off once

You too, nazi

That's trump and you're obviously pretending to be dumb. Shit, I fell for you bait


not americunt

He's a piece of shit spineless, weak, pathetic marxist who can only rise to power by convincing a generation who cares more about candy crush than success that they are victims and not the product of their own lazy wasted potential.

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He’s a crazy old school communist who hasn’t accomplished anything during his 40 years in government other than making a shit pile of money for himself.

communism sucks

Because the superdelegates already said they will shit on him. I’m voting Pete

You mean how Europe is going down the toilet while the US has never been more prosperous?

Cuz the coronavirus is just a hoax.
The Orange God king and his goons say so.

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>because it works
no not really

im not american
im not even living in burgercountry

>Cuz the coronavirus is just a hoax.

Propagates misleading CNBC headline from the Democrats unironically. Expects to be taken seriously.


You're not corporate America, you're not prospering at all. Your minimum wage has not been raised. Get that cock outta your mouth spray tan isn't good to consume

“We are all blue collar “”
A page right out of Marx

Please kill yourself

Because I like my foreskin and we should all be able to keep them if we want. It's a matter of freedom Cred Forumsros.

Over 5 different news stations speak "lies" come on down to Fox news, the only true beacon of honesty.

If the us wasn’t being flooded with cheap labor we wouldn’t have this issue now would we ? Just wait until comrade sanders give free healthcare to every swinging dick that swims across the rio grande river


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Because he's a communist piece of shit.

Inb4 he's not a commie or a socialist.

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>not american
>i've seen enough of "Social democracy" and what has done to my country

Imagine thinking corporate bureaucracy can never be taken to extremes. Capitalism is flawless and can never be abused. Good luck climbing your way to anything above 12$ an hour unless you're a brown nosing loyalist to your higher ups. Better fuckin reply to this bait idiot.

Fuck Bernie. Get that pussy shit out of here, my paycheck is mine. Karen can pay for her own gender studies classes.

I will be redistributing this !

I own a small muffler and wielding shop in rural Colorado. I’m doing just fine ;)

He's a cuck kike that will lead USA to become like Venezuela or Cuba

The minimum wage is fine...You're not supposed to make a living at mcdonalds you fucking moron. It's not everyone elses fault people have no ambition. Go move to california and break off.

he's a raving communist loon


I live in a 1st world country

winner, winner, chicken dinner

I'd like him to get candidacy, to watch Mr. Trumpy eat him alive.

I bet Prager U learned you good.

Hahahhah, I just noticed the ops pic is named lying kike retard.

This shit is bait. Op aint voting for Bern.

Clearly not as good as Marx got you

you right wing crybabies don't even know who he was or what his ideas are

Hehe roasteeddd

OP is always a faggot. That's the only rule here.

Sure whatever helps you sleep at night man.

>because it works.
actually, it does not work you idiot.

>He wants to try the European system of socialdemocracy, because it works.
Kek, it sure does.

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yes it does trumpshit

frogposter pls go

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Because it's not election day yet.

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double kek

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Hes a cuck and a commie

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frogposter no
you must be 18+ to post here

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do not feed the trolls-

good thing you're too young/stupid to vote

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OP is a troll. Feed him shit.





Bernie 2020!

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we areh gowna fix amerhica owkay.. we areh gowna win this elewction because amerihcahns are tiredh of rigged electiowns.wehr gawna put an end to vowtah suhpression in thah country. Tha establishmehnt getting really nervous abowt owah campaign and theyah gawna becum even mowah nervus. Weya gawna end endless wawahs

nobody's clicking on your pics frogposter

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He's got my vote! I mean, he's going to take all the thousands of rich Hollywood actors--hundreds of millions of dollars, right? I mean, they're liberals and progressives, he doesn't have to take it they'll just give it up. Right?

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being this btfo

Why can't these dumb fucks differentiate between communism, socialism, and democratic socialism? Why can't they listen to what Bernie actually talks about rather than regurgitating OAN propaganda? Every time someone brings up the "bodycount" they are ALWAYS talking about regimes that were OPENLY COMMUNIST. Just goes to show that the opposition doesn't have a leg to stand on when all they have are lies and fear-mongering.

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you can't make your flaccid penis give up semen

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I live in Canada also I don't vote and if I did I wouldn't vote for wannabe commies.

Well, what do you know? Africa is a shithole.

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triple kek

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That's what I thought. Your fucking uneducated geriatric retard is never going to be president you stupid fuck.

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Can't wait for the end of this year to see all the MAGAts start pissing their pants and rioting when Trump loses to Bernie.

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mommy says frogposter time is over on the internet now

nobody's clicking on your stupid faggot links frogposter

Don't care

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Comrae Bernie has read this book and is continuing Satan's work. Drink up Bro!

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I would not vote for any khazar pretending to be jewish

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Superdelegates means your vote doesn't matter. Imagine thinking you live in a democracy anymore.

>Imagine thinking you live in a democracy anymore.
I don't know where you live, but here in the United States, we've never lived in a democracy. We're a Constitutional Republic.

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first laugh of the day

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>But what European countries have implemented is free market economies with strong social policies to make sure everybody has a fair chance in education, healthcare and housing.
And they found out that people just abuse healthcare and don't even care for education. Capitalism has created more geniuses and innovation than socialism ever has. Otherwise, cities like Detroit and Chicago would be the greatest tech centers right now. So much for enriching the "hidden black geniuses."

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What a fucking "Watch me fight my own strawman argument with even more of my strawman arguments". Literally starts with the very first sentence "You notice that economic growth creates inequality." Economic growth doesn't create inequality. Improper tax distribution with no incentives or deductibles to encourage spending on your own company or employees leads to wealth inequality. That is the exact reason the US economy boomed in the 40s-60s, there were high taxes but generous deductions for spending money back into your company, providing higher wages and benefits and so on. Everything after the picture is invalid because it operates off a shaky foundation. Also going off the myth of "Businesses will just leave, kek".

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The "wealth inequality" you guys are so buttblasted over is the result of high taxation, inflation (the invisible tax), excessive regulation, government manipulation of the money supply (yes, money printing) and a bloated welfare state making it unattractive for companies to manufacture products in the United States.

At the same time, the companies that DO manage to do well here are mostly tech companies which generate huge profits with low overhead, which means that the people at the top and the handful of engineers and programmers they employ get incredibly rich, without creating any additional jobs for unskilled/low skilled workers. In addition, the cost of living in the cities where these companies are located skyrockets, without an additional increase in average income.

Meanwhile, the same people who brought you the high taxes and excessive government regulation that killed off most of middle America are simultaneously opening borders to allow hordes of immigrants to swarm in and scoop up the handful of low-skill jobs that ARE available, which not only makes these jobs more competitive, but also ensures that wages remain low.

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...I really feel sorry for the right sometimes. Imagine being so programmed and scared that you see a masturbatory, bias confirming meme like this and you think it actually means something.

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Not an argument.

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I'm not a communist

He’s unstable and will ruin this country

Can you point to the 'communist' policy on his web page? You guys keep throwing out the 'isms' but the most radical idea he has so far is that the US should have health care like all the other first world countries.

Repeating a word like socialism or communism doesn't suddenly change the definition of the word. Hell, single payer isn't even setup as 'socialism' since Hospitals wouldn't be owned by the state and doctors wouldn't be employed by the feds. It's just, as it says, a single payer.

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There is already an income tax space though, that isn't tied to passing go? At that point you literally aren't playing Monopoly. Bernie's tax plans aren't a flat tax, either. Passing go is basically your daily income in Monopoly as well, so yea, imagine thinking you're smart by inventing a scenario where you gain no income at all and calling it bad. No shit.

Marv is that you

how do you ruin a country that has already been ruined by barack obama and donald trump

We're not even a constitutional republic anymore, either. We live in an oligarchy. The will of the few and powerful supersedes the will of the people, and the only reason why anything gets done BY the people is because it is allowed by the oligarchy to keep the proles from noticing and rising up.

Cause Trump

But I am voting for him.

I don't wanna pay 50% income tax

>result of high taxation and blah blah
Corporations are paying the lowest in taxes they ever have. That trend started in the 70s-80s. Before that? The middle class grew exponentially under "high taxes, excessive regulation" and so on. CEOs used to make 30 times higher wages than their employees, now it is up to what...354 times more than their employees? It was only 42 times higher in the 1980s.

Neither is the picture I was referencing. Bernie states he isn't communist, then le memer asks Bernie if he thinks communism is bad. Then the programming takes over and pretends like Bernie doesn't have a response to that and fulfills their own fantasy.

Because I like keeping my money in MY pockets. Also, he's a kike.

You little fuckin retard, are you a secret millionaire? doubt it. Even if you were your tax wouldn’t be 50%. Please, don’t reproduce.

The middle class didn't grow because of high taxes. They grew when high taxes fell. Please relearn history.

hahaha you actually believe that??;undefined;s

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Because I understand basic economics and freedom.

You're right. They didn't grow because there were high taxes on the rich. They grew because there were tax DEDUCTIONS on the rich, for spending their money back into society and their workers. Even then the effective tax rates were still high. And guess what? The economy was still booming.

Attached: Corporate_tax_rates_history.png (4957x1823, 357K)

You’re the one sounding like a kike.

“Oy vey it’s my moneys in my pocketses!”

Anyone who’s first bullheaded reaction to Bernie as president is “REEEE buh he guna tek muh money’s and give it to niggers and kikes REEEE” ...please don’t have children, not that that’s a choice you’ll probably ever have anyway cuz women can smell you’re beta incel cuckness.

Not the op your are talking to but I support higher corporate taxes. I just think sanders is a red hot commie faggot so I’ll vote any other blue

I am not American

do not feed the trolls-

Between personal property taxes, California State income tax, property tax, tolls, the gas tax, fica, social security, Medicare, and sales tax I DO pay half my income in taxes. I've got to get out of this shithole state.

It happened the same way in Cuba.

Because I already pay my ass off in taxes? That and the Democrats of today are utter fucking scum. Have a nice day.

Why do you turn into Cartman when you get butthurt?

Voting any other blue means that corporate taxes are going to stay riiiight where they are. Gonna vote for Biden, Mr. "Nothing will fundamentally change"? Bloomberg, the 60 billionaire? I'm sure he'll be willing to pay his fair share of taxes. Bootyjudge? The guy who is selling himself to big-money groups? Doubt it. Warren? I wouldn't be surprised if she flip flops and gives Hillary her nomination instead if she makes it, but Bernie literally has to die if she'll every make the nomination, and the super delegates will never pick her anyways in a contested convention. Klobo and Steyr are never going to make it, either.

Venezuela's problem isn't their social programs. They had a goose that laid golden eggs, a private oil company that paid huge amounts of revenue to the state. They failed because they nationalized that company and everyone that knew how shit worked fled in fear for their lives. They would be stunningly wealthy if they adopted capitalist reforms.

Becauss hea a communist with dimentia

Literally something red hats do all the time.


>High cost of living area is expensive

No shit Sherlock. Just move.

That's what people who want MCFA are told to do. Move out of the country. If it's so easy prove yourselves right.

Commies destroy countries

I am not a United States citizen and therefore I cannot vote for Bernie Sanders, as my lack of citizenship renders me ineligible to vote in the presidential election.

u fuckin fag
dis is b
u aint sposed 2 post like sum smartass college whiteboi
u sposed 2 post like a street nigger
i dont care if u murican or not

bernie is givin us da reparations da white race owes us 4 da centuriez a slavery they put us thru.

Communism never works

>everybody's getting reparations but this guy

I'm english...

Attached: Sir Nigel2.jpg (654x595, 120K)

Does capitalism always work?

Because I`m not a low life degenerate rat bag bastard like the rest of the low life degenerate rat bag bastards who vote for the motherfucking piece of commie shit.

not really, unchecked rampant capitalism just makes things worse

Except when it does.

because my state's primary isn't happening yet so i can't be voting for him when i haven't voted in the first place

You sound so intelligent.

das right cuz dat guy iz a whiteboi n he gon pay bernie so bernie can repay us.

To be honest I'm fine with either Trump or Bernie winning. Trump upset the whole RNC from the inside, they're divided. Pushed out another Bush oligarch. Hopefully they either break off into two parties or get their shift together. Hopefully the DNC loses again to a Democrat that's not in the Clinton elite, weakening the Clinton oligarchy. Two party system is gay I think Trump and Bernie could weaken both shit parties.

Even if he becomes president he wouldn't even live past his 1st term

Look at what USSR did

Of the people I know voting for Bernie: electrician, HR generalist, two doctors, a few nurses, a guy who resells items on Amazon/eBay, a cop, an accountant, and a person who feeds and gives meds to animals at an aquarium. All full time employees. All lived through the Clinton era. Why do you love Shillary and her DNC spawn so much?

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Attached: 492507897856_n.jpg (700x905, 114K)

cause i'm an inbred retard who wears a maga hat

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Trumps fault

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Collapse after a fifty year long cold war with the US and when multiple member nations pushed for sovereignity?
How does that apply to Bernie, who promotes a public safety net that Canada, UK, Germany, France (literally all of our allies) have? Oh right Bernie is a Stalinist right?

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much to old and hes a commie

Every time it started looking like it was going to work, the US overthrew the government/armed terrorist groups to do so. See: the Sandinistas vs Contras.

This is a matter of public record.

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Because MAGA.

Stop LARPing.

It only fails if you are under the political or military influence of the USA. Dont believe me? im a lazy socialist so i wont give you sources, but you can look it up.

there is no difference in kind, only in degree, they are all exactly the same, it just the ruling class is slightly more restrained and centrist as you move towards democratic socialism. Why listen to Bernie? he uses the same old tired and useless arguments Socialist parasites have used to entice dumb and lazy people behind the banner.
> opposition doesn't have a leg to stand ...
yeah keep on dreaming bernie bro. Trump will stand in 2020, and I strongly dislike Trump. But I am a realist, and you are not as you keep lapping up the socialist fantasies.

They never said that to Moot when he was fourteen.

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These memes are so cringey and embarrassing

if light socialist programs slow down the economy then why were they used to kickstart the economy during the great depression? why were the greatest economic recoveries of the modern world all gained under some kind of socialist government?

Sure under the more extreme regimes theres the holocaust, stalins goulags, ect. but still

Your basic premise is false, you are paddling propaganda.


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>meme made with a Chinese font for some reason

People forget these little details. In Soviet Russia not working was a crime.

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>everything I disagree with is automatically cringe

Sir, would you please kindly fuck off back to r e d d i t?

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The cornerstone programs, OASDI and Medicare now consume 2/3 of the federal budget. What is your definition of boat anchor?


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I'm not American. I'm also a feudal monarchist.

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It's not cringe because I disagree but cringe because its incredibly childish and autistic

medical crony capitalism. The prices are insanely high and the government is constantly lobbied to not negotiate prices.

The problem here is not "too much socialism", its a breakup of the balance between capitalism and socialism in the US.

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kys faggot you're so cringe

He's a moron who has NEVER accomplished anything in his life except living off of taxpayers. And now the jackass wants to raise their taxes even more. Guess he needs a fourth fucking home.

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Commie Jew

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>muh uninformed opinion
Don't take any part in politics if you're too poor to even pay attention

he has like a 5% missed vote average, a higher average of bills passed included

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That's just so autistic I cant believe someone let it take up space on a computer

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go on, believe the lie, then suppose magic happens and bernie wins, suppose more magic happens and dems control enough of the house and senate to keep conservative Reps from cock blocking his socialist dream, suppose more magic happens and the exact tax bracket presented in your info graphic gets proposed as law. result #1] rich people who are effected, will try to weasle out of it, and many will succeed, those who don't or can't will move thier wealth out of the country, out of the tax base. Bernie's super expensive socialist government is left with even less money, and the weight of that tax burden falls on those who were not rich enough to escape. Socialism always eats itself.