Waifu bake

Waifu bake

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tear em off

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Do not

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Oh hey Mordred

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Oh hey sexy.

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I suggest against it.
And an early doot to you.

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too late, stuff is off. Now you!

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I could go ahead and take some stuff off too, but you know the bandana stays on ALWAYS

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Wouldn't want it any other way. It's too damn sexy.
Now gimme those thicc ass cheeks!

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Can't get enough of you, ricardo.

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I'm fine wearing clothes though.
What about the socks, do they come off?

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Oh man.. those pics are the fucking best. I still can't believe u managed to get em made.
So, how's life treatin ya?
Don't be like that. Whores Frontline was made to be hentai material.

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Being naked offers nearly no tactical advantage whatsoever.

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Please enlighten me on how Leggins provide any protection. At least while naked ur opponent might get distracted.

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How's it goin?

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That would be incredibly gay

Well, I'll be going back to college in a week, so I'm hanging on to these last few days like dear life. It's been chill though, couldn't complain about a thing. And what about you, anything inteesting?

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Life is simple and good. Hella am into cooking now. Hunting after recipes like crazy.
Also started doing more crossdress shoots. Doing it for him

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Was a triple ">", wasn't it.

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Guess not.. I forgot how to cross tag.

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Who did you get

To a degree, they do. Prevent chafing caused by long marching, comfort, insulation/layers when it comes down to having to spend the night and sleep in the open.
If you want to go even deeper they could even double as bandages in dire situations.
Pretty meh, bored and just munching on whatever and drinking beer.
Might take a shower and go for a haircut later.
How about yourself floof?
No homo.

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Lemme see.. was it
If that's not how it worked, I'mma need some help here.

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ur waifu is a machine.. she doesn't feel pain or cold.
I got the cross tag working! Look at me being big brain.

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It's a wonderful thing, when you don't fuck the recipe by some tiny mistake. Still a newfag at it myself, but I'll get good at it at some point, I hope. Anything tasty recently?

Looks like someone stopped looking for his waifu and became the waifu, huh?

Me on the right
Also ?

If that was me you're @ing, it was Dobermann and Gavial

Galaxy brain time

I mean, as long as the balls don't touch, right?

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Doberman isn't a healer and Gavial is from the shop, no Banner

I'mma be back. Gotta get beer to get wasted.

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Dude bro I drink so much alcohol lmao


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Oof ouch my head

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Dude did you get drink epic style???

Being an android does not mean you are unable to feel those things. Actually, the feedback from the temperature or even pain is crucial for humans to survive, what makes you think an android could get away working properly without proper feedback?
As long as we don't stare in eachother's eyes while holding hands.

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Gonna need one of those soon too lol
There was a turboprop just hanging again this morning. Now i know what i saw last night lole
Stop drinking the head hurting juice

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Yea Dobermann isn't but it was one of the two news I got. And even if Gavial isn't featured in either of the events, it was nice having a new healer

I gotta bounce in like 30 min too so I'll see ya some other time ya?

Yeah could you imagine if we kissed in the waifu thread hahaha
unless... O.O

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No, I could not.
Buzz buzz, snip snip.
Turboprop?? What..

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maybe someday else

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i love you kaguya poster


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Oh, I thought you meant you got two of the new Operators from the banner


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How much is it worth to you? owo

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Think of a jet engine but instead of those big 'ol fan blades there's a propeller on the front
Oh, now that i think about it that is a thing, isn't it
What up?

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love is worth as much as you think it's worth

For the low, low price of $30,000,000 I will accept his friendship so that you may live happily ever after


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that sounds reasonable, thanks.

I'll be waiting

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whoa that's like close

only as a side effect
just ate, had to restard my PC, it froze.

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That's part of a chromosome
Yeah before that it's head numbing juice
Lol that happens whenever i change audio devices. My board is soykaf
How'd you manage that anyway?

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I love asakura.

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Based and SOPpilled

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Standard Operation Procedure

a good juice, makes you stupid and say what you want but wouldn't
or makes you stupid enough to call an ex
F, I used to change headsets often, one for vidya and another for music and anything else.
Idk I just woke up to it freezing

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Special Operation Peculiar Modification.
Based and MDRpilled.
Extra ones.

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u think ur cool because you can fully customize your waifu to fit mission requirements

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The cute violinist
I've got one headphones and an external mic lole
Ngl i've been thinking about straight upgrading my board to get non-poopy 2x8 but then i'd probably take n AM4 which means new CPU too lole
Depending on which one you can either become the big smart or the big dumb

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Hirasawa Yui
it's a nice gun, i'll give you that. but the engraving gives you no tactical advantage whatsoever.

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Cause that's what robots do. My PC doesn't cry when I overheat it.

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How to summon asakura.
I miss asakura.

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Sometimes i just drink soy sauce
Electric motors can lock up in freezing temperatures

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But it does know when it is overheating.
And can use that info accordingly to try and fix the issue.
You feel it too, don't you?

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Ah, cheap garbage!
Fix it? Nah, let's turn it up even more, till the cores melt!

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But why..?

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your PC cries hot coolant
do you have moobs?
based based based
no, you haven't punched my abs. when are you gonna come over and punch them?

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I tried soylent once. It was yabai
The heck's a moob
November oscar uniform

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Cause science! Most I've achieved were 120°C on all cores.
Let's hope the water ain't coming out.. that'd turn bad real fast.

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did you see the new movie yet

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I'll chokehold you if that makes you freo better.
You are just pulling out excuses out of nowhere now.

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man boob
it's crying steam.
only if you can lift me from there, too

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A true bromance blossoms.

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Did you just straight up take off your cooler
Afaik there's only shittysubs rn so I'm waiting
No, I'm just a little underweight

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im no expert when it comes to subtitles and stuff, but i watched the hibikecord release and it seemed pretty good, i know it's not machine translated at least

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I don't think I can unless you're light or short.
Hello there, been a while.

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no, he hates me
come, i thought you were supposed to be big strong CAF army man.

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I'm not even canadian! And you make it sound as if I were 2 mts tall or something.

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that was me

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right, right, le Grande Armee, circa 1805
it's a joke, but congratulations. have you killed anyone yet?

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How many schizos here tonight then?

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Hey Sop. Been busy with work.
How are things?
It's tough love.
Haven't seen any yet.

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I killed my passion, does that count

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I've heard there's quite a few errors but i dunno.
Better than having moobs

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at least 1
i don't even know which navy he's a part of
how many shots did that take?
i guess so, yeah. do you think i could bench press you?

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Racking up hours?
It's good to see you bro!
I just came back from field instruction, it sucked.

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Nani the what?

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a whole magazine

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Depends on how epic your muscles are

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come on, they don't teach you that in history class?
front-to-back? even the ads?
i can bench two stuffed animals

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yeah, even the pointless articles

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The Royal Navy. No idea actually.
I'm thinking a Spanish speaking country.
Pretty much, it's a restaurant, but I'm leaving for another job.
Good to be back.
Is field instruction boring, tiring or both?

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which volume was it?

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>The Royal Navy. No idea actually.
I'm thinking a Spanish speaking country.
Replied twice to the same person smh.

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69th volume, it was about history

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69 AND 777

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i like turtles :3

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turtles like you

el Armada de Mexico, of course!
must be a part of the cartel, too
nice dubs
ah, lame. the last one i read was about rocket ships. i don't know what volume it was, though.

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did you get my massive apologys i sent you?

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I barely even remember highschool.
What am I, a faggot?
Are you leaving for a better job or are you studying?
Field instruction was pointless, although extremely taxing on the body, it was rough.
It's good to see you indeed!

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when are we going to build a Dyson Swarm

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how do you know that, user-san? i hope they like me as much as i enjoy them, that would be sweet~ :3


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what's 9+10?
aren't those the vacuum cleaner things?
user-san is fine, thanks

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God SOP2 is such a coomer

Attached: ezgif.com-crop.gif (360x203, 1.17M)

thank you for coming back into the trends
we are always glad you see you

Attached: N.png (211x239, 12K)

9+10 = 910


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Said the Rorycon.

Attached: 1580540215922.jpg (1196x1692, 125K)

user-san, you seem kinda hostile :c! i may have got the senpai-thing wrong, my mistake... :x

Attached: LinaInverse17.jpg (1525x1918, 539K)

See, total coomer.

Attached: __lelei_la_lalena_rory_mercury_tetsujin_28_and_tuka_luna_marceau_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_ta (1000x1417, 336K)

more user-san

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It's a Dyson sphere but instead of a shell it's a cloud of millions of O'Neill cylinders

Attached: chrome_VCqYfX7utP.png (744x595, 114K)

Oh God I'm cooooooooming.

Attached: 1580535766533.jpg (2894x4093, 477K)

you've got it, user-san :3! -headpats-

fuck i need work to finish but 2 moar hours before i can return home to die a little inside, however you guys are pleasantly distracting, i love most of you

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sorry, it's okay. i just have trouble communicating, please don't worry
Mike Dyson?
he better punch out that sphere!

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masturbate to cartoons

There it is.

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Is that a new strain?
Of course it all makes sense.
I hope he hooks us up with quality quesadillas.
I blame Yui for saying that.
My cousin told a story about when he was in the Navy and went to Thailand they showed the entire crew all venereal diseases you could get.

Yeah I'm leaving for a better job, I have a wacky and unpredictable schedule at my current job, the other one I'm looking pays a little bit better and have weekends off.
The Coomer vs The Boomer
A battle for the ages.

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Attached: Hirasawa Ui-chan.jpg (1000x1074, 119K)

The Coomer vs The Boomer
they both finish and get rainbow married

Attached: 1582706274812.gif (460x426, 655K)

Sounds comfy, I'm just resting from all the training, and lazying around.
Days off are great, what sort of job will it be?
Gay shit.

Attached: 1580539773415.jpg (1377x1653, 109K)

Looks like the finnish nanachi furfag from aki threads if back looking for somebody, trying to sperg again.

Remember, know your place fegget.

Attached: 1582250032939.jpg (745x838, 240K)

you came!! ^w^
hallo! gud day?

Attached: glad4gs4g.png (650x750, 749K)

came in what? :D

ummm cold day.. cold feet... i don't wanna put on socks yet.. how about you?

uber cute

Attached: 2cf7e80300a4982b0dc3be5baf34cd51.png (935x1300, 520K)

does your penis even work or do you need a bag for that, too?
ooh, i want quesadillas!!

Attached: 1569270668354.jpg (750x739, 103K)

penis bag = condom

hey... I didn't mean it like ((that)) >~<

cold! yes... it's raining here, I went out to get a gyros, ate it just now was gud.
I feel like that too often, I have fuzzy slippers for that :)

can we talk more often? when do you usually come here my fren

Attached: hig3zhdj.png (1072x1516, 1.92M)

Good morning Yui~


Attached: 2b867226730a2d3bfb7f3abe58dc64cd.jpg (800x1402, 325K)

Attached: fireplace.jpg (225x225, 9K)

you're leeeewd

Gyarados the pokemon :thinking:?

maybe i should put on some footwear too....

I usually come at around this time since my laptop is broken...

Attached: 19b088e2ceb3588e6d7849efbb8147fe.jpg (800x968, 141K)

If you repeat your waifus name enough times you might just sound like an aftermarket car alarm.

Attached: 1582249121659.jpg (569x847, 108K)

I'll sound like a hispanic

Attached: 6d04701ed9c4a90ecc6bd4767fea16c5.jpg (800x1165, 438K)

Vague and nondescript. Do tell me more.

Attached: 1582251611909.png (891x492, 519K)

°~° you said it first!

gyro thingy with meat and other yummy things :3

you should, cold feet is how you get sick, don't get sick fren

how about disc? plz
just like chat whenever no worries I'm low maintenance :)

Attached: ari32gw.png (1681x2017, 1.86M)

yeah but this one has to be emptied out
but it's afternoon.

Attached: 1575654917111.gif (500x352, 752K)

>tzatziki sauce

I want one now.

Attached: Tomoko_Canon_Ahegao.jpg (265x278, 34K)

Well hispanics say Uii a lot when they see something gross :)

now you're accusing me ;~;

Hmmm I'm going to have to Google it.... is it German?

Is that so... I could use a few days off work....

I cannot give you my Discord numbers... you are a bad influence on me...

What's afternoon?

Attached: 2140adff949fcab2c4b13259fccae622.png (589x850, 162K)

They are very gay.
Medical device company, I'm applying for a manufacturing position, basic grunt stuff. Rest up, when are you gonna get your abs punched again?
Gay but wholesome.
I prefer carne asada tacos myself, could go for some quesadillas though.

Attached: Astolfo and Enkidu.jpg (474x631, 49K)

there are still ppl lurking in this thread anyways

Attached: kjhgfd.jpg (262x193, 11K)

Putting tzatziki on a gyro... And wondering why the plane is crashing. That's forward thinking.

Dang, didn't know that. So cars actually tell the thieves that they are gross? It makes total sense now.

Attached: 1582155893675.jpg (496x767, 74K)

I bought two, have one left you know? was planning on eating that tomorrow tho, sorry.

mhmm... maybe but if you read it again it will become clear.

nah, what tomo said, the greece thingie

I had this whole week off :3
do take time off, it is important, I liked it a lot!

do you remember the thing I post yesterday? I could give you mine....
and frens can say am not bad :< that was rude...

Attached: wait2rfhs.png (650x750, 854K)

I can give you his Discord tag

Attached: krc1912035.jpg (427x468, 34K)


Drone work, relaxing. Also yeah, sailors are queers.
Eh, the people at this new unit are too much of a wuss to punch eachother during workout. I sort of miss my old company, my boys ;~;

Attached: 1580535982447.jpg (2894x4093, 518K)


Attached: 1580539725590.jpg (1653x1885, 139K)

wait, is she licking an eye ?

...i think so? D: unsure what you meant, user-san!!

Attached: LinaInverse4.jpg (1365x768, 570K)

a cute

Attached: krc1912155231.jpg (587x522, 160K)


Attached: 1578172712336.jpg (868x1209, 103K)


Hello Near. Are you okay?

Are you NOT from America master race?

I'm actually really scared of people...

so cute :)

Attached: d8b8b3412d0ef4fdeb91f03f97daf7e0.jpg (752x1062, 502K)

Oh boy, here we go. Eurofag gonna tell me I'm eating food wrong because I'm not eating it the traditional way. Sorry if I like what I like and it offends you. Wait, no I'm not. Get fucked.

Attached: 1495510566718.jpg (518x510, 152K)

bulge missing.

No. I am from the EU god race.

Attached: 1581456454345.png (996x1434, 1.94M)

It must come from them.

+offers cake?

why so...
sad you think that low of me.

Attached: wiz34gr.png (1022x1602, 1.2M)

i think i hurt someone by mistake
i apologized and admitted i was wrong and tried to make amends.

but she still will not talk to me


Attached: imasadfsges.jpg (244x206, 8K)

me and you both, however UK > most of the EU imo :x! -headpats-

Attached: LinaInverse13.jpg (1271x967, 290K)

Hop hop!

Attached: 1579280274963.jpg (1653x2066, 111K)

did you bring enough for everyone?

Attached: L6.jpg (300x168, 8K)



I never thought of anyone being above or below me :thinking:

Show her your cock! No I'm kidding. Give her time

Attached: e8e98d94592cf4ee7a947fa090b59e48.jpg (1134x2426, 1.57M)

Attached: 1580085447832.png (640x800, 715K)

>A man is coughing in China
>Madagascar has closed all ports
>Madagascar has closed all airports
Just like in my video games.

Attached: 1403626885416.jpg (700x790, 266K)

Eating a gyro is worse than putting tzatziki on the device itself. It will still cause the plane to crash, but also give you indigestion.

yes, yes, that. call me jewmaster9009

You gonna say hello or just peek?
Poor sailors, always the punching bag, though they should be use to taking a pounding.
Do you at least get along with the new guys or keep in touch with with the old company?
Sorry dumb joke about weed strain.

i like Jewish girls.

>it was a mechanical joke
I'm still gonna put tzatziki sauce on my gyros and eat them with a grin on my face. And I hope people hate me for it.

Just fart in a cup.


I still keep in touch with them, they want to visit me once I settle so we can drink and shit.

that doesn't sound right