The apocalypse will start to ramp up around May...

The apocalypse will start to ramp up around May. The very last person on planet earth will die from the coronavirus on the evening of December 31, 2020.

Any post in this thread that ends with 61 or 85, the poster will get the coronavirus within seven days.

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I never bothered to ask this before but what the fuck is coronavirus? isn't it some flu that happens every 2-3 years. is it somehow different to validate all this nonsense threads

The word apocalypse means "great revealing".

What do you think is going to be revealed to us?

That we're all gonna die by the coronavirus before the year's end

Impossible., fuck off kid.

sitting back and waiting for 30 million uninsured niggers and white trash to infect the entire US population because they can't afford to see a doctor

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>The very last person on planet earth will die from the coronavirus on the evening of December 31, 2020.
Who will they catch it from though?

>being retarded enough to think the last person in a Coronavirus-related extinction event will die of Coronavirus and not a lack of food, heating, medication, or clean water
>thinking the coronavirus could kill all humans by the end of 2020
This is either an embarrassing attempt at hyper-sensationalizing Ebola scare part 2 or just a show of how retarded OP is.

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Coronavirus is a modified viral strain developed by researchers to help combat airborne respiratory illness. It was developed in the US but discontinued before restarting in China by a few of the original Chinese researchers. Because it is a modified strain, there is little information on how long it persists in people who contract it after infection or how deadly it is other than reported figures.



That sounds like stupid conspiracy theory.


61 85 get

COVID-2019 has only a less than 5% death rate compared with 50% of Ebola and 100% of Rabies. This won't do shit other than make people feel like shit for a while.
Trips if I am wrong.

>100% of rabies
Wait what

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Yep, you can check it out if you want, rabies has no cure. If you take the vaccine two weeks after being bitten you are going to be fine. But if symptons start showing up, you can prepare your funeral. There are some tratments but they are not really effective and might still leave you crippled.
That's why the first case of a rabies recovery made news last year if I recall correctly.
It has not wiped the world because bite transmission is really slow.


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Nice dubs. However. My doctor didn’t tell me any of this, and I punched a raccoon to death after it bit me many times. Shouldn’t everyone know this shit or am I just too retarded to not know this as background information?

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If you took the vaccine shot you will be fine, but I found out rabies transmission from racoon to human is rare. It mostly comes from bats that have bitten people and were not noticed.

i think if you go to doctor after getting bitten by wild animal they'll automatically rabies punch you. might be wrong.

I did, yeah. Well now i know. Thanks user

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your doctor didn't tell you because he was afraid you'd give him a bad review, because american health care is more about treating your stupid ass like a customer who needs to be placated rather than a sick/injured person who needs medical attention.


Novel Corona virus is the strain of virus, its typically called the common cold, the virus that is spreading now COVID-19 is the mutation of that virus and falls under the Novel Cornoavirus which infects humans. Essentially the reason this version of the virus is hyped up is because it is spreading faster than the typical cold due to the high population of its origination. The only reason it has the world in a panic is because it killed so many in china so quickly, but no one is addressing the fact that china has a terrible health infrastructure
>protip: dont listen to the hype

>I punched a raccoon to death
Are we all going to ignore this?

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nice try cum dumpster
the virus has similar infection, virulence, and death rates among specific age groups as the regular flu.
all thats going to happen is you get two flu shots every year instead of 1.
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Isn't the fatality rate lower than 10%? I hope it takes all the chinese, sand niggers and nigger niggers.


So twice as many autists will vote Trump in 2024?

That's because it is. Coronavirus is a family of vira, that causes common cold among other things.. The specific one that these autists are scared about is the 2019-nCoV strain, which is basically just a tamer, but more virulent version of SARS. You won't die unless you are a baby, old or immunocompromised.

Or maybe if you are an amerifat that can't afford to go to the doctor

It's below zero for young people and hovers around 2.5% for old people

why 61 or 85? What's with those numbers?
also, fuck the Corona hype

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I live within 20 miles of the first US death

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Kung Flu gonna get U

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I’m invincible

that's what mouth breathing hopium sucking neanderthals think, anyways.
That's because they're so stupid that they actually believe official numbers given to them by the Chinese government, A.K.A. a stupid fucking idea.

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Not worried. Only one user got it so far

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Of course it does lol, i have never once seen anything remotely intelligent said on Cred Forums, op is either literally insane or very very stupid

No it isnt, thats what you want it to be because that would validate your retarded conspiracy theories

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>I never bothered to ask this before but what the fuck is coronavirus? isn't it some flu that happens every 2-3 years. is it somehow different to validate all this nonsense threads

Coronavirus - family of 200+ viruses, cold viruses and such
Noroviruses - another family of 200+ viruses, generally gives you the poops and vomiting
Parymyxoviruses - less common, more dangerous
Influenzaviruses - very common, dangerous if novel, thousands of variants
Ebola/marburg viruses - rare, nigger killers because they are stupid, don't wear shoes and keep goats in their living rooms. easy to control.
Aids viruses - plague upon degenerate assfuckers, rather disappointing virus

You forgot Sixxovirus. Endless creamy goodness slidding down your throat