What's the most horrifying mental illness you know of?

What's the most horrifying mental illness you know of?

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Talking to a girl

voting for a banana rapepublican

damn I was gonna say schizophrenia but that hits deep

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Mob mentality.
Or that one where everyone is replaced by imposters.

I have don't have schizophrenia but I imagine voice and I have a hard time controlling it. Not creepy tho and sometimes it can be even helpful


There are a few I can think of - phobias that makes you scared of shit that's not really scary (I think of them as mental allergies), eating disorders, OCD... plus a whole bunch I can't recall right now as truly scary.


The one I have. It can always get worse!



Only coming to interacial porn

Trump derangement syndrome

That's the only thing I could Jack off to since it's hot and I do dare to admit it because I'm not a racist and I don't think about the color but about how hot it is. Simple facts.

Incel ! Men have been men for over 10,000 years. Acting manly, being manly, having a pair of balls. Now we’ve got these loser men that are complete shut in’s, whom have a very diminished moral compass and basically lack the balls hanging at the bottom of the dick..

Grow a pair fellas, re-become men!


Working class

This is man


Gender Dysphoria.

It produces a compulsion to have your dick cut off, wear a dress, and go around as a freak telling everyone your new name is "Caitlyn".

You forgot the 2

this but unironically

Playing second life

this though it's gender dysphoria.

i have that and schizophrenia, mostly audible hallucinations but occasionally visual. lots of people say that it's the worst but it isn't what everyone thinks it is and it's not hell all day every day.
schizophrenia can become background noise and images, sure there's days it's bad but all mental illnesses are like that. hell it's rarely anything negative that im hearing.

but gender dysphoria? that shit is the worst. it's not something you can actively work against because it festers and lives in your subconscious, once it's out and you `overcome` it, it just festers and the cycle repeats itself. you can't block it out because it's a way of thinking and it takes over you as a person. and when this is bad, i feel as if ive just woken up from a dream except the dream was real and i was doing things with no control.

the worst things ive done from schizophrenia? some light cuts on my arm and become verbally abusive.
the worst ive done from gender dysphoria? ive cut my own throat multiple times and deep above my veins on my thighs many times, ive sat for several hours with tiny rubber bands wrapped around my balls and penis as a `punishment` which has damaged my penis badly, ive cut my penis, ive tried to hang myself and more times than i remember ive laid down on train tracks. all them attempts on my life was because i end up deluding myself into believing in reincarnation wyih the hope that ill be reborn a woman.


Reddit user

The one Donald Trump has

The solution is to face the fact that it doesn't matter whether you're male or female.

Found the closet fag

whatever the next new trendy thing is for college kids to have.

In my day it was OCD: "I'm so OCD! I just freak out if I don't drink my bottle of water with lunch!" or "I'm so OCD if I don't do this while I'm doing that I just FREAK!"

After that it was BPD: "I'm taking psychology 101 and found out that if you're prone to feelin happy and sad, you have bipolar disorder! I have that!"

Shortly after was Aspergers. This was before it was labeled a form of autism:
"I apparently have Aspergers, because I don't like talking to others, and I'm way smarter than my peers."
Congrats, you just described the personal opinion of every 16 year old on Earth!

Autism came out and turned into a whole bunch of nonsense.
"My son Crayden/Aiden/Braiden doesn't speak yet so we believe he's autistic, it has nothing to do with the fact that we're anti-social parents and he's 7 months old!"

And the gender identity shit has to calm down.
I get it, I entertained thoughts of being a girl in my 20s because I was lonely and no woman fucked me. 20's were spent with long hair on my head that I put in pigtails as a goof when drinking with my buddies, who also did this shit. Now that I'm 30, I know who I am, but I still like to crossdress from time to time, but I'm glad I didn't have the Tumblr echochamber in my life when I was 20, that would have ruined my life. I like being a guy. I am a man, but I like to dress as a woman from time to time.


thanks im cured.

but seriously, i do know that. in fact that's the reason why im not trans despite having gender `professionals` telling me that life would be better that way. but as i said it's a subconscious mindset that festers and grows until it's in your consciousness and is stronger than your real person. it's like an entirely new person is controlling your body until it goes and all you're left is with is regret.
think of werewolves, dumb i know but you do all this shit and then when you're you again, you're left with the mess that was made and have to deal with it. except sometimes it can last days where when you're you, you start questioning who you actually are.

Believing mental illness exists disorder

Says the guy who's never even breathed the same air as a girl


i agree. it is cancer sometimes and can just be a hellhole, not worse than this website but still awful

It's pretty much neck and neck between social justice feminism, trans-rights activists and the fascist (despite their name) anti-fa bernie bros.

Worse, most that contract one, will contract another or all three.

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Porn addiction

I scrolled through and didn't see any striking replies. I'm surprised no one said Alzheimer's.
You watch a person you love and grew up with completely lose their sanity. It happens over time, but slowly they start to forget things. Like where their cellphone or keys are. Then it gets worse. Like when they're supposed to pick you up from practice, a meeting, a school event, etc. Then they slowly stop caring about their health. They embrace it. Then the frontal lobe starts to atrophy, if it hasn't already over time. The short term memory is no longer a thing. It becomes one of those things they just live without. A constant reminder sort of a thing. Can they be trusted driving? How long until that's up? It's a vicious thought pattern, although I do realize a lot of Alzheimer's patients rely on muscle memory. That you can never forget. But that isn't where it gets bad. Once it's taken affect over time the brain deteriorates slowly, causing the part of the brain that controls mood to sway constantly. One second you're having a perfectly good conversation with your father, the next he's angry yelling, almost snarling at you over a damn remote, or how long the cooker timer was on for. Petty shit. It's heartbreaking. I only can assume over time they will completely forget their loved ones, who they are, and what their entire life has amounted to. I cannot think of a sadder death than living an entire life and not remembering it in the end. I would never want to live in the first place.

Sorry user, I’m not up to date one fag mentality they add a new one every few hours

if I might add to my own OP it's like watching someone you grew up with slowly go insane. it's heartbreaking. cheers.


I lost interest after it change from gay or straight to gay straight or bi
You’re either
>or gay pretending to be straight sometimes

Hard. Nature.................

My trips then dubs confirm everything

Mental disorders "Autism" where you are retarded but you know you are retarded and you know you will never be successful in life because of it.

Also stupid phobias fucking suck.

Quite the opposite, it's when you know other people are retarded

Shut it tard

>I have don't have schizophrenia
Yep, checks out.

being normal kek lolol xD

This is now my personal get thread

I have an unrecognized mental disorder. Being completely immune to headaches, and having had a Topamax-like grimacing aversion to carbonated beverages from birth, I can only conclude that whatever the headache medicine Topamax does, I was born with.
The grimacing aversion indicates a profound psychological deficiency that I must reverse with Sudafed PE (vanishing also the carbonation grimace) before social encounters.
And yet, I cannot read unless I have a carbonation grimace.

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Being a tranny and both victim and cancel culture.

My friend is schizophrenic. Not in his opinion ofc, but anyway, he writes a blog about those "experiments" that he is being put under by some people with super advanced technology. He hears them talking about him, they cause him bodily pains, make his heart stop for a fraction of a second, send images to his head. He often has visions of scenes where poo is a main theme, example - children throwing poo balls at themselves and laughing, his mum shitting on his dad, someone cumming shitting on a toddler and another guy pushing a hamburger into his mouth. The guy did not have sex and didnt wank in 5 years, because porn makes him feel bestial and hideous. These voices do rape him on distance tho and he has random polutions, sometimes in public places.
He believes he is a targeted individual and is getting angry that doctors dont want to believe him.

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>that I put in pigtails as a goof when drinking with my buddies, who also did this shit. Now that I'm 30, I know who I am, but I still like to crossdress from time to time, but I'm glad I didn't have the Tumblr echochamber in my life when I was 20, that would have ruined my life. I like being a guy. I am a man, but I like to dress as a woman from time to time
Odd that this is the voice of reason in the room but I guess that's Cred Forums for you

Look at this fucking retard

no it doesn't you're just stupid

BPD. (Borderline personality disorder) people specifically women with it are god damned monsters in human flesh.



BPD bitches are my favorite. Fucking insane cunts but they always fuck like crazy too and you can do weird shit to em in bed.

It's actually 2+ last I saw.

I hope you have some friends. If you live where you're not accepted can you move?

Log posting


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As an autistic cunt who spent most of his teenage years in special ed schools, most of my friends have some kind of mental disorder.

The worst one, in my experience, is bipolar disease. That shit can absolutely ruin a stable person's life.

On second place comes schizophrenia. The forced medication for it is worse than the actual disease.

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This is surely the worst.

that's more of a physical ailment than a mental disorder tho



schizoid transgenderism

melanin. the scary thing is, most people dont even know its an illness and they just pass it off as natural.

actually, it's called "niggerism"

actually dude its salt

isn't it called "being salty"?

A tie between schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder

Yeah nice try asshat. married with two kids..

Mental illness is brain damage. Kys scumlife

100% transgender people in general, but more specifically - them thinking that they should be “wanted” and “desired” the same way that a normal person would want a male or female.....for example, how a transgender “woman” gets offended when a guy has no interest in “her”, especially when “she” feels she’s exactly the same as “just another girl”.

Look at this tranny

I live with one, man. It's my wifes employee and now "friend". Its boyfriend, had no idea it was a dude for the first 3 months they talked online before they met. It also gave him herpes without his knowlegde. Since then hes kicked it out and its living with my wife and I. 3 guys in the last week its hooked up with and it tells us they dont know about its herpes. Its back at its parents house right now for therapy because its "depressed".

Exploding head syndrome

Schizofrenia, Imagine hearing voices all day

AvPD. U want to socialize but cant because of social anxiety

Ok you’ve convinced me that Alzheimer’s is the worst.

“Opinions I don’t like” are not a mental illness you pretentious shit head.

that one where you lie motionless for a week except for singing continuously 24-7 and don't stop even to drink water



yeah, totally agree.
However, just because I don't like something doesn't mean it's not a mental illness, and all three of those qualify.

(just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me).

Had a GF with Borderline for 1 1/2 years. Went to hell and back. Borderline is without doubt one of the craziest mental illnesses for the friends and surrounding.

go back cammon

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posting on an anonymous image board
>i do dare to admit it
posting on site which allows hate speech
>because i'm not a racist...
posting on a board which embraces any deviant ideas
>i don't think about the color, but about how hot it is
Bravo user, bravo. you are truly daring to post such things. its as if you are posting to provoke anons in responding to you, perhaps for those precious (you)'s?

Page 10 gang

>What's the most horrifying mental illness you know of?

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They literally don’t. None of those qualify. You’re a retard. I hate all of those things but they aren’t mental illnesses, just shitty beliefs.

Alzheimers. When you become a caregiver you will find out.

Chick logic.

>tfw you try to go back