And I voted for this insecure cuck...

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I did, too. He’s fucking awesome.

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You didn't Tenda, you're a UK halfbreed so you can't

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fake news as usual

>Former Trump supporter here. We can't give him control of the vaccine.

>Acting like every single Right-winger in the country wasn't triggered as fuck by someone practicing free speech and freedom of expression.

>Arguing against the premises for these asinine protests
>Y-you guys are triggered LOL

>Jesus.and I voted for this insecure cuck...

leave Jesus out of this

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I did too and I'm going to do it again.

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You like CBT too?

Holy shit the cringe in that image

The nazi party was the embodiment of "lying press"

I thought...I thought kneeling was the problem?

Yeah OP he's a fuckin retard and coronavirus is going to kill his whole base and maybe him lol

do not feed the trolls-

what is this new logposter shit why am I seeing this everywhere

>ignoring the fact that lugenpresse was discussed in germany from the 1800s
everything bad in german is hitler right? fucking retard


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They weaponized "lying press". Anything contemporary that resembles the Nazi propaganda machine is exempt from Godwin's Law.

Leck mich am arsch, schwule.

>kinda hard to hate on Germans when I've lived there & speak it, dickwipe

> Hurr durr orange man bad because TV said so

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Here's what you Reich Wing nutswingers don't understand:

>Orange Man isn't bad because tv said so
>Orange Man is bad because... Orange Man is bad.

Not that hard to figure out. Then again, you kinda have to not be a fucking moron in order to do that. Maybe our expectations of the Reich are too high. Entirely possible...

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"Triggered" irony.

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What city in the United States will fit me best?
> I hate fall
> I hate winter
> i hate snow
> I hate daylight saving time (DST)
> I only like hot and hot climates all year round
> I am against the right to own weapons
> I think that trump should not be president
> I don't know how to drive and use public transportation
> I don't drink any alcohol and I don't smoke
> I like Major League Soccer (MLS)

Yeah , out of Mexico!

Y'know what's so fuckin' funny about this whole "the other side is triggered" bullshit?

The left is triggered by Trump for his lack of ethics, morality, empathy, respect for the rule of law, respect for humans other than his billionaire buddies and utter incapacity of understanding the concepts of "actions ---> consequences" and "conflict of interest".

The right is triggered by anyone with "(D)" after their name.

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>>What city in the United States will fit me best?
>> I like Major League Soccer (MLS)

None. We don't do soccer in the US. Go to Europe if you wanna indulge that shit. Unless you wanna stay in the Western Hemisphere, in which case, find the border the US shares with Mexico, then pick any spot South of that.

COTUS (cuck of ...)

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the only "sides" that exist are:


95% of the population couldn't give a rats ass about liberal, conservative political bullshit.

>The left is triggered by Trump for his lack of ethics, morality, empathy, respect for the rule of law, respect for humans

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Get fucked throte virgin. Nothing can compare to the logposting, Trump has guaranteed his second term by securing the Log vote already much like Andy's log securely clogs your throte. How can democrats even compete at this point?

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You, cuck, are the fucking problem.

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Whatever deaths corona brings in the u.s.a are welcome. Corona is here ONLY because of no border wall.

Blame dems for any and all deaths. Trump keeps winning

>Corona is here ONLY because of no border wall.

hahaha; the ol' anti plane wall

You hopeless inbred dumb-fuck, the Bush Family Wehrmacht built the border wall years ago. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

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>everything bad in german is hitler right?
Pretty much. It's hard to get past the Holocaust.

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gotta stop all the Chinese from coming up that Mexican border

>costco completely inaccessible at the moment
>my local grocery absolutely getting crushed. Every register open, lines up entire aisles
>completely sold out of all sanitizer

nice press conference by president doofus. You looked like you've been up 72 hours. Nice walk back of that hoax garbage. Really helping the public.

Well i have to defend the republicans by saying, doing another USSR isn't worth it look at how russia and china is doing so stop with this socialist bullshit user

Protip: when he says it's a hoax, he's not saying the virus doesn't exist. He's saying that the media and their democrats are now using it as political mud to throw. They are essentially saying a disease in China is somehow his fault, which is nonsense.

every death is one of your voters you idiot. Doing us a favor telling your own elderly, smoking population to ignore it.

But he's not wrong, he's doing his job and trying to calm the people to not panic and instead of the Democrats helping Trump with this outbreak they're trying to sully his name

Maybe Liberals and Democrats should grow the fuck up and fucking help instead of trying to point fingers like the beta bitch, snowflake cucking nigger lovers they are.

>You looked like you've been up 72 hours.
He looked like a zombie. I was waiting for him to yell "BRAINS" and attack a reporter.

to keep using the same examples of socialism, as if there are absolutely no ways of improving upon the past examples, then one can do the same about "democracy". Why do we continue having a democracy when Rome clearly failed at it!?

How does that tiny orange old man cock taste? Good?

translation: I want more free shit1!!! waaaaaaa!!!!!11

Well the roman empire lasted longer than muh Communism. And i know democracy has its flaws but what better options do exist then that wont end in a total disaster?

Translation: I have no real rebuttal, user is absolutely correct. I'll just do my best at trying to make them mad... "I want more free shit1!!! waaaaaaa!!!!!11"

what about any of the multiple first world nations with strong social programs like canada, sweden, denmark etc; they all seem to be doing pretty fucking well

I feel bad for you, you couldn't even formulate a proper retort just some silly, primitive nigger one-off

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translation: he's right, I do just want free shit. Quick, pretend he's just trolling!!!!!1

and you'll vote for him again,because your to stupid to know any better

>your to stupid


no you didn't you have to be at least 18 and you are not

your = possessive (your terrible attempt at correcting someone based on grammar)
you're = you are too stupid to know any better


also to/too. They should just leave the internet.

that's what I have your mother listed in my phone as. cbt, cunt big titties. So yes.