Spaceship thread

Spaceship thread

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SS Black Banana reporting for duty.

USS Grey Applepie reporting

Blue bat soup

RMS Blue Chip takes flight.

Black Clif Bar

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Blue Ramen

That being said, fuck the pussy ass star trek ships, give me a 40K dreadnought any day of the week over that weak ass shit. Even a stargate ship like the daedalus was less pussy ass than the enterprise.

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Blue McGangbang

SS Blue Donut clearing dry dock

Pink Hamburger at your disposal!

That looks fucking insane

Grey carrot

green cookie

Maroon Pizza standing by

Plaid semen reporting for duty

The USS None-Hibachi

USS invisible cheese string ready for duty

USS Black multivitamin

HMS Black Mushroom Spread Sandwich.

Black dick. Oh and my undies are green

It looks like a ship designed to fuck shit up.

Warhammer 40k ship

Pink buffalo chicken sandwich

The USS Skidmark Dick

SS White Macaroni & Cheese

SS orange orange

Red Grilled Cheese reporting for duty

Uss blue waffle reporting in

USS BLACK FRITOS on stannd by.

purple bagel

>gray naan
pretty cool actually

SS Calamari Nude

damn that's actually pretty good

Commando Bagel

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black pot-au-feu

Commando Buffalo Wings reporting for duty

USS Commando Braunschweiger, reporting for doodie!

USS Black Bolognese

Oh so that's how they named Red Dwarf

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White Banana

The Black Ceylon.

sounds kinda klingon, I'm down

DKM Grey Pizza checking in

Are you me?

USS Black Cereal

Waiting for the one who will write " USS coulour semen"

USS Noburger

blue burger

Commando Sushi standing by.

Black cracker. True story

no pudding

Grey jalapeno McChicken

>The non-existent cheese pizza
I don't know if I like that name.

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You ate a dwarf?

Red noodles ready

The USS Black Drumstick is ready for it's maiden voyage.

USS Commando Pussy, checking in

the Nonexistent Texas Club
the Commando Texas Club

Based and tit pilled.

Blue peanut

USS Black Beans, reporting for Duty

The Black Jalapeno Bratwurst

The green omelette reporting in

The Grey Kit-Kat White

meh, ok

French captain from picardie in command of White Rillette reporting in

black poutine tbnk

the blue broccoli brings greetings from earth!

USS Plaid Creampie

striped beef stroganoff

USS Grey Cookie

U.S.S. Naked Pussy


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Red Suboxone

White Bread

Turquoise Oatmeal at the ready.

Black timeout

Whatever you do don't google blue waffle

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Black gum

SS Commando Boipucci

USS Black Burrito standing by

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Blue plaid tuna sandwich

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Nothing + amphetamines = ?

"Light Grey Donut?"

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USS Free Ballin Kolach

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USS Grey Cracker


Commando Oatmeal

Blue shitstained protein bar? Fuck you.

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birthday suit bacon, standing by

skin color you homo

red-black-white lays

red casserole reporting in

red striped potato chip

Gray Orange, the starship which is neither gray nor orange.

Actually pretty good desu senpai

Blue Samoa

Love those girl scouts

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Blue Yogurt, reporting or duty

Green chicken O.O

The good ship Green Waffle, On stand by.

Black cum?

SS Black pizza pocket

USS black hotpocket ready for duty

Black cheese pizza? I’m not sure how I feel about my ships name

Black Omelette got your back partner

Blue Moouse

Black toast

SS Blue Waffle here, awaiting orders

what's a blue waffle?

The Commando Cola

A war ship to surpass the metal gear

USS Black Pasta is on a classified mission into enemy territory

Starship Commando Orange

Red Cereal

USS Orange Froot Loops setting course at warp 8

USS Gray Milk & Cookies sounds like a Girl Scout delivery van

USS Commando Scrambled Eggs

The green meatball

Commando Whopper

Skidmark Cherrypie

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Shitstained Shit

andys log

Uss blue omelet ready for action

Blue Egg at your service

Commando Stew
>12 matches for Commando already ITT.

Captain of the Mint Tortellini here

Flesh Donut

The Off-White KitKat

Cobalt sweet & spicy doritos n chili

HMS Black Cheese reporting for duty

google it

Hms plaid curry

None existent shrimp.
>Stealth craft

You're a retard
I am never hungry for anyting
you're a retard.

black peanutbutter

not even going to lie.

white cucumbergetti

ooooohhhh no what is that

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SS Blue Biscuit reporting

Blue Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Cumstained white cheeseburger.

red ramen

Commando Chink Noodles & Veggies In A Cashew Cream Sauce

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The USS Black Burrito

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USS Midnight Cornbeef

SS Red Kaiserschmarrn reporting

Plum noodles

Grayish blue Sun Chips

Black stir fry reporting in for duty you nigger

Sister ship Grey Hotpocket saying hello

black-grey pizza

Green Spaghetti Captain here.

i doubble that

>Froot Loops
You ever been on starship USS TBBT?

White chilli

The Naked Asparagus

Not wearing any Honey Bunches of Oats

Blue Lays

The Red Compleat

grey noodle

Pink Eggs, reporting in.

Sky Blue Yogurt Raisins

Grey Salmon Salad.

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Black Burger....

SS Green Tomato

USS Beige Burger.

Or, if you want to go buy what the makers said about my underwear,

USS Sand Burger

blue pizza?

Naked Armadillo reporting in.

HMS Marron cheesecake

Gray Doritos Sir!

I unironically never wear underwear.


Blue pizza reinforcements coming in

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No BBQ Beef Flavored Hot Pocket

U.S.S. Nude-Ramen

Pink Sushi

UNSC Black Cheesecake

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grey gulausch

HMS Pink Dildo

USS Black Sausage.
(This did not go well...)

USS Plaid Lays

The Blue Waffle

I am okay with this

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SS Grey PorkChops ready for orders

HMS Black Grapes

Welcome aboard

Forerunner ships from halo. Have fun trying to fight 150Km long ships... Idk how much it is in miles with extreme shield tech and weapons made out of hard light particles

USS red fusille coming alongside for parade review

Black Pussy

The Nude Salsa

Going indian today

Polka Dot Raspberry

Black Schnitzel

Cap'tain of the U.S.S RED PIZZA Ready to discover news Horizon

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Black wing

Black Pork Chop

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SS Black Grits at your service


>blue burrito

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CSS Grey Salsa

Black Bunny-chow
(Google it - its food)

SS Black and blue date.

Perfect timing user.

Black pineapple pizza reportibg

Well my boxers have cats on them.... So USS Pussy Pussy

gray with brown skidmark lava cake

USS Green Poboy

Italians don't know shit - that is delicious.
But put mayonaise on it and I will curse your bloodline.

Freeball Chicken Tenders

Black banana
will use it to wipe niggers off the face of the universe


Blue carnitas in salsa roja

Grey ham sandwich

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Striped Rice

HMS Commando Fruit Leather reporting in.

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Best thread of the decade