Still can't accept she is gone

Still can't accept she is gone.

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the fuck is that?

bianca devins, you fucking new fag

Good riddance

Where did she go?

I appreciate the info you lovely old fag :)

Well, people with severe autism like yourself tend to have singular fixations of this nature.

She genuinely got what she deserved, that's why nobody cares


Her leaked pics that she sold were pretty sweet


waste of sloppy seconds. Could have fucked her.
Where's the leaked corpse?

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She messes with a ton of people, one of them wasn't the right guy to mess up with. Did she really had sex with that mixed race looking, balding guy?

A slut that cheated & got thot patrolled hard way.

You mean the dude that went chop chop on her deformed giraffe neck? Yeah, they fucked a few times, even this whore Biancas mom & sister said he was always nice & they liked him a lot. Guess they thought him & this slut Bianca were a good match.

Jesus mane

Thot got swatted

Expand user. How did she "mess" with people? I'm completely out of the loop on this one and this thread got me curious as fuck.

She was a demented degenerate who loved being categorically abused and abusive. She abused the wrong incel and now she's at where she's at now

no let me explain, im no that post, but a bunch of incels are mad because she wouldnt fuck them, so they say she deserved to die.

>well she should knew better not to fuck with 4chaners
look at the pic related
she started with /r9k/ and ended with /dead/
they all got out before it's too late

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angry failed men can't get laid so they celebrate a brutal murder

that's where we're at these days

RIP in your pieces Bianca

Is this the only photo, or were there more?

We need the draft again. And start telling boys that they are defined in life by material success, not relationships

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They're not leaked, Brandon Clark took them and posted them online

There were like 4 pics in total

the last one to get out to safety

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Evidence she cheated on anyone?

Thats how the Life goes on

Agreed 100%

I guarantee the dude was on some sort of psychotropic drug, just like all the mass shooters.

She admitted to it in Discord and how she was just using him to abuse him.

Anyone defending this demented whore after she's dead or the stupid dickhead incel are clearly fucking stupid and unaware of how shitty these two people really are and nothing of value was lost. Good riddance Bianca Devins and Brandon Clark's - you waste of fucking human space.

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