Loli thread

loli thread
bonus for stripping lolis

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Get a fucking life pedophile

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>tee hee I give thred fun-e nem
>so clevar

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>nigposter is here

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It's Cred Forums, the full is too large to upload.

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>what is resaving as jpg

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Where are the best places to find more Loli stuff (hentai, games, etc.) Lately? I have been out of the loop for a while.

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Fucking incredible, Midna is best loli-enabler.

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Why do lolis need condoms???

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STD's exist

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why does this webm keep breaking?

lmao. nice corruption

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Get you queen of spades shit out of here nigger lover

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Gross nigger garbage, kill yourself

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nobody likes you

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works on my machine, it's cloudflare fucking up


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I don't like the psychotic look in her eyes.

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Fuck off glownigger

There's no way in hell that's not fucking traced

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based anti nig poster

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fast loli running at incredibly hihg speed

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Stop bitching about shit being traced and start working on bullying the nigger posters out of here.

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i can never understand the appeal of western style
It's devoid of Moe and looks like trash
do they purposefully make their work uncanny valley or something

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I didn't even know he was still here. They're getting sneaky with these damn spade things

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Flat chests and full 401Ks will come to you but ONLY if you reply to this post with "Fuck off niggers"

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Fucking cancer is what they are, and i wish the mods would ban them as the shitposters they are.

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complex and full of life flat simple and lifeless

We should bully the Wickr and link posters first, they're fucking cancer

Go ahead and take a (you)

Fuck off niggers

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top is ugly
bottom is low quality
they're both trash

that looks gross, though I think it's mainly because the face is an uncanny valley trace, the artist should've given her an anime face instead

Also my wickr is nicetryfbigofugurself ;)

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Not worse than the nigger posters not by a mile.
I'd rather have spiderman here than nigger lovers.

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I love the lewd faces this artist draws, almost to moonoverjune levels.

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Fuck off niggers

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kinda goofy but really cute since solo loli masturbating is my favorite thing in the world

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Nah Dude, the wickr and link posters are the feds looking to put you on a watchlist. Guess how most offenders are arrested, you can easily find documents/court hearings about it online
The feds don't care whether youre a good guy or not, the moment you click that link/join their honeypot, is the moment you're done for. Crocodiles they are, but that gets them paid

posting just for you since you whine so much

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imagine getting this mad in a porn thread instead of going and making your own thread

You are vile, the lowest of low and i hope you fucking die of aids you motherfucking monkey fucking cuck.

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I can't decide if this looks cute or gross, it's an interesting line.

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wtf is this shit taste

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Kill yourself back in 8ch

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Niggers have no place in loli threads and allowing it will normalise it sooner or later.

Niggers are gross fucking animals that should all be enslaved or sent back to their own fucking continent, cant wait for the corona virus to reach africa and absolutely WREAK HAVOC among those immunocompromised aids monkeys.

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I think it's a nice change of pace to the usual vanilla stuff.

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based tbqh

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yeah ok. just remember most people would say the same to you for liking loli.

pic related for the guy asking for chuuni loli yesterday

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no i'm not talking about the genre
i'm referring to the art style
idc if you post gore or some shit as long as the art style is at least decent

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>jerks off to drawn children
>is only offended by black people

wew lad

not sure why you can't have black people in pictures with lolis, it's on topic. whereas incoherent babbling about your hatred of blacks is not at all related to the topic

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>I can't decide if this looks cute or gross
totally with you there, its hella gross but kinda weirdly appealing at the same time.

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Right, this is a loli thread not a shit quality loli photoshops thread

Loli is pure unlike your niggershit animals

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Because they're stupid ass shoops, it's bad enough over 90% of posts are fucking samples


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>ragdoll physics

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>not sure why you can't have black people in pictures with lolis
Because its fucking gross and YOU'RE the only one in here getting off to it you fucking degenerate cuck.

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ah, so you don't have a problem with blacks as long as it isn't shopped? glad you clarified that because I have a lot of stuff you'll like then

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Imaginary STD???
Top kek

Interracial is gross and so is cuckshit.
No one wants you in the loli thread.

Cant wait for my gf to arrive in april ^_^ ima fuck and cum all over her in her tiger costume

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It looks good to me, sorry it's not up to your very high standards user. I'm out of stuff from this artist either way.

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well I'm OP and the first post was interracial, so...

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I do.
Imagine literally masturbating to black people.
Fuck off.

You're a gross degenerate cuck and should kill yourself.

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>he masturbates to the guy in the pic and not the loli
good job outing yourself as a faggot, faggot.

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FUCK there is a spade in the op
Thread was fucked from the beginning

toddler time

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We don't want you on Cred Forums.
Go back to 8ch
>he masturbates to the guy in the pic and not the loli
Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't photoshop him to be black.

New thread
No fucking niggers this time

Imagine being so fucking useless not only are you unable to get a partner in reallife but you ENJOY being cucked in fiction, fucking christ almighty.

and if YOU didn't masturbate to the guy, you wouldn't care what color he is. You're a faggot, admit it.

yes I forget what the irl equivalent is called in Japan, but there's a specific term and genre
Oh I love hot glue. That's great user.

busu kawaii

I care because it's cuckshit retard.

correct erect

idk how two people having sex is cucking. you need three people for it to be cucking. there isn't even a caption or anything saying it's cucking. it's literally just two people having sex. you're imagining something that isn't there and i think that says more about you than anything else

Catbro... it's caturday, where is our thread!

he's dead jim

context faggot, queen of spades is all about cucking whites not to mention how just a few threads ago this nigger couldnt shut up about how much he'd like to watch a loli being fucked by a nigger

except the one I posted was literally just a white loli and a darker-skinned guy and you still threw a hissy fit over it. no tattoos and not related to some random user from several threads ago. I think you just have an irrational anger over this and say random things to try to justify it.

Wait, 8ch is back? I thought it got shut down after a mass shooting last year.

You know that just makes the fags that post that shit want to post it even more, right?

they secretly want to see it get posted because it means they can rage and get angry and feel good about themselves.

Because i hate niggers because niggers are gross and i dont want gross shit in loli threads when im trying to jack off.

new thread

I genuinely miss him...

Cry more plz

Interracial IS cuckshit.
If you want to post porn with black people do black menxblack loli,
Go see a psychiatrist mentally ill faggot.
Wrong. Everytime they have been bullied the cuck fucked off and he'll fuck off again.
Get your cuckshit out of Cred Forums, you have 8ch for your mental illness fetish.

yeah, so basically you're just racist and need a safe space so you don't ever have to see an image that offends you. congrats, you're really saving the white race by getting mad at images posted on Cred Forums while jerking off

Noone (NOONE) but you wants to see interracial cuck porn. Just you, because you are mentally ill.

projection as usual. i have a wife and i'm perfectly happy. can you say the same?

She just wants to mooch off your disability money.

No they usually just shit up one thread then leave
I don't even care about the race shit I just don't want to see shitty photoshops and captions and markings all over the lolis