Really makes ya think, huh?

really makes ya think, huh?

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No not really. They are both puppets. If your not a shill I feel sorry for you.

Trump is a vile charlatan and I think he's a symptom showing how doomed our country is.

In 1940 with a growing and prominent Jewish presence in China, they suffered a multicultural revolution. Once the Jews effectively shoved their hand up their goyim puppet they progressed plans to fulfill their active and historically consistent goal layed out in the Talmud, enslaving all non Jews.

It is no coincidence that the Chinese infiltrate the US the same way that Jews infiltrated Italy, Germany, England. It is no coincidence that the race that developed Zyklon B instructed a puppet to create a viral weapon to effectively put fear into the world that is lashing back against their forced culture manipulation.

There is no coincidence that Israel will have the vaccine, why the vaccine won't be cheap, and how many Jews will profit from this drop in the market. The manipulation is the same plan as Iran was, but more successful this time.

then get out. go to a 3rd world country an let us know how that goes

Read about it, the flu is worse, just China using it as an excuse to control people 98.5% survival rate and our media for fud

yeah, do more drugs..

Nope. You only like Obama because he was a black man who spoke like a white man.

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You know what idiot, when you take every single word someone say completely literally you're going to find things you disagree with.

Better than someone who ignores the constitution altogether.

Obama is only 50% black.
He's also 50% white.

Patriot act, passed by Republicans.

You can't be older than 16

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He never called it a hoax. You are regurgitating biased leftwing media bullshit. Sheep.

Ahem. 50% Jewish

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This post coming from a Reich wing faggot whose idol constantly suggests shit he wants to get done & has to have aides around him to tell him that what he wants is either unethical, immoral or illegal.

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“Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” Trump said. “They have no clue, they can't even count their votes in Iowa.”

“This is their new hoax,” Trump continued, adding that attacking the White House’s response to the coronavirus had become the Democratic Party’s “single talking point.”

Quick search reveals you're full of shit. Although I'm sure NBC News is run by Soros and the quotations are fabricated from whole cloth, right? Give me a minute to see what Breitbart says, if you would rather believe them.

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If Trump called corona the biggest threat to US health since the 1918 influenza epidemic and quarantined the country, the democrats would be screaming he's using a little bit of flu as an excuse to shut down borders.

Pretty much

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*tump sporters

Explain to me how enlightened liberal urban policies are better that low unemployment, higher wages and defense of the Constitution.

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> (OP)

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Constitution fags are the worst.

So American should scrap it's constitution, is that what you are saying?

What should replace it?

What city in the United States will fit me best?
> I hate autumn
> I hate winter
> I hate daylight saving time (DST)
> I only like hot and hot climates all year round
> I am against the right to own weapons
> I think that trump should not be president
> I don't know how to drive and use public transportation
> I don't drink any alcohol and I don't smoke
> I like Major League Soccer (MLS)

Typical Trumpette, wanting to replace the Constitution with "Art of The Deal." That is what you meant, isn't it? I read between the lines.

That shit was never a real danger in the first place, the transmission was only a danger to literal retards and the infected die far too fast.