Dirty things your wife or gf made you do, or things you made them do

Dirty things your wife or gf made you do, or things you made them do

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Ass pics of her please
GF or wife ?

Wife makes me eat my cum out of her pussy every time we fuck. At first I found it gross but now it’s kinda just part of sex so i don’t mind it.

Does she cuck you to

No ass shots and my gf

No cucking we’re not into that.
After sex her pussy is super sensitive and me licking it clean gives her multiple orgasms.

You cleanup your own cum?

Is she the dominant one


This one time my ex and I were fucking in her 16y/o sisters room on her bed when I said to go and put on some of her clothes, as soon as she opened the cupboard I go up bent her over into the dirty washing basket and rammed my cock into her made her get her sisters dirty underwear out and put them in her mouth, I kept telling her to put the pussy part in her mouth as she did it she turned and looked at me and breathed in heavily and started munching on those dirty underwear

Wife stuffs used panties on my mouth and makes me jerk off in front of her

My wife makes me lick her pussy after her boyfriend cums in her. One time she had two guys cum in her before she made me eat her out.

My wife lets me cum on her face like once a year, that's as dirty as it gets for us.

Convinced my gf to take it in the butt for the first time for my birthday. Screamed the whole time

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nudes? she's cute

She oftenly go out without panties and with a buttplug. I stick it in her ass regularly, we lick each other everywere. stick things like bottles in her ass and pussy sometimes, especially when we're on ecstasy

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Friend of mine let me fuck her mouth while her fiance watched. I held her head by her hair and throat fucked the shit out of her. Wouldn't let me kiss her or touch her tits or anything like that. Just my cock in her mouth, thought it was wierd but cause swallowed my cum too. I spoke with her afterwards about it and she said it was her fiancé's rules. No touching or anything else.

Kept bitching about it so I finally cleaned the gutters

My high school girlfriend spent the summer in a different state working a job and when we had time we would do the skype sex thing. We were both crazy horny one night so I got her to start fucking herself with a water bottle she had laying around.

Thanks for bringing back that memory.

I love making my wife deepthroat me while I look at porn

Made my gf have a threesome with her best friend. The friend was fully bi but my girl did it just cuz I wanted her to. Got her friend so suck me then fucked my gf. Then made me gf suck he friends spit and her own pissy juice off my dick before I fucked her friend. Ironically, still haven’t go my gf to do anal.

you guys don't have a gf enjoy your hand

hmmm a few things with diffrerent exes

blow job on a greyhound coach
fucked in a playground at night (shes a cop so that was a big no no..but she still did)

one ex was the best...got her to let me post her on b constantly, got her to post with me a few times, put a ukulele in her pussy and made her lick it, shoved dirty panties in her mouth, put them on her face while a facefucked her

a recent fuck buddy let me give her a facial then we walked around the block and i made her buy something from the shop with my cum still dripping off her chin

Fiance posed nude for a friend who had a photography hobby. We were pretty desperate for the cash plus she had done modelling before, just not nude.

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Made an ex stuff her aunts dirty panties in her mouth when I fucked her. Made another ex admit her most dirty sexual fantasy, which was to get fucked by her virgin nephews. Had her record several videos of herself masturbating while moaning their names.

>had a gf of two years who bought me the new ps4 when it just came out but she didn't have a job
>question her how she got the money for it seeing as her parents werent really in the picture either
>She confesses to selling nudes to strangers on craigslist and other sites
>Big fight, dont really move passed it
>My car gets hit one night
>Repairs upwards of 5k
>I have a little over that in my savings, but gf doesnt know
>Ask if she would be willing to sell more or do more to help me pay for it
>Tell her itll help make up for her bullshit mistake
>She agrees to do whatever itll take to stay together
>Sells a bit more pics, not good enough
>Ask a few friends how much theyd pay to fuck her
>Around 150-250 each, deal
>only risk is gf isnt on birth control
>all goes well first round
>they each hit me up a few times in the next two weeks
>they tell a few of their friends they trust
>tell the strangers it'd be $300 a night
>One asks how much to go raw and pull out
>$600 off one guy, deal
>not only does he cum in her, he force fucks her ass at some point in the night when they were done drinking
>still get the money
>break up few days later
>Shes an emotional mess
>fixed two problems by walking away? win-win

Wife made me put on a pair of her panties then forced me to suck her strapon before she fucked my ass with it

I’ve got my wife into watching a vid I never deleted of my ex gf stripping and masturbating

Made my gf rim me once and now she does it all of the time. It gets her pussy super wet

stuck her finger up my ass
ate her ass out on almost a daily basis. I don't think she liked it, but drives me wild to eat ass.

made many an ex girlfriend get naked in front of my friends while partying.
Good times

Ha I had an ex I did this with. She hated it but I knew it was just a fling so I didn’t care

I wanted her to fuck another guy and we were chatting with a suitor in kik and I made her do what he asked which was sending nude pics. A few spread pussy pics and face and ass.

Bruh come on. If you want your girl to do anal you gotta warm her up first and use buckets of lube. You'll never get near that hole again doing it like that.

What should I make her do while we watch my ex tonight?

Name start with a T?