Notice anything funnt about this picture?

Notice anything funnt about this picture?

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Nigger fucker tattoo

Logically it follows that she’s a white supremacist. She knows that inferior black genetics will be lost to her superior, dominant white genes and with each generation the melanin is being bred out resulting in whiter, more successful offspring.

lemme guess those are soon to be black baby suckers

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i lik(e)

Correct, she got that black seed

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whered u find that pic?

Here. Wish I had a source

then its definately fake

Please tell me more but i am just a lurker.

Nah don't think so, saw a pic of her with a blurred out brown baby in a stroller and the same tattoo in the same place. Could be but I doubt someone would go through all that trouble

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This pic is definitely NOT fake

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yeah i saw that pic the fake tattoo is more obvious on that 1, some guy has oneitis for this girl and has photoshopped on the tattoos pathethic but what can u expect

oh thats kiki
shes a pornstar

full name? Cant find

Kiki what? What's she been in?
Hmmm perhaps

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Her hand looks like the penguins from Batman returns

Bump for black bred sluts

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So now shes subhuman, good for her.

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I not said it is fake.
I wanted to know more about the tatoo.

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Hope you like it OP

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