Why don't you smell and fap to your sister's used panties user?

Why don't you smell and fap to your sister's used panties user?

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Cause I like the ones their friends wear better?

Because i don't have a sister


More panties stories?

it's what the cool kids are doing

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I like to wear them

wtf user

Back in hs I used to go through her dirties every time she came home from volleyball practice. Sometimes she'd leave them on the floor still drenched in her sweat after she showered. I'd go in the bathroom and "take a shit" but really I was just sucking her thongs dry. God I miss smelling her asshole

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Take what you can get when your horny.
Pussy smells like pussy

used to all the time, would cum very hard to that smell

because i like her friends panties better

Cumming on my stepmom's panties

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she loves Meshed ones

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nobody wants to see your tiny cock

I sometimes do. they smell like straight up shit, though. not even pussy just pure ass and not in a good way

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damn must of ruled sucking her asshole all the time

eww hahaha

I don't have a sister.

Because I don't HAVE a sister?

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I do. I also cum in them. I sniff my sister in laws too. Ive probably rubbed my cock in half her wardrobe.

Right after she got out of the shower, I'd go into the laundry basket and grab her thong that had been touching her pussy and asshole just minutes before and inhale and lick while I came buckets. Miss those days

do you want to borrow one of mine?

Been sniffing and fapping with my thicc cousin's her ass and buttcrack smell so fucking good I never last long and cum buckets.

No sister plus it's gross

I was going to one day and I went in her room and she had something in them that looked like green cottage cheese, I almost puked. I guess she had chlamydia or something and now she's just a gross fat bitch. If I had to pick up her underwear, I'd use a stick and rubber gloves

sometimes you lose the game, sometimes you win.

I bet they smell like heaven after a long day.

In HS my sis used to have friends stay over & when they were gone you bet your ass I sniffed them

track girls always have the best smelling undies

I did that with my moms gym panties. Was awesome

lol if this is the true OP of this that guy is a savage

>Why don't you smell and fap to your sister's used panties user?
Because I have a girlfriend.

I sniff and lick them. the filthier the better.

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Not sure if I'm the only one who's done this but I would take my sister's used thongs and put them in a glass of water for 10-15 minutes, then sip it while I jacked off

mmmmm, something so hot about sniffing and licking the part that went directly over her ass hole

Mmm I agree.

Ha, well glad I am not the only one. :)

the smell of this pair was so strong, made me cum quick

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my stepmom has a nice dirty pussy/ass too

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more Christina?