Trap thread

trap thread

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based and trap-pilled

need more of pic related

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Go on

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is the user from last thread who had the old picture of me still here? I wanted to chat

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Yeah. I saved that picture in Feb 2019 according to my computer O_O

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that is a long time ago jeez... wanted to ask if you had any more pictures of me saved? I lost a bunch a while back and I’ve been trying to find them again

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I found 4 more from that thread. I can post them, but i feel like I'd be ruining the reveal for the rest of this thread. Maybe you should go first ;)

-)f +30o0o3 0dd2 \|4.

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gotta be a tease haha, I see how it is

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Anyone find more of this yet?

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Is this why transes are always talking about pickles? Please respond.

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I'm looking for more of

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She is hot as hell

Cute if she was clean and cut.

I think dude was right, it's partialasian. She's just looking way different post tit-job and with cosplay makeup

Where do you see dirty?
absolute shit taste
smol covered peens are the cutest best genitals for girls to have

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Oh, how do I find more of this stuff then?

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account with her mulatto tranny wife

used to go by partialasian on tumblr, posted fucking vids with her bf at the time and various nudes/lewds. then she deleted it all and went dark for a bit, before going on chaturbate with her gf who also had something extra, and they went by surpriseitssteak, also making a new tumblr of the same name. then that project went south and their chaturbate died. i stopped following her story since, not sure where these new pics are coming from. guess she came back for more
pic related is from a popular webm that gets posted in these threads a lot

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>then that project went south
just googled it, they're behind a paywall but just advertised today so still active

I just don't want to ruin your moment, but if you were to face the camera and give everyone the peace sign for the reveal I probably couldn't help myself

their surpriseitssteak stuff didn't die, it's still been going, just through manyvids and reddit mostly

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would you say passable or not?

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More of her?

Just looks like a twink to me, still pretty cute



probably happened after i stopped paying attention. the last time i checked the bio said "THIS PROJECT IS DEAD STOP ASKING ABOUT IT"
guess they really need the money because they made it seemed like they didn't want to expose themselves anymore

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I would need to see the original picture to tell for sure

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Nadia :)

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>great need of surgery
Oh no, not frankenpussy I hope

But yeah, they always fall back to camming to get procedures done, it's sad. At least a few have managed to start making money video game streaming instead

Although I say this as a dude who loves to wank to them showing off, sooo

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they've been making porn ever since they left chaturbate, I didn't realize they went back but they did mention it on their Twitter at some point

I dont think they ever went into hiding, just stopped camming

I'm in a trans discord where they both are and they've been actively sharing stuff ever since I joined

What a cutie


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Damn. If you put some effort in you could be stunning

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Wait aren’t you in Disney rn



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Gonna have to go soon, if you're still there.

would this do the job? ;)

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You can be lewder then that right?
In fact I know you can!

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You have little pre-cum stain on your lingerie slut

so fucking hot i need more

oooh don’t have that one! I definitely can, just might need some advice from you on what you’d like to see?

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Might’ve been someone else then, they were talking about worlds edge and stuff

Sinners here what's up suckas?

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>trans discord
these killed trap threads

Not me ^^'

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I'd say then don't post here, but y'all gayboys like to congregate here anyway and gas each other up whether trap or not, so.

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Imagine manhandling her by the balls and shoving your face directly into those cheeks

Start with pulling down those panties and get it to an edge, then spread your legs apart and give me a shot of it hanging down.

I think you would make a cute Disney princess, but I don't know why they said Disney

That is one perfect booty

Bro you're not a trap you're a cross dresser please exit this way

Thanks :)

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Take a shower I love traps not hippies

Anytime, cutie pie


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You are so adorable

Kik or SC?

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No Kik or anything. Sorry

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Well there goes me asking for morning pics to wake up to

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Save them and set them as your wallpaper. Kinda the same :p

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Show ass?

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What a tease :P
But then it would just be the same pictures, without new ones

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How to look like a lunatic 101

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Oh wow
More ass pics please
That really you

Skype or discord

Yeah it's me

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hehe :3

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Skype or discord

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Mmmm what a sexy tease at that

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Skype or discord ??

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just reposting, sorry

This an old miss thiccy red pic?

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So many things I would do to you in that outfit

Hot ass clit pics?

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Gotta take off, but ill post these before I go

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Do tell ;)

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I would kiss all over that neck and chest for starters

This is how that thread ended last time after you were unable to do someone's first request.

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Kik takes 1 minute to set up.

Damn. I’d love to breed you.

Is this the trap that always larps as an elf?


Then move down and kiss those smooth sexy thighs

gay thread is gay

More please. Love that face and cute titties

I don't care one way or the other, its just a pretty standard form of communication on here to not have it and where for attention.


Well I like being on my back ;)

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Perfect. I want to see that pretty face while I fill you up. ;)

where did the sexy femboy from oklahoma who posted here go? i tried to hit him up on snap but he seems to have vanished :/

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A trap from soc btw

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Failed the quote

Just slide my panties to the side and slide in ;)

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cute af

Yes baby. Give me that hole.

All yours

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You wanna ride my cock baby

some more

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Come get it sexy. Ride this cock. Make yourself cum from it.

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Fuck me and I will push back against it

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You want me to rub your little flirty while you ride it?

I want to rub your little flirty while you ride me.


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Damn, that’s hot.

Pretty sure this is same person

face very passable

Hooked up grinder, honestly felt better than pussy, had them gripping the bed sheets

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Wanted to take more pictures of them but they didn’t feel like it

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she is the best.... hate to sound like a stalker.... but damn if i could ever hookup with her and take care of her i think life would be grand


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More of this one?

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Hi I'm looking for Dom traps or trans to own me and make my little white cock cum pls

Kik: inneedofbbc9


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Are weekends boring or is it just me?

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Cute bulge
Heyyyy you showed face
Extremely cute, would plaster with cum

Please send me these pics to my whatsapp i will give you money for trans women only 07575828289

Thanks! You like my bunny?

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Damn you are so sexy

Enjoy all my pics in this thread :) There are quite a bit

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who dis?

Don't worry i did it :p
I like your lingerie, and the picture with your ass and heels ! Do you have more ?

A few :p I am running out tho haha

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Damn i want so much to put my dick between these beautiful lips ! :p

I hear that a lot ;P

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God baby, your mouth is so sexy. I would make out with you for hours on end, anticipating feeling those soft lips wrap around my shaft.

I guess so, you're so beautiful, thanks for the share :p

Hihi :)

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Just noticed you also have perfect eyes

:) x

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I think i'm falling in love, i hope you'll give us other shot soon

Kik sugarcum420

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Are you falling in love or your dick ;)??

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haha ! Both i guess :p

this was dissapointing they arent as sexy as real women

Black Dom bull with huge BBC and horny af. Sub trans and traps kik me

Kik: Kink_BlackBull

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who is her ?

I love it
How it looks like from the back uwu

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you look like a guy, so...maybe dont present as a guy if you want to be passable as female. but if youre a trans-male, well, then i think i answered your question.

try googling the words on the picture.

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Bare ass NAO

i dont have any bare ass photo

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why is alwasy hatchet faced slobs that crossdress. fucking lame.

Make some?
That's a plowable ass btw can I hit?

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he oldest records of human history show that there
have always been people who suffered mental or
emotional illnesses. Such illnesses have existed in
every kind of culture and civilization — from the most
primitive to the most advanced.

For a long time the mentally ill were punished or,
at best, neglected. They were thought to be possessed
by demons, or “moonstruck,” or to be less than
human. Society put them out of sight in jails or poor-

Today, we no longer chain the mentally ill or ignore
them. We see them as sick people who, like all sick
people, need medical treatment. Moreover, we believe
that if we apply our best medical knowledge and
what we know about human behavior, all but a
small portion of the mentally ill can attain a whole-
some social adjustment. We believe that most mental-
ly ill people can be treated in the communities where
they live instead of having to be sent away for pro-
longed confinement.

kik or snapchat?

It has been estimated, on the basis of certain surveys,
that 1 in 10 people in the United States suffers from
a mental or emotional disturbance. This refers to
mental illness and emotional disorders in all forms —
major and minor — and includes the many millions
of people whose symptoms may be of a psychoso-
matic nature, as in ulcers or hypertension, or of a
psychotic nature, such as schizophrenia. The fact is,
however, that we do not know how many people are
mentally ill — partly because the boundaries between
mental health and illness are as yet only dimly defined,
md partly because many people with emotional dis-
>rders do not seek treatment.

Oh shit look at them numerals

Are you still there ? :p

Character or personality disorders are difficulties in
adjustment that show themselves in the kind of dis-
turbed behavior that is seen in the drug addict, the
chronic alcoholic, or the delinquent. They may also
be associated with epilepsy and brain damage due to
injury or infection. Usually the person with a char-
acter disorder does not feel great anxiety or guilt about
his behavior, whereas most other emotionally ill per-
sons with the same symptoms do. He behaves very
much as if he did not care about the standards of
conduct or achievement that are important to most
people in our society. Irresponsibility and immaturity
are often indications of this type of disorder.

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I-is that a shitstain??

Me haha

Attached: A57.jpg (1620x2160, 1.6M)


Thanks ;)

Attached: A9.jpg (1440x1920, 1.19M)

Really nice ass. I want to use it as a pillow

I'm loving it xxx x

Keep posting and tell up what you like!

You could use it for more ;)

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Attached: WhatsApp Video 2019-09-02 at 12.04.45 AM (1).webm (320x240, 170K)

I wish i could. You really make my day!

Got kik or snap? Discord?

Ny right?

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hot legs :p

Totally would breed this one

Id put kids in it

Thanks! And no I dont use em sorry

Nah not even the right country

Attached: AirBrush_20200113075826.jpg (2160x1620, 1.49M)


Your always welcome.

Damn thats a shame. But it were just too good to have some private time with you.

Wich country is it?



kik or snap?

Thanks hahah

Not telling so let's go with Australia

Dont use em


very pretty ass but can we see it stuffed with really thick toys? i think this is where its at now

Femenine buttholes

Attached: 226218-1x.jpg (1200x674, 171K)

One of these days I'll convince the wife to let me bring in a sissy little thing to play with.

damn.. unfortunate wanted to nut with you..

Me now.

Attached: 3413589e-d6a8-4770-b793-04f591c26133.jpg (720x540, 43K)

Lol idiot

Yes more



Black Dom bull looking for cute sub traps or trans to play with

Kik me: Kink_BlackBull

Hi I'm looking for Dom traps or trans to own me and make my little white cock cum pls

Kik: inneedofbbc9

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Attached: Snapchat-1563688738.jpg (676x1211, 51K)

more please user

any big titty kayla pics?

Attached: 1538257014350.jpg (720x1280, 83K)

Damn who dat

Attached: 1582171557738.jpg (1024x687, 52K)

Ahh yes, thanks for the insight

Attached: 1478117473761.jpg (500x688, 82K)

Attached: 6e341feda071ac2285ca0f424318e43aaf62e33f.jpg (861x1544, 840K)

A trap is a dude that looks like a girl, you just look like a dude, go to the gay thread

I showed you my pickle please respond

Attached: bdsmlr-291048-8lddsaZf0t.png (540x728, 583K)

Attached: 1538346464040.jpg (1074x1431, 1.08M)

Snatch that wig, sis

Attached: 1578785019751_gif-Na.webm (380x640, 873K)

V v cute!!!

Attached: bdsmlr-291048-u4TRyvhJoX.png (540x876, 641K)


Attached: 20200229_211317.jpg (1360x1288, 651K)

Attached: 20200229_205727.jpg (2640x1288, 607K)

Whos this? Very adorable

Attached: bdsmlr-291048-fS27HQR7gb.png (540x359, 271K)


Super cute

cute kitty

tell me more...
Am I the gay now?

i'd pound that butt while our balls slapped together. cum buckets

=°~°= tyyy

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