Rekt thread

Rekt thread.
Rekt thread.

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Lure the niggers in

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Smaller than I thought, huh.

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this isnt even rekt its a trap

Welp, you rekt'd my sexuality, I hope you're happy.

how can one be so fucking retarded and get in the fucking way of the riders

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What happened here?

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Last from what i know i think that's a european teenager that got herself killed in a car accident or she was fucked up

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That's pretty hard core.

My sides

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Anyone got the one of the parents that are yelling at the kid and the dad pulls out a gun and sets it on the table and the kid picks it up and blows his brains out?


it's photoshopped to make her smile.
It was a cam whore from here who retreated to discord. an ex boyfriend or stalker tracked her down and slowly bled her out and also slit his own wrists, killing himself too.
murder suicide

mein* sides

Nothing ist Hardcore niggah

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Fake assfuck

why dont just women wear skirts. its literally that easy

feet.exe has stopped working

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grand maul (spellcheck) seizure.


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Nope but I do have an elderly caucasion getting stomped during thai riots

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let's have some classics

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lol just loves how they kick the knife away and back off to led him bleed to death.

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Ayy its brenton tarrant muslim pacifier mah boi

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That is not what a poop knife is for


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White race gettin rekt

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Omg this shit just makes me want a nuke to go off in every town every where


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I want the rest, that was pretty based.

Hey gta5 its dead you can stop now

What a fucking king


this is my fetish
moar plz

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ultra kek

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This is why they were not aloud to go anywhere without a man


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he didnt make it, right?

should have run him down

As good as whites?

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why no audio?

kek but rip for the kid

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where can i get full

are you retarded?

more like this

i hope the cashier lived it was pretty hardcore

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Moooaaar Like this mooooaaaar!!!!

He didn't cut his wrists, he stabbed himself in the neck, but the paramedics got to him before he died so he's still alive

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Sorry user but I can't see the color of their skin so I don't know whether I should say lost or rekt.

Its fake retard


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That was one hell of a fart...

One last akbar for the road.

Do your parents know what you’re doing young man?
Get your shit together faggot

>hits boat
>immediately careens into ocean

jesus fuck

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Nerve gas

wig split

She was a hooker with midlife crisis that sucked his single mom alimony from some guy and this way her "wow so cool" trip in Italy.
She deserved it

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lol wtf

ah. it's been a awhile and I remember the mods were on those threads like flys on shit, insta banning them into oblivion.

I think it was in middle American but i don't know user

nah he was fine



That bounce at the end when he slams his head on the ground

Oh - There's more than one person in this race!

top kek

I like watching these it reminds me of childhood when I watched cartoons it makes me feel better

I watched a gay porno once... The rekt never came... THE REKT NEVER CAME!

imagine your just hanging out at home and then getting the word that this is how your mom fucking died.

Fat cunt ate the mic

I thought asians worshipped wypipo.

Niggs are gonna nigg

wasn't it russian cougar in panama

>you met me at a very strange time in my life

when were u wen ur mom die

i was at house jerking off to loli hentai when phone ring


Nigger be like "Why you honkin me mayne, yeither got kfc orya dont and ya dont so i gonna be ridin like this, and dont be honkin me till i find a kfc"


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they both got that warning hair but they both be insane so youre like "Heyyyyy fucking nutters"

good dog

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Hot chip predicted this

pPlease let me go, please let me go
Please let me go, please let me go
Please let me go, please let me go
Please let me go, please let me go

So glad to see you, glad you came
We had nice times, we hope you come again
Please come and see us sing
If you come we have nice times again
And now it's time to go, time to go

Mclovin in drag

twice trying to stand on a badly broken ankle by the looks of it. hmmmmm, drugs were involved here.

Early video of hussain Bolt

He lived, however his next stunt annoying a fuck ton of ripped bees didn't go so well.


Nothing of value was lost

The town rapist finally got caught?

story on that one pls

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Resources fo Europe

if only it were that easy

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You had a preconceived notion about how big a chopped off dick would be?

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This is worse than drowning and more prolonged than burning

da fuq

The only correct answer.

edgelord loser thread.

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"Wait i'm not gay anymore"

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The only question any man should ever ask themselves of a woman is, "will she make a good mother." These woman will die alone with cats eating out their eyes.

Wonder what she felt/saw when she was twitching afterwards

That's fucked up