So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB...

So this pic came across my newsfeed on FB. A friend of my younger sister from some small hick town in Ohio; she's in South Carolina with her family for February break.

>posts this photo of them eating out for dinner
>her bitch friends from Ohio jump in and say that it's too much for a girl her age and size
>she gets upset and agrees
>her family jump in and defend her saying its a normal portion for a girl
>she messages my sister saying she is having a shit time and her vacation is ruined

Is this really a child's/girl's portion in the US? I mean she ate it all and was happy with it, so no problem there. I couldn't eat all that in one sitting though. Could you? What exactly do you feed a pre-teen girl to keep her healthy?

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why do you care?

At a glance,her fingers look a bit small. I think she's older with a degree of developmental disorder

Meh, I call lies. Little girl probably couldn't finish all of that

Nigga thats a wetherspoons bowl. From the UK. Sage in all fields

eat whatever the fuck you want.
eat however much you want.

who gives a shit.

This is autistic. You can’t even see the full plate in the picture.

got more pics of this cutie?

Can you newfags stop replying to this dumb ass troll

Yup. You might not recognize it through the starvation but you can stay healthy and eat that. If your brain isn’t deprived of the resources it needs you might just realize that you have a bunch of people who are poorly (if even) assimilated into your culture and you might begin to question what exactly is so wrong with citing the unchecked rape culture of your economic migrants.

>February break
Please tell us exactly where this is a thing. Thanks.

This a repost, my autistic mind remembers seeing this a while back.

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What's with you fags posting the same shit over and over and baiting people with threads that aren't even good bait? Fuckin waste of oxygen cunts.

Welcome to last week. Pic related.

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I'm genuinely curious - why do you, and everyone else like you, keep posting the same threads over and over? This has been floating around for years, so we know it isn't real. It isn't funny or interesting or sexy, so why do you put in the effort to make the thread? Are you so lonely that you do it for attention? Don't you get sick of it? Isn't your time worth more than whatever return you're getting? I just can't understand how anyone can be such a loser that they have nothing better to do.

Nothing wrong here. Kids go through binge stages when their body is growing. This kid certainly can eat the whole thing and burn up the calories fast.

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That's a spoons

Did you know that hell is a scientific fact OP?


Nope - I usually just ignore these repeat threads, but today I got to wondering about why people keep making them. They must be getting something out of it - I just can't figure out what. I'm not trolling; I really am curious. Seems like such a waste of time.