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Well? Where the pic of her proving it fits bbc?


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Oh look it's another floppy nonfunctional nigger dick.


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Thats gotta fuckin suck luggin that meat hook around

Mmm that vein

Kek. That’s so fake.

Thts semi hard

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Dont come at me with that cavernous vagina. If 70% of the US population is too small for you, the problem is you.

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Choke on it whore

Yah, maybe...but you won't end up single and on wellfare after we cum in you.

Are you hungry, boy? You need someone to fill your dish?

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You want some too lil boy?

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You wnna eat my dick honky

Come get some

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clearly photoshopped lol fail!

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I love white pigs, new slaves

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No, I didn't mention your dick you stupid nigger

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You wasn't talking all that shit last night

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No, because I wasn't here, you stupid nigger

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Mine sure is.

Found a baby picture of you and your mom. Explains allot.

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Nigger stole 2 different shoes

black dicks get hawt chicks

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>pic name is "shitonlywhitepeopledo"

I guess you're right, because if that were a black mom she'd be making her infant smoke crack instead.