How real is coronavirus

how real is coronavirus

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They exists. About every third common cold is caused by strains of coronavirus.

As real as Cred Forums mods not being pedophiles

it will kill old peeps


The problem isn't the virus.. watch for the panic. The panic will grind everything to a hault

it will devastate the middle east, and purge our society of rapefugees. it seems to affect asiatics and those of mongol descent hardest.

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This is true. It is crashing markets. The flu kills thousands and nobody is scared. Take advantage of the panic. Wait for stocks to bottom out. I just refinanced a mortgage because the rates are so low. Plane ticket prices and hotel prices will plumet. Plan a vacation

I has my hazmat suit ready!

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>how real is coronavirus
it is real.
It is also a media driven hoax. So far, it is less severe than the flu we have every season.

Idiot people in Iran burned a clinic, because they belived that there are coronavirus infected patients. But nobody was inside it.

It's a meme you dip.

No one I know has it, so it must be fake

Its a real problem for china because their healthcare infrastructure is terrible which explains all the daths, for the U.S. we may see it spread but the death toll is going to be significantly less because we have knowledgable health advocacies and CDC awareness

It's all a hoax

Remains to be seen...

Your ass is a hoax.

Only old folks seem to be at risk of death for the most part. About 2 in 100 die from it. Though only about 1 in 1000 die from the flu.

The us has already had 200 cases, all cured, a majority of them where elderly. Do research numb nuts.

trump defunded the CDC in 2018 by about 20 billion dollars. never are we less prepared for something like this. moreover, trump's defunded health and human services by billions as well.
in any other time in modern history you'd be right.

kek where are you getting your numbers kiddo

all cured? nope. only 45 cases btw, 1 death. trump says "everything fine, democrats are making it all up"

And the first US death was reported today in Washington. Nice try tho

We now know that reinfection can happen so that number is probably going to go up in places that have reached full epidemic status.

It's just starting, dickbrain.

It kills anyone. Even children.

So unfortunately the US's first death happened today, and this is due to the fact their Health Service is turning away people because without funding or insurance they cannot stay in hospitals for average 1 month that may be required.

And there was someone outside of a hospital walking around California and infected people there too, which means more and more people this week will be infected across the US due to people travelling with it.

Trump fucked up, he even told people that heat could kill it, which is utter BS.

By Friday coming, the US numbers will spike I guarantee you. While recovery rates go stale.

Welcome to your Corporate run country, enjoy it while you can.

a high school senior died in Washington, 19 years old, perfectly healthy until COVID-19.

america's a third world country if you're in the middle class. and pic related is the xtian trap who's apparently "leading the coalition against the the conspiracy of coronavirus"

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He’s gonna say you can nuke this virus. Guarantee it.

If Hong Kong shuts down schools, it's serious

fake and gay. only faggots die of some sneazy bois.

More likely "Fake news" when dozens die and it escalates.

It’s a new, strong, flu-like virus. People will get sick, people will die, there will be a vaccine. In the future there will be another and another. Deal with it.

Go meet someone with it and let us know if you recover otherwise if you die you are a faggot. According to you.

Listen, china would not be shutting ddown their economy and cities if it wasnt v serious. Jew vaccine in 90 days. Get 30 days of food n water stord just incase it gets to ur town b4 the vaccine does.

That is a lie. 2% icu death rate, 15% uncontroĺled death rate. That is extremely substantial.

already did. faggot

its a big ass hoax. nwo strategical move. probably to get into iran. "create one big crisis"

look at my dubs of truth.
btw, hi atroce

Rip the Finns I guess

Must be hard living in that fantasy world you have.

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Quote this in a years time.

I wonder how many deniers will die from this 'imaginary' virus?

its pretty rad actually. also checked.

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Not enough

As real as your deep, dark fantasies

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Chinese were spraying down entire cities with tones of bleach, those videos of them spraying things? Bleach.

Then they were giving the infected some really strong steroids to fight off the virus which was damaging their hearts. The people who died and healthy died because of heart failure from the steroids.

Then they went around bashing in the brains of random wild life.

China is a third world country, don't forget that.

>When you lie about shit on Cred Forums
>because your dick size is too small and nobody takes you seriously in real life

Firstly it attacks the lungs not the heart.
Secondly if they were spraying anything it would be an alcohol based spray to help kill infection.
Thirdly wild life wasn't bashed in, only 1 case of a dog with the virus has emerged no more than that.
Fourth, if they are a third world country and their economic growth is better than the US then your country must be way below that.

>Firstly it attacks the lungs not the heart.
never said that retard, the steroids were attacking the heart.
>it would be an alcohol based spray to help kill infection.
it was bleach
>only 1 case of a dog with the virus
It can't be transmitted through animals, that's the point idiot.
>their economic growth
china manipulates their currency

Nigga What?

Then I suggest using proper grammar next time.

Which animal was it transmitted through originally? Can't answer I bet, because there was no proof it was, its a myth that it started from animals.

Manipulating currency, is that the best excuse you have? Whats the problem? Can't stand the fact your little story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese?

virus is fake as fuck nigga but the consequences this will cause are real

>Which animal was it transmitted through originally? Can't answer I bet, because there was no proof it was, its a myth that it started from animals.
That's what I'm saying you god damn idiot.
I'm pointing out how stupid the Chinese are.
You must be one of them.

Looks like you are desperate to say anything, first you claim it comes through animals then you infer it isn't.

Keep trying hard kid.


>you claim it comes through animals

fake news dude, thats some some steven spielberg shit yo

gimme quads


It can be transmitted through animals, it was transferred initially from cattle in Hubei. That is how it has incubated through the years, the farmers had got infected first and then passed it on to family etc.