Do I look like a cuck?

Do I look like a cuck?

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nah but i'd butt pump that gilfs fat ass

You’d fuck my wife?

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If you lived near me id make you a cuck.

Would definitely go balls deep,she’s sweet!

So you are a cuck.
Hell yeah i'd fuck your wife

There’s another user posting his wife but this is my piggy whore of one. I love to see her exposed and being fucked! Please post your fav pics from her insta

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The pig needs to be bred by black cocks

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She pretty,would without doubt go in,up to the hilt:-)

Wtf dad, stop that shit.

Mmm fuck please tell me more about big black cocks filling up my fat wife’s pussy

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Definite GILF dude.
Would have her crying in pleasure,bet she got her some ass too

Mmm fuck my fantasy is to walk in on her getting double teamed by two ripped black cocks...and she is being used!

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She’s such a sweaty piggy

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My wife and our slutty daughter

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Would bend both your wife and daughter over the bed while you watch from the corner of the room. Id fuck your wife firs t while your naked daughter waits beside us for her turn.

Would happily take both off your hands and go live on an island,ploughing the pair of them for the rest of my days

For the last 3 years Ive wanted my latina wifey to cuck me so bad afraid to tell her

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This isnt your wife. Stop posting because this is really pathetic.